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  1. I haven't seen them all but A) at least 2 of them were things that happen to him all the time and he doesn't get the free and also B) there is a fine line between trying to reimpose via physical presence and undisciplined behavior. Melbourne are often criticized for being soft so at least he is trying, even if poorly.
  2. Hibberd out injured. ANB will come in for him as he's the next in line and we don't really have any defenders left uninjured unless we go with Petty. Keilty out for Smith or Preuss, both kicked goals today and will make us better: Keilty has had no real impact. Melksham and Lewis may not come up, if they don't no idea would come in.
  3. Wouldn't surprise me if he is still there in a leadership capacity. I suspect it would be unprecedented for an AFL captain to still be on a list 6 seasons after stepping down as captain. Hopefully he can snare a few more games before he's done.
  4. Only thing I can think is that shoulder AC doesn't stop you running, it just stops physical contact and maybe overhead ball handling. First few weeks Viney seemed underdone fitness wise, hopefully he has been able to work on that.
  5. That outside of thur not kick to Lochhart was sublime. Lochy's effort to waste 30 seconds, turn and kick to Melksham was the smartest piece of play all day. The umpires decision to call Melksham to play on, after he marked inside 50 and said he was going to have a shot was a disgrace. I think exploiting the 30 second rule goes against the spirit of the game, but it doesn't mean the umpires can choose to disregard it.
  6. Jeff is the only quality small forward we've had in the last decade and he has been out of form since 2017. We have instead relied on a group of medium forwards playing small. They all play "taller" than they are (pretty good jumps and marks) and all have a bit of pace, but none are true crumbers and they get caught out of position in crumbing situations. They also have a tendency to all go up instead of staying down. This group has included the following players at times since 2017: -Melksham, Petracca and Spargo (still there) -Harmes and Fritsch (playing other positions) -Garlett, vandenBerg, Hannan and ANB (injured or dropped) -Bugg, Watts and Kent (all moved to other clubs). With talls in Weid, Tmac and Preuss (last year Hogan), we've needed three of these medium/small guys at any one time. The combined 7 players that either left the club or are injured/dropped leave a big hole in our options, especially with Harmes and Fritsch playing mid/back. We couldn't expect that we'd have these issues with the players we retained. Not many options to juggle right now! I think this also compounds with having 4 of our preferred ~8 defenders out (May, Lever, Lewis, Smith) plus a 5th (OMac) out of form. Finally, we have not had a tall player as a "winner" except maybe Preuss. Gawn, TMac, Weid, OMac, have all been out of form, dropping marks etc. *edit: which means that "crumbing" players definitely aren't on the right position because they expect thur contest to be different.
  7. In their defense, 3 of the expected first picked back 6 currently aren't playing.
  8. Just adding to this, the reason this will work is because coaches are instructing players to crowd the contest so that the above can occur. Players without the ball need to jam in close so that they canconstantly scrap for it (gather, takle, drop, repeat) without giving away a free kick until they manage to get a free possession. Players need to stay in close to support their team mates by jumping on them and a tackler quickly, to avoid holding the ball being paid against them. If you ping those things above repeatedly players will naturally stand further away from the contest in space so that they provide more options to get the ball out. They will also be forced to play man on man because you can't give your opponent space around the stoppage.
  9. You've never watched old games have you? No one used to "showcase skills" they hacked it forward while punching each other and extracting themselves from the mud. The game has never stayed the same.
  10. 666 doesn't lessen congestion. In fact it may make it worse as teams are forced to play with 6 forwards, so although the midfield is more open, the 50s are automatically more congested. 666 only stops 2 things: 1) extra numbers back to defend a lead late in the game, and 2) coaches experimenting with spatial tactics and game style. An example of 2: last year we played a 4 man forward line with 2 extras behind the ball. But both of these extras ran in to compete in the square. In effect, we generated our run from behind the ball and kicked into open space forward off the ball. Now, all teams must play the same style and kick to 6 on 6 forward of the ball. I agree with this (although might be happy with 20). If you want to fix congestion around the ball you need to do the following: - Strongly enforce holding the ball / illegal disposal. Don't let players gather/drop, gather/drop. - Stop allowing a third player (ie a team mate of the player with the ball) to wrap up a tackler and keep the ball locked in. This stops holding the ball decions being paid. (It is just holding the man, so pay a free kick to the tackler) These tactics are coached deliberately and are designed to ensure stoppages are win or draw only (not lose) by creating a secondary stoppage if you cannot win clean possession and dispose outside to a team mate. If you want more one on one contests then play for "sheparding the making contest" free kicks against 3rd players who try to block or screen. At least 10 per game occur.
