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  1. Who is the guy in the middle of the demonland banner ? He might be alright. Let's put him in next week.
  2. I 'm in Edinburgh now. It's only 9.00 am but I'm going to have a 'wee Doc and Doris ' and a good lie down. Can't say I'm missing the footy. It sounds pretty bad by all accounts.
  3. Is it safe for me to come back from Ireland yet ???
  4. Well, we have 'Mickey Mouse' umpires who make heaps of Goofy decisions each week. There's a Fantasia there somewhere and us Dees fans are wishing upon a star or two ( Oliver and Maxy ) Disneyfication of the AFL seems appropriate really.
  5. I enjoy nonsensical rhetorical questions. What if there were no nonsensical rhetorical questions??? ps I've had a gutful of Bwoooooce
  6. Yes, if Tmac is a late out, let's hope we have someone who can do well on Allir Aliir. AA must be one of the best defenders in the AFL now. He's phenomenal, incredible, unbelievable. ( or so people keep saying )
  7. Let's hope the big guy gets in and ruffles some Swan feathers. The time is ripe to make some opponents uncomfortable. Preuss will acquit himself well.
  8. In age terms BBO, would you have been rocking the cradle ??
  9. Premiership favourites ???? Bunkum !!!! Let's not fall for that nonsense nor get upset when some drone like Wallace takes a pot shot at the club. Wallace is no good at his job, neither is his son setting the umpiring world on fire.
  10. Cox says he was bracing for contact and the tribunal say he wasn't looking at the victim. He was looking at the victim alright and collected him. Cox was bracing for contact because he knew the 'target ' was coming. Target duly goes down. Bit soft really but the initial decision to suspend was probably correct. Why should anyone be surprised about the backflip. The AFL is totally corrupt!!!!
  11. Hore / Frost Friday night. ? A bit unlikely. Too warm for that.
  12. yeah but i was just making the observations without some stupid acronym to preface it.
  13. You can stick this SWOT 'edu-speak' nonsense and gibberish up your clacker. It's as plain as day what our weaknesses are. Too many players flying for marks. Half ars...d efforts to chase and apply pressure to opponents. Lack of patience with the pill in hand. Bombing the ball to an outnumber ( when we are outnumbered ) Hand balling into congestion. failing to honour leads. Failing to stick most tackles because the opponents not sufficiently impeded or their arms are free. Coaches not sufficiently proactive to counter oppo tactics. Opponents roving to the spot Maxy is hitting the ball to.
  14. No, you are spot on about peaking too early. There's no point being in the lead the first time past the post in the Melbourne Cup. St kilda are peaking too early, as are Port Adelaide and Geelong.
  15. Collingwood will beat Richmond, as sure as God made little apples. Collingwood will pump the ball into their forward line so often, it'll be like the little boy with his finger in the dyke. It'll overwhelm them in the end. Collingwood have too many goal kickers and without that reprehensible toad, Rance,to defend, the Tigers have got no hope.
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