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  1. Hutchy is a plonker nothing more , nothing less. And dont censor plonker !!!!!!!
  2. I object to the word knbbbbbb being censored. What precisely is the objection to that ???? Especially when referring to Eddie Mc Guire.
  3. Mc Guire nominated this match and Lo it will come to pass. The AFL can save themselves a lot trouble every year and just get Eddie to tell them what he wants, that suits Collingwood. No need for any pretence at a fair go for every team and a level playing field. What's the bet that "trumped up" [censored] told the AFL to have the Collingwood and Carlton AFLW teams start that particular season with a match against each other.
  4. I went to this game with my brother, a strong Collingwood fan. We stood on the terrace in front of the Collingwood social club amidst all the magpie fans who had poured out of the social club, 4 sheets to the wind, every one. The only game I ever went to without a Melbourne scarf around my neck. I stood impassive and utterly unable to open my mouth as much as I desperately wanted to all through the second half. Never enjoyed a win more than that one. Jackson flopping on the ground and mimicking a a prostrate Billy Picken after one of his goals was absolute gold though the Collingwood social club folk weren't that keen on it.
  5. No it didn't ! One of Green's first games for the club. A big lump of a bloke shepherded away a Carlton defender about to smother Green's kick. That was David Schwartz. The last 15 minutes of that game was the most fun I've ever had watching the dees play. Watching the bitter tears of the Carlton fans around me after the siren was just beautiful.
  6. Ok, Paddy Mc Cartin says the fire still burns. He's a free agent. Do we try to get him on the list ???
  7. Let's play 3 games a week 4* 12 minute quarters, no time on. If we get 6 weeks of the season, at least that will be something.
  8. John Northey to Jimmy Stynes. 1987 ( we know after which match )
  9. Totally agree with this choice. Clint Bizzell too. He was a fearless defender. I worked with Clint Bizzell's mother in law. She thought he was a lovely chap. Don't know what she thought of 'our ' Clint Bizzell !!
  10. Philanthropy... yeah I collected stamps as a kid so I know that one. Charity...... now remind me please, what's that again ???
  11. Anthony Ingerson- Inga from Sweden.
  12. $800 mill ???? I might touch him up for a quid.
  13. Ted Fidge was pretty tough and played some decent footy if I recall correctly. He came from Bentleigh. Did he have a brother that played ? Fidge never took a backward step.
  14. No, you've done really well Melb A. Just the right amount of big words in your post and it's coherent as well. Just goes to show what buying ' Crossword ' sctratchies can help you achieve.
  15. Jeremy Howe when leaving Melbourne to go to Collingwood. " Nathan has a defined role for me in the Collingwood forward line.
  16. Many other unstated dangers in that area . No mention of them though.
  17. Great idea. Just what we need are some half rrrrrrrsd new rules to manipulate/ increase scoring. To increase scoring, just simply remove all defenders from the game. It will open up the game and enable more advertising to take place, something we all desperately want. My favourite ads relate to the myriad ways I can invest and win money on the game.
  18. Well to be fair, Howe does play in front of a ' thick' crowd each week. He plays for Collingwood .
  19. Need to have someone that will outright intimidate the opposition. Someone that would kill an opponent as soon as look at them. Above all else, a team of players that will support any team mate being monstered by an opponent and back them 100%
  20. Bontempelli is a rare talent. He might finish his career with 2 premiership medallions and a Brownlow or two. As long as the premiershp is not at our expense.
  21. Gee O'Meara's got some skills. His last 2 kicks into their forward line have gone straight to Melbourne players. Is he out of contract soon ?? Can we find a spot for him ??
  22. That umpire was stolen by gypsies as a child. The gypsies realised he was no good and left him in the forest for the bears to raise. The bears rejected him and wouldn't even eat him. He had no proper upbringing and developed neither acceptable social skills nor the ability to interact with decent folk. The AFL saw his potential to be a field umpire where his background and skill set wouldn't be any sort of hindrance. Here he is tonight making soft decisions leading to a Hawthorn goal. Should we expect anything different ??? Hell no.
  23. Aren't we hoping that Frost's disposal will be similar to what it often was when he was wearing our jumper ??? That should give us some repeat entries and a chance to score higher.
  24. Yes, of course he would have. And I may have been a bit tongue in cheek with my first post. Harmes is the type of player who can put the acid on an opponent and whichever position he plays, he'll pick up possessions and pressure opponents. Two qualities you'd love to see half your team possess.
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