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  1. Personally speaking I take heart from this. After one horror game in 2013, a journo in the Herald Sun described us as ' A soulless rabble, nothing more , nothing less. This season after another meek capitulation we were described simply as 'A rabble ' Surely that's an improvement isn't it ???
  2. The AFL will change the rules / interpretations on a whim. The spectators will be upset, the players will be confused, the umpires will cop it from the crowd every week, the AFL will deny there's an issue and it will be business as usual next year. The dees will get the rough end of the pineapple as per usual.
  3. Just thought I'd pose the question. As footy doesn't seem to be Melbourne's go, can we get a trio of players to replace the Masterchef team and who would you choose ? I think Salem would be a walk up start and perhaps Petracca for some delicious Italian fare. Who else ??
  4. I'm probably not the only one who remembers when the debate was whether you should use SPF 4 or SPF 6 Oh those were the days when the sun didn't damage you so much. Oh, by the way, Dees tonight by 41
  5. How about we get together a 'think tank ' of thoughtful, intelligent and sensible demonlanders to replace the assistants leaving the dees. That leaves me out, but who here could participate and help lead the dees back to glory ???
  6. i sort of agree about lettting Lever out of the team to get him right for 2020. Pointing to players ?? Lever can point and Point out to whomsoever he likes. He is a leader and would be a superb captain for this club. He doesn't sulk and point or not do what he encourages teammates to do or throw in the towel and blame everyone else for his short comings
  7. When the proposal to trade Viney comes up, I think back to that West Coast game where he put Shannon Hurn on his arzze in the dying minutes when Mc Donald kicked the winning goal with seconds to spare and I think to myself " No, lets keep this guy " That's the type we need more of , not fewer.
  8. And anyone who knows what that last post means, you're too bloody old. Just focus on trying to remember if you put your trousers on.
  9. What if I just write them out a cheque for £ 54. 8. 3 halfpenny and we'll call it quits.
  10. My favourite memory from the dim dark retro past would be going to Linton St and watching those star saints, Murray, Ross Smith, Verdun Howell, Ian Stewart, Ian Cooper etc play and stealing lemonade bottles from between the legs of saints fans, being chased by said fans and taking the bottles back to the milk bar for the tuppence or threepence refund on each one. Me and my 8 brothers and sisters made a veritable fortune every saints home game. We sometimes stole them back again from the milk bar to get refunds at another milk bar.
  11. Beating Carlton in the 2000 qualifying final for the twin joys of the utter desolation of the Carlton fans vs the euphoria we all experienced. The looks on sad Carlton faces at the end was priceless.
  12. What we need most is people who can communicate with and get the best out of young men. from senior coach to any and all assistants. If we lose someone like that, then that's a big loss to the club.
  13. Beautiful 'leave ' by Ali there. Similar judgement by the cheating thief umpires at the MCG tonight.
  14. Putting both hands on Max's ears and trying to grip his head. Where in the rules is that an infringement????
  15. Viney initiated the contact by leaning down to try to pick up the ball. PLAY ON!!!!!!!
  16. Putting up with Lings mindless drivel , hands down. The guy has been whacked in the head once too often. This is the fate that awaits Selwood. Multiplied by 10.
  17. I've officially tossed in the towel folks. I'm intentionally watching Sound of Music now instead of the footy. At least it's got a happy ending.
  18. Unlike how everyone will know how sad this post ( and probably you ) is.
  19. I dont really care what percentages of these things have led to our current situation. I would like a higher percentage of players who would kill an opponent as soon as look at them. A higher percentage of players who would do anything to protect a teammate. A higher percentage of players who refuse to take a backward step. A higher percentage of players who want to make every possession the opposition get hard earned. A higher percentage of players who lead by example. Those are the percentages I'm worried about.
  20. Change for this week. I'm going to sit quietly on the couch staring at the TV before the game this week,rocking backwards and forwards drinking scotch whiskey then whack myself in the head with a dinner plate, not after like I usually do. During the game itself, I'm going to lock myself in the cupboard with a knife and give myself a lobotomy. I know how to do it. I read about it in a book. If the surgery is successful, I'll become a Collingwood supporter.
  21. Denial............ That's in Egypt isn't it ????
  22. Malthouse would not want to go within a bulls roar of the MFC and neither should we be entertaining the idea of someone whose time has well and truly passed coming to the club. Too negative, old and grumpy for my liking. ( oh, that describes a small percentage of demonlanders ) me, not included
  23. Can we cut out this sexist claptrap ?? Umpires of all genders have disgraced themselves this year. Apart from the free Eleni paid against Max, she did a passable job of it like the other two but they have to stop making it up as they go along. Justifiably, no one respects umpires for what they are doing in every match of every week of the season. The AFL are surely taking the [censored] by not doing something about how these officials are doing their jobs.
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