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  1. Lighten up Jara, we have played a few finals and even Grand Finals in that time, so not in the swamp at the bottom of the ladder for 50 years.
  2. A bit harsh on JKH, only just selected so you could drop him.
  3. Hey Kent, tragets and worfking, random upPer & loWer casE, are your thumbs getting tired?
  4. Perhaps, not many share. I don't.
  5. If you keep talking rubbish it does not make it true. When will you get it through your head that Hogan wanted to go home. He would have gone this year for nothing, we got something that got us May. That is not peanuts. May gives everything and cares for the MFC, Hogan moved on years ago, time you did too.
  6. Maybe we should put Spargo in the ruck, and say that the other ruckman are stopping him from contesting the ball because Spargo can't reach it before it's tapped out! FMD
  7. Two nominated players contest the ruck. If any other player stops a nominated player that is a free. If one nominated ruckman stops the other through strength or guile that is ruck craft, providing no other rules are broken. At almost every ruck contest the nominated ruckmen are attempting to prevent their opponent from reaching the ball but that is contesting the ball. Ruckcraft 101 do not let your opponent get their hands on the ball, but according to idiot umpires if you are good that means a free kick to your opponent. AFL please inform umpires that the nominated ruckmen are already contesting the ball, so no free unless another rule is broken or a non nominated player gets in the way.
  8. So what we gave up ended up being Adelaide's picks, Darcy Fogarty and Ned McHenry. Rather have Lever.
  9. If the Flying Pigs beat the Cow Jumped over the Moons and and the Rocking Horse [censored] beat the Chickens Teeth then we have 5/8th of 3/16th of FA chance. IMHO
  10. Jointly and severally? No, good point why sue me? Mind you we did place a huge takeaway order just as you arrived.
  11. How? With only one suitor he was worth what they were prepared to pay. If they waited a year he would have been worth nothing.
  12. Not really, my guess is that responding to me has cost two clients 22 minutes and 47 minutes respectively, (based loosely on ability to pay). Getting them to fund a suit against me may be beyond even your remarkable skills, heaven forbid funding it yourself!
  13. No wonder the service was bad! Bet the non lawyer made the booking & arrived first.
  14. I prefer the old dressing gowns. A seriously good captain and coach.
  15. Hey Dude, that might upset the admins.
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