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  1. Hourigan, Hannigan, Flanagan.......... How does that song go again ????
  2. Shepherding, yes shepherding. That seems like a pretty good idea. Oh ...........and Weideman dominating a game at full forward.
  3. Like, you mean a team mate getting between one of our players with the ball and an opposition player who's intent on mowing him down ?? What purpose wouldn't that serve ??
  4. The Indians are not really worried about the condition of the Ganges though many would probably wish it was a bit cleaner. The spiritual significance of the river overrides all other considerations. Fully 80% of the plastics in the worlds oceans comes from 5 rivers that flow through Asia.
  5. Hard working monarchy BBO ? I've just been informed by a gentleman from Salford ( probably not a monarchist ) that the Royals originally obtained their status by dispossessing the poor and engaging sycophants to protect them and that they've been wielding power ever since. Is that how it went down for your antecedents in Romsey ??
  6. Well done Old Dee. You've managed to combine the concession of a loss to West Coast with an injury to a stalwart of the club in one post. One sentence actually. That will teach me not to start the year with optimism.
  7. Not really relevant to the Prahran - Melbourne connection but I went to a Prahran / Dandenong match with Sam Kekovich playing for Prahran. He seemed a bit upset by something and started punching any Dandenong player within reach. Within one minute, there were 4 Dandenong players flat on their backs and more going down. It was less than 10 metres from where I was standing. That was in the era of strong fan / player interaction. As a Dandenong fan, I had an opinion about what Kekovich was doing but I thought the best thing would be to keep it to myself. Will never forget that image.
  8. As this is the silly season, may I suggest this thread be turned into a musical ? It could debut at the newly refurbished Regent.
  9. As long as he saves something for that flggg Matheson from Brissie. Surely you couldn't be suspended for giving him a whack.
  10. Would have needed to be handy with his fists at both Richmond Tech and Richmond FC, moreso the school I reckon.
  11. My first visit to a session this pre season. Petracca looked fantastic. He was in everything and using the ball magnificently. If he could develop any more musculature, I don't know how. Absolute beast. Jackson looked eager. He was trailing Max all over the place in the match sim. He kicked a drop punt from a flank at one stage and it went 55-60 metres comfortably. Vandenberg was moving freely and seems as if he could return to it soon ( can't be soon enough for us !!! ) Couple of nice leads and grabs by Weid. He seems to be stronger in the upper body. Oliver looked impressive in most of his involvements. He's a slippery customer and he'll be hard to counter next year. At one point he dispossessed one opponent and evaded close attention from two others in the pocket to score a sneaky goal. Harley Bennell has a funny type of gait but he was running comfortably around he boundary.
  12. Let's pray it will be soon !!!!!
  13. I'm a glass half full demonlander but I will ask this question. Why don't many of our players seem to demonstrate that incremental improvement in skills that players at other clubs do ? This is the question I've never been able to answer and it's the issue that frustrates me the most as the quintessential demon tragic.
  14. Doctor, Are you actually ' Chief Mobutu from Zimbabwe?
  15. Obviously we don't want more players who start sentences with ' obviously ' , but I think it's nice to have loads of demonlanders who start and finish sentences with ' obviously', .....obviously.
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