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  1. It is possible that there is another issue with Bennell that the club are not talking about. I know nothing about any problem but I do know that clubs lie. Logically to me Bennell would be playing.
  2. Move all interstate teams to Victoria. Problem solved.
  3. The obvious answer is for Brisbane & Gold Coast to move south for the foreseeable future - No games in QLD Edit: If other state premiers play hard ball move all clubs to Victoria. They could play at MCG, Docklands, Geelong, Casey, Princes Park etc.
  4. blah blah sorry to waste your time can't delete
  5. I think that they are holding back on our game as they are expecting others to also be postponed during the season. The AFL could then organise a bye/makeup round for all postponed games.
  6. I thought everything was a liquid
  7. Essendon says, " it won't let another saga cripple it's season". What does that really mean? Has it allowed other sagas to cripple seasons? Do they give permission for sagas to cripple seasons? Who the hell do they think they are? Forfeit the points and move on cheats.
  8. No but they rarely do. Haha. Hope the kids get better soon.
  9. I think you could get into trouble giving whisky and sleeping pills to a baby.
  10. Ethan that is after you edited it, big night?
  11. Should have been Walston, but close enough.
  12. Yes but which of the Fyfes? Or do the other Fyfes play in the WAFL? That would explain it.
  13. No wind to compensate for at Marvel.
  14. Fantastic news that Tom Browne is wrong again or Fantastic news about Bennell? Or Both!
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