  11. Is this the round 4 22 player team or the whole list? Looks like the first post is just the 22. Can you easily pull the age/games for the round 4 selected 22 of all 18 clubs?
  12. I was never convinced he had the pace or body positioning to play off the HBF, plus he isn't a beautiful kick, but he has always been a strong overhead mark and reasonable set shot for goal. So I've been baffled as to why we've attempted to play him back. I'm not sure he has the place or agility to play as a permanent forward, so hope we keep rotating him in a way that creates a mismatch for his attributes. Hopefully he can find consistent form in that role to hold a spot.
  13. The players have had their shortest preseason due to finals, plus players going for surgery. They are a bit underdone. Following that, we've kicked off the year out of form: marks not sticking and kicking being terrible are good examples of this. We're struggling to adapt this year for a number of reasons: - We played a zone defense the last few years. We can't set up a zone anymore because the transition from 666 to zone would leave us exposed. - We played numbers behind the ball who then entered the contest in 2018. This meant we had extra numbers at the contest, more space in front of us and free runners behind the ball. We can't do this with 666. - 666 means more 1 on 1 contests, less zonal play. This means the ability to run hard for (and kick well to) uncontested marks or take contested marks becomes even more valuable. We've never been strong at leading for uncontested marks, preferring to win ground contests. And we've lost Hogan, while May and Lever have been out injured and TMac, Gawn and Weid struggling for form: We've had no big man aerial winners. I think as we overcome the above, we will find form. I know certain players aren't playing well, but I'm sure it's as bad as it looks on paper. This is mainly because Goodwin has shown himself to be tactically innovative which means he is likely to adapt. We've seen that Goodwin's tactics have been largely based on data/ statistical information, and he isn't that big on changing tact during a match. These traits may indicate we'll take longer to adjust than other sides, but when we do it will be the right change. In addition, although here are only 4 unavailable from our semi final against hawthorn (Lewis, Hannan, vandenBerg and Tyson) (Spargo also played by has been dropped). The ins have basically been Hunt, KK, Lockhart and Sparrow (plus a couple of games from Wagners etc.) all young/inexperienced replacements. And finally, I'm also not sure about rounds 2 and 3, but in R1 I understand we had the 2nd youngest 22 in the competition. Yes the above could be seen as excuses but I think it's more about explanation. Yes we need ti improve our output, including 2 way running and kicking skills. Yes leg speed would be nice but we can counter that with game plan and position.
  14. I only cop the May ruling because I believe the AFL is trying to (optimistic version) ensure all players are as protected as possible when it comes to looking term head injuries (or the cynical version) create a track record which demonstrates a no tolerance approach to head contact, with respect to liability for concussion related injuries later on. That being said, I do believe that in the May case the Brisbane player had a duty of care to pay attention to the player in front of him and protect himself from otherwise legal contact. May didn't run or line him up, didn't elbow, didn't blindside and didn't hit with unreasonable force. The bump wasn't late, it was intended as a physical screen to prevent the player running on to the next play. And given those facts, I think it is unfair to suspend him. This I can get behind. May's bump had a legitiment football purpose. All players consent to the risks of physical contact that may result while passing AFL football within the rules. Those punches didn't have a football purpose. Apart from being assult (physical contact not concerned too) they are basically outright cheating: trying to momentarily stun someone or decrease their short term performance or wear them down faster. Also if I had kids Id rather them see the bump from May than a gut punch.
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