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  1. A cult or occult or both?
  2. Seems to be easy for defenders, or are they working harder?
  3. Midfield bomb into the forward line preferably to the defenders. Because there is no chance that we could hit a forward!
  4. Do you get that at university?
  5. From the article "Rupert Murdoch's News Corp, which owns 65 per cent of Foxtel, flagged cuts to "non-marquee sports" . The marquee sports in Australia would be AFL, NRL and Cricket My reading of that is that they will focus on the marquee sports, this may mean more money. I for one only have Foxtel for the AFL in 4k. No AFL no Foxtel for me.
  6. It may be that private school boys grow up and do well in life, a disproportionate number of our political and industry leaders have been to private schools. Perhaps you have a problem with power and authority. I find using stereotypes can weaken an argument.
  7. DV8 you have a large chip on your shoulder regarding private schools. Let it go, it does not add to your argument.
  8. There is one obvious solution. Move back to the MCG. The surface is now managed so much better than in the past that I would be very surprised if it could not handle a few nights of training each week. The MCC should simply tell the AFL that we are moving back home. Keep Gosch's & Casey for summer training. This is such an easy solution that it borders on ridiculous, don't be surprised if it happens. Lose public land or lose some other public land or , hang on we could move back to the MCG if that helps! OK
  9. Pedantic is an adjective. I did not say I was "a pedantic", I said "I am pedantic". I shall presume you misread my post. I am a pedant as is obvious. But thank you and welcome to the club, "Pedants R Us" .
  10. I think a topic is dead when Nazis, Hitler or Eddie McGuire is mentioned. EG, Some posters are like Hitler and they think Eddie is a Nazi. That should do it!
  11. What about the irony of using an imported diagram that shows a "receiver catching the ball"
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