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  1. Would that be the 50 that Jesse never kicked?
  2. I often find one vant is too many, why would anyone want an extra one.
  3. If ever you had any doubt about life or if banana was a banana, the definitive book of our epoch has arrived. It comes pre coloured in so you can save your crayons. It answer questions that you didn't know needed answering, like. If an eggplant really grew eggs chickens would be out of a job! Or if a catfish was really made of cats, then it might get chased by a dog. RRP $19.99 Bargain!
  4. What about a bad player? Can they make a difference?
  5. When I was studying marketing (a long time ago) they said that "We know that about half of all advertising works, but nobody knows which half"
  6. You want a 3rd tall to kick 50! Hogan never kicked 50. Only TMac in recent times has kicked 50 and we still have him. I think with less injuries next season our forward line will be much better. But dreaming of a 3rd tall to kick 50 is a dream.
  7. How much did they want the data and to what end? My gut feeling is the outcome was considered fair to all parties, best move on rather than have real evidence of what happened with unknown future ramifications. The irony is that Essendon cannot claim deniability if some future heath horror arises as they have "lost" the evidence that they may depend on. I would bet my last dollar that accurate records of the entire drug program are safely stored away most likely by (rhymes with tank) as a leverage tool. If he should pass away I imagine a few copies may emerge.
  8. There are no guarantees on any player, we live in hope.
  9. So what is it that I do at the end of daylight savings?
  10. Funny that we see footballers on TV and they look massive but when I have met them in person I am struck by how finely they are built. On TV Steven Tingay looked like a brick s4ithouse but when I met him he was in my opinion average height and lightly built. Max Gawn tall but a string bean, Scully - midget, Mark Jackson average body size but taller than me. Tapscott average height average size body. I have always thought that I could have run though any of them if I could catch them (no chance) So we probably need to compare footballers with footballers not with the average Australian, so you are right on Tapscott as a big bodied medium footballer built like a brick [censored] house, I still reckon I could take him. hahaha
  11. I think the footy department may see some upside in Petty - Smith as KPF or even swing May forward.
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