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  1. Yes, but what have the Romans ever done for us?
  2. I think we should ask our midfielders to kick to the opposition defenders when we are entering our forward 50. It is the only way to avoid them based on our skills yesterday. We simply couldn't hit a target, so switch targets.
  3. Grand dad. His dad played a few games but had injuries. I do agree with having patience. He is a slow burn imo.
  4. I understand, but why is public transport ok? Why are schools OK? If it is as bad as some say then close the schools and public transport and public places. If any player tests positive then I fully agree shut it down.
  5. Yes I got my first figure wrong, thanks. I am interested in your opinion and why you would call off AFL matches now, as I can see no correlation between AFL matches going ahead and increased risk to society. I may be wrong, happy to be corrected.
  6. Confirmed locally transmitted cases less than 250 yesterday. The others are considered overseas acquired . Panic now try 1 in 100,000, that is one contagious person grand final day!!! Sadly five have died to date no doubt that will increase but statistically there are many more dangerous things in society .
  7. Ernie I agree with choosing life over entertainment but I fail to see the link at this time.
  8. I am at work today. All the businesses in town are open. Precautions are being taken but life goes on. I note that most schools are still open and apparently public transport is running. Why should the AFL not go ahead at closed stadiums? We are doing our jobs and football is their job. I do not see any increased risk to society by football being played. If you think that healthy footballers not playing football will just sit at home in isolation I think you are wrong. Probably the safest place they can be is training & playing.
  9. I can help, I have a coin here somewhere. Wait, damn dropped it, heads we play tails we play,,,,,,,,,yeah it's heads. Go Deees!
  10. World Cup of cricket, may not happen at this rate.
  11. That may cause some constitutional problems. Section 92
  12. Children with Covid19 have a 4% chance of being asymptomatic 51% mild illness 39% moderate illness 6% severe or critical illness. So the kitchen staff and cleaners and nurses and doctors have kids at school that can carry Covid19 and pass it on to their parents - I think I see a problem here. Am I the only one here that can see that having children at school is a potential major risk? But no let's cancel the footy. We should get our priorities right and do what is needed not window dressing.
  13. So if that is the case then the pandemic will run its course. Playing football or not will have little or no effect.
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