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  1. Would have needed to be handy with his fists at both Richmond Tech and Richmond FC, moreso the school I reckon.
  2. My first visit to a session this pre season. Petracca looked fantastic. He was in everything and using the ball magnificently. If he could develop any more musculature, I don't know how. Absolute beast. Jackson looked eager. He was trailing Max all over the place in the match sim. He kicked a drop punt from a flank at one stage and it went 55-60 metres comfortably. Vandenberg was moving freely and seems as if he could return to it soon ( can't be soon enough for us !!! ) Couple of nice leads and grabs by Weid. He seems to be stronger in the upper body. Oliver looked impressive in most of his involvements. He's a slippery customer and he'll be hard to counter next year. At one point he dispossessed one opponent and evaded close attention from two others in the pocket to score a sneaky goal. Harley Bennell has a funny type of gait but he was running comfortably around he boundary.
  3. Let's pray it will be soon !!!!!
  4. I'm a glass half full demonlander but I will ask this question. Why don't many of our players seem to demonstrate that incremental improvement in skills that players at other clubs do ? This is the question I've never been able to answer and it's the issue that frustrates me the most as the quintessential demon tragic.
  5. Doctor, Are you actually ' Chief Mobutu from Zimbabwe?
  6. Obviously we don't want more players who start sentences with ' obviously ' , but I think it's nice to have loads of demonlanders who start and finish sentences with ' obviously', .....obviously.
  7. Let's introduce the concepts of consistency, integrity and honesty into the match review process. Perhaps even evenhandedness in deliberations across all clubs regardless of fan base or ladder position. Surely none of that is too much to ask !!!
  8. I was going to mention the 'porn star ' moustache on Lever but now someone else has done it. Lever's got legs on him like a racing greyhound .
  9. Let's get Chopper Reid on board. He's handy in a scrap.
  10. well we played them at home late one season in 2006 I think in front of a crowd of 75,000 at the MCG which we duly won. That was a ripping game. One of the best I've seen, behind only the Hawks / dees merger game.
  11. Loved watching Frank Davis play. Whelan so good too. Did Clint Bizzel play back pocket ??
  12. is that like a ' business banker ' ????
  13. Plenty of Friday night games for us. Home games against 3 big Victorian clubs. No visit to hell on earth ( sorry Geelong ) 4 or 5 Saturday 2.10 pm games. Have I forgotten something ?? Oh yeah ....... no home games at Etihad. Now pass me the prozac !!!!!!!!!
  14. You are absolutely right. 16 it was
  15. Can we please get another Townsend on the list. I remember the last one we had being a pretty decent player.
  16. How about to Calabria ?? They love a good kidnapping down there !!!!!
  17. Well it cant be about discos or dwarves can it ?? Surely they don't do those things anymore !! ( or maybe they do )
  18. We need a bespoke coach or perhaps some bespoke players. Players that are new and original or creative or imaginative like players we haven't had in so many years.
  19. Are you kidding THT ??? Do we know what bespoke means ??
  20. Yes, especially when that annoying prat on the English 'Grand Designs' says it. I really want to smack that guy..
  21. We'll accept De Goey and Mihocek plus their pick 35. Throw in the cash sitting the console of Eddies car and that should do it.
  22. Hold on . Didn't Juice Newton kick 5 goals in the first quarter against North at Etihad one year as well as take what should have been the mark of the year in the same game??
  23. No one cares. Lose him !!!!!!!
  24. What sort of sick individual takes joy out of the misery of tens of thousands of Collingwood fans ?? Oh yeah................. I do !!!!
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