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  1. Its a hesitant yes from me. I'm not that interested in Levi but i'm interested in scoring and it's been the crux of how we have performed throughout the year. We have moved around forward plans and even tried adapting a faster play style to get the ball in 'quick' (Some memories of this years queens birthday still make me cringe). The 'get the ball to the ground' approach hasn't provided much fruit either. Balls goes in - ball comes out. Story of our year. McDonald gets double teamed and we can't rely on Weiderman to kick a bag. Another tall forward provides McDonald flexibility to run around and cause havoc and eases impact from injury. Belief in winning the ball and being able to score seems to make or break the team. I don't care about Levi too much but If we don't add something to our forward line then I'm strapping myself in for another rocky year.
  2. I'm happy he isn't. He's been tagged a lot this year and seems to of developed some sort of PTSD where he has to get rid of the ball before he gets nailed. Sure, he gets a lot of the pill and has had some fantastic quarters throughout the year but I feel he isnt in the top tier.
  3. The last play of the game was Neville crunching Lecras into the ground during a marking contest. Lecras probably returned serve after the siren and they agreed to disagree.
  4. Finding out the MFC was born on the same date as myself, was the best birthday present of them all.
  5. Game is being streamed via channel 7 too. https://7plus.com.au/live-tv/
  6. Im quite concerned for Jetta. He's had history of concussions and has spent some good time on the sidelines recovering. With the recent media attention on Jetta, we had learnt abound his 'keeping his feet' philosophy. After the clash of heads I immediately thought the worst, so seeing him get up and try to lay a tackle (and give away a free/goal) made me feel uneasy. Wouldn't be surprised to see him rested or out with injury. Certainly hoping he plays.
  7. That was painful to watch. From 15 minutes into the first quarter until end of game. I was just constantly on edge knowing that as soon as Richmond could just flick the switch and score. Every turnover (there was many) made me just that little more instance. What happened to the switch? We used it sparingly, more so around 3tr time (with a blunder or two). However its not a feature of our game as it was last year or with Paul Roos. I want to breathe fire and point fingers... now i'm starting to think that Goodwin might not be the right man after the last two rounds.
  8. Esports, like Adelaide Crows and Essendon. Children watch these things at their own free will. Plant the idea when they are young - Go the demons.
  9. http://streaming.gohosting.com.au/bpmmediaplayer.html
  10. Insufficient force. Damage was done beforehand. Contest it at the tribunal. ???
  11. Would the outcome be different if it was a light and blind fist?
  12. Lets elbow every single swans player and contest everything in the tribunal. Not being serious but just expressing my frustration in the tribunal that is steered by emotion. F@ck.
  13. 6. Jones 5. Vince 4. Oliver 3. Lewis 2. T.McDonald 1. Hogan
  14. Nathan jones to have a big 2016 and take out the best and fairest. Starting off with a perfect preseason, he is now in the prime of his life. With other midfeilders performing and the addition of new and experiences players. Nathon Jones dominates the stopagges and regually kicks goals. His game is now at another level.
  15. Hompy


    I feel bad for Dunn and Garland. I know they provide solid depth but I would like to see their careers continue at other clubs, regardless of what we get for them.
  16. This not written by me, I found this on a facebook page called 'The Calton Draft “I went to a private school, yeah. And I beat up on average 6.3 nerds a day. I was relentless. One time I saw a bloke walking to school reading a book. Went up to the bloke and said “oi, mate? You readin?” He goes “sure am Max” Grabbed that book out of his hand, ripped it in half and gave that little twerp a Chinese burn he'd never forget. That's my policy, no nerds allowed. Be a nerd in your own [censored] time. Not on my time. My time is too valuable to hear some [censored] poin-dexter rant and rave about what the square root of Star Trek is. Yeah I'm always pickin on the Uni blokes at the club too. Half of em wanna grow beards to look like me like they're [censored] hipsters…. My beard didn't grow… It appeared one day at the club when I unplugged Jack Vineys laptop when he was doing uni work and it died so he couldn't submit his last assignment hahaha. Suck [censored] Vines. That day I became a man!!! It's actually pretty hard playing at Melbourne… There's a heap of nerds. We've got a list of 44 and there's probably eight of them. Wattsy is actually not bad hey… He's got a set of DJ decks so that means he's not a nerd. Christian Petracca on the other hand… Well, all I'll say is that if he kicks a goal in his first game this weekend I won't be high fiving him. All he talks about is Luke Skywalker and other [censored] lame nerd [censored]. Haha that reminds me of the time me and J Hogz gave him a nipple cripple and he cried and told Roosy on us… Think Roosy had some sympathy?? Hahah [censored] NO! He dacked him in front of everyone and it pretty much revealed he was more of a nerd than we thought… He had superman jocks on. He started cryin and that Hahahaha. Roosy, you're my boyyyyy! [censored] the big Gawn dawg is a crack up… I bet every list wishes they had me on there. I eradicate nerds.” - Max Gawn on his football club, nerd eradication and superman jocks.
  17. He came in with a few hard palms to the upper chest. I assume he'll be fine but they looked like they hurt >:)
  18. Due to committments with my girlfirends family all weekend, I missed all my favourite sports. The replay I got to watch until 12:30 sunday made the Family lunch all the more sour. fuming at life. I need another weekend
  19. 6 votes - VandenBurg: was the inner cog of our midfield, 5 votes - N.Jones: put the psi to 32 when we needed it, let the air down to 30, then back up to 32 4 votes - Vince: Not only did his job, he put the icing on the cake. 3 votes - Spencil: won the ruck, 8 tackles and i stopped cringing when he went to kick... thought i had permanent damage. 2 votes - Hogan Standard Jesse 1 vote - Toumpas just kept up the hard work, regardless of confidence I had trouble with the last vote. I want to give a vote to someone in the defense, but i cant decide who. I will have to rewatch
  20. was it nev that spear tackled an essendon player? dropped him like a bag of sheeet
  21. Unfortunately too expensive for me this year and I refuse to sit up the very back.
  22. http://www.afl.com.au/video/2014-06-02/worst-passage-of-play-of-the-year i'm probably reading too much into it, but Gary is pretty keen to take swipes at Damien
  23. The stream keeps crashing for me. Fill me in please? <3
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