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  1. In 2019, 11 games for 11 goals, with at least 1 goal in 9 of them. Around 10 disposals per game. Average stats are very similar to his 2018. He has actually been quite consistent. He did struggle for form but he really struggled for a run at it. Played the first 6, then dropped to Casey where he kicked 2.3 and took 7 marks but got injured, came back through Casey where he kicked 3.1 and he was named in the best, promoted for 5 more games in the MFC before injury ended his season. Not great form but I think he deserves a solid run at it. If he plays 22 games and has a 3 goal match once a month he'll finish with 30-35 goals. It's those 3 goal games he's been missing. Edit: tl;dr: he was poor this year in his interrupted year but still named to consistently kick a goal per week. It only takes an injury free season and 4 good games to turn a 25 goal a year forward into 35 goal a year forward, which is probably what we'd be content with right now.
  2. I think Tomlinsons value to us will be what he adds in defensive (and offensive) structure through running hard, covering ground and providing options. He may not dominate stats or attacking wise, but as a club who constantly gets exposed "out the back" or on the wings, his presence should improve us.
  3. Thanks, and I agree this is valid to some extent, but it is also circular and a poor analogy because TV shows don't "develop" live on air: Young, developing player has not yet played well therefore he won't develop into a player who can play well. So