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  1. Can we cut out this sexist claptrap ?? Umpires of all genders have disgraced themselves this year. Apart from the free Eleni paid against Max, she did a passable job of it like the other two but they have to stop making it up as they go along. Justifiably, no one respects umpires for what they are doing in every match of every week of the season. The AFL are surely taking the [censored] by not doing something about how these officials are doing their jobs.
  2. At least we can take some joy from Collingwood being pummelled. That's always fun.
  3. I'm about 3-4 weeks away from checking myself in for psychotherapy where i'll spend ............ 3-4 weeks. That should see out the footy season.
  4. Of course the AFL are doing a good job at the moment for precisely the reasons everyone has mentioned so I wont repeat what they are. In fact, the AFL are doing so well they should give themselves a real challenge like - reconcile the Israelis and the Palestinians or - get people on the Gold Coast or Western Sydney to care one jot about AFL football or -return Aussie Rules to some semblance of what it once was or what we'd like it to be or ( most difficult of all ) - Get the game out of the death grip of gambling companies All these things will happen about a fortnight after Hell freezes over
  5. Just north that NC. I WISH I was 55 !!!!! ps dees to salute tomorrow.
  6. I found that swilling Brandivino on a cold winter night as a 15 year old was quite warming. Plus it was only about $ 2.50 per bottle.
  7. Deemented are Go and Binman.... great minds ?? To paraphrase Dr Evil " Yeah .... riiiiiiiight !! "
  8. He played for Carlton once, like Bryce Doull ( who was a decent defender but had less hair) You surely remember him.
  9. If they also played 3 minutes of Andy Maher, Sigley would confess to anything. Maybe we can send Andy Maher to Pyongyang with a camera and he would disappear, never to be seen again.
  10. C'mon Jaded, lighten up dear. There'll be no disastrous injuries this week for the dees. We've copped our share. And anyway Maxie just said he'll be right to go on the weekend. That's good enough for me.
  11. Frost and May, The Odd Couple, worked well in tandem this week and the longer Frostie stays near May, the better he will be as a defender. Don't rush him into the forward line which has been tried and proved fruitless more than once before.
  12. Chopstick ??? We're coming over a bit Dusty Martin aren't we Faulty ??? Careful !!
  13. My first seven steps precisely. I have a step 8.........Crack cocaine.
  14. Give the guy who turned the ball over meekly with three consecutive possessions a rest. And also the two forwards who put no contact on an opponent with the ball,who strolled around them as if they were witches hats. Anyone else who doesn't think getting the pill in a contest is the most important thing, but rather just trying to out body an opponent who would die to get it. They need a rest too Does that leave anyone in the team.
  15. He was pick 53. There have been some stars drafted after that number but not that many. Who exactly did you think you would get with 53 instead of Oscar, who was probably worth the gamble. Just hasn't worked out...........yet.
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