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  1. Confirming your hope..... You're wrong.... chill time. So many interstate players that are not playing in their native towns remain at their new clubs far outweigh the odd couple that want to shift back.
  2. Don't have a suggestion though this is an interesting situation. Given we have no other picks to really bundle up and move 28 higher (exclude 97 as it is valueless), this articles says Melbourne are 1 or 4 clubs hamstrung and cannot trade future picks on Draft night unless a 2020 first round comes back to us https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/afl-draft-2019-future-picks-2020-draft-indicative-draft-order/news-story/9d34c5ddb8cc52e6b8b52310da7979dd This simple means either we are taking someone at 28..... or some other creativeness will be required with 10 to move 28 up.
  3. Yes his kicking leaves a bit to be desired but his ability with follow up and win ground ball is unquestionable. Still it's a risky move at 3.
  4. Slightly off topic but when using the aerial view of our training precinct, the difference between our oval and the Olympic Park look significant. Didn't realise it was that narrow. What impact could this have on training to game day conversion ?!?!
  5. Based on who and where we are playing this week; I would only do Frost for Wagner and some positional corrections. Drop Lewis into a traditional center player where his stoppage strength can be used and when required he can drop back behind the ball. Hunt is better behind the ball and breaking the lines forward. This should get his confidence back too. Salem is getting better at stoppage work however in time, his offense will need to up the ante to be considered a permanent onballer. I see him best used between on-ball, wing, and halfback. (40% inside, 60% outside) B: Jetta, O.Mac, Lever HB: Hunt, Frost, Hibberd C. Salem, Lewis, Jones HF: Melksham, Pederson, Neal-Bullen F: Garlett, Hogan, Fritsch FOLL: Gawn, Oliver, Petracca I/C: Harmes, Tyson, Bugg, Vince (rotating through the on-ball lines: Lewis, Salem, Jones, ANB, Oliver, Petracca, Harmes, Tyson, Vince, Garlett, Hogan)
  6. I see one of the therapists who are contracted to the Dees (i've had multiple spinal operations and also require ongoing management) We always have a gasbag about the players, their aches and pains and some funny tales. Anyway, Hunt was in getting treated for general work around the hips and glutes etc and only mentioned literally at the very end of the treatment that he had a sore back. So the session was extended and the treatment took a different direction with some work on his back. With due respect to not advising the therapist, He/She didn't think it's a worrying sign, just a management thing.
  7. I like Ryley Stoddart game ....leftie who plays like a Hunt/Hibbard blend Oskar Baker has great pace and looks like a natural confident footballer who takes the game on.
  8. options for our draft prospects in the 30's could get us like Ryley Stoddart and Oskar Baker
  9. Definitely agree with Deespicable. He is looking thicker through the hip/thighs and has added slightly to the the shoulders. I'd give the club and the kid the thumbs up for his weight management progress over one off-season.
  10. Got there about 10 am just Dom and Nev had finished their rehab and back off the AAMI stadium. Won't comment on individual drills however Hibbard pulled out about 11am with possible a slightest hamstring (precaution). Simulation was good to watch. Clean quick movement today. 2nd time watching this preseason and it's fairly consistent now the standard and intensity of training which is great.
  11. Does anyone know where training is this Wednesday? I rang the club this afternoon and they said they were deciding on whether it will be Casey or Gosch's and either way it's a closed session and she couldn't tell me anyway. Thought that response was rather odd. She said to keep an eye out for the website but still nothing.
  12. Jack Hannath just delisted by Freo. Possible cheap depth Ruck option and may progress under the tutelage of BIG MAX He was doing pre-season with us a few years ago up in Darwin before being drafted by Freo.
  13. Jake Spencer was the name Roosy mentioned on SEN for the only one to come out with an injury in today's match. Apparently it was a Plantar Fasciitis injury but no full medico report available yet.
  14. Having worked a lot in DRC in 2015 and catching malaria and god knows what other mysterious bugs - I'm not sure I would call DRC a holiday destination. And if you attempt to pass customs without $$$ or a protocol officer - you are bat s**t crazy !!!
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