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  1. No it's not. The quote sounds like it's from an idealistic 2nd year arts student, rather than anyone with a rudimentary understanding of business.
  2. Their employment is as top level female footballers and it's important to make that differentiation. In reality they will likely be the 5th/ 6th/ 7th best Aussie rules league in Australia next year and the players will be paid accordingly. When the league is better and has longer seasons the players will be paid more, which is likely to be sooner rather than later. On face value a minimum wage of $5,000 does seem low (average wage for the 8 game season is approximately $7,500 ($200,000 salary cap/ 27 players)) especially as they are likely to be out of pocket for incidentals (boots, insurance etc.), but I'll reserve judgment on whether it is fair or not until I've had a crack at the math. I'd equate the Womens league to where Netball was at 5 years ago. Back then the players all worked full time jobs on top of a full time netball season (approx double the length of the AFLW season for similar payments per match). In 5 years time I'd expect the AFLW to at least be on par with where netball is now.
  3. Is it a big call? They spend hours reviewing game day footage, both 1 on 1 with coaches and in group meetings, that's a known. To say that a player doing something wrong isn't used as an example in learning exercises doesn't seem like a big call. I don't think that it's much of a stretch from that point to say that some players take it in their stride and learn from it, while others see it as constant criticism and it gets them down. I think Goodwin or Beveridge would single someone out in front of the group, if someone does something wrong, they would stop an exercise at training, call everyone in and point out what was done wrong and how to improve it. I would think that Goodwin or Beveridge would do it in a better manner than the likes of a Neeld, but that it would still be done, I've certainly seen it done in training in the last few years.
  4. I think quite a few were pretty quick to dismiss Brock Mcleans outbursts on tanking without knowing any of the facts. Not saying you did that, just pointing out an example of a club screwing up and a player going public on it. Unfortunately, you would find that a lot of football clubs are detrimental to a players welfare - as a regular worker you don't have weekly meetings to discuss your performance in depth. All it takes is for you to be having a bad week and for a coach to pull you aside and tell you you're not giving your all, that you're pathetic etc. Even worse if the coach doesn't pull you aside, but rather uses you as an example in front of the team. These sort of occurrences (which are regular at all clubs) are exactly why it is the responsibility of clubs to provide appropriate player welfare.
  5. Ahh that makes sense - AFL site just said a first round pick, assumed it was theirs Carlton has traded for GWS pair Caleb Marchbank and Jarrod Pickett and as well as a second round pick in 2017. They give the Giants picks 45 and 58, both third-rounders, and a first round pick in 2017.
  6. That's true... I think I would enjoy Carlton being punished more than GWS getting another #1 pick though, particularly if Marchbank and Pickett don't perform. Imagine the Carlton supporter meltdown.
  7. God I hope Carlton finish last next year, gave up their future 1st round in the Marchbank deal. Marchbank, Pickett and future 2nd (high 30's) for 45, 58 and future 1st (top 5?) GC will have 7 picks in the first 2 rounds next year? (5 future picks + their own 2?)
  8. O'meara deal being reported as done. Pick 10 and future 2nd round.
  9. Future first for Isaac Smith?
  10. No - you can only trade a future 1st or package future 2nds+ - you cant trade a future first and third
  11. Michie's a rookie, so wouldn't make a difference to our trade plans if he goes. Vardy to WCE for pick 72? Surely we could have put up something better than that?
  12. Jasper Pittard? Could be a key to the future, Leaving port is ocean bound. He spreads like butter. Not sure how wings fits. Would be a good get - has speed and decent disposal. ANB+p29 = Pittard? I hope it's not Gary Rohan.
  13. Watts goes ok as a fourth midfielder (a lot of his dashes through the centre of the ground were when he was playing ruck), but he doesn't have the body/ strength to match it with most ruckman and his body simply wouldn't be able to take it long term.
  14. If Dunn is gone as part of the Rockliff trade that makes 2
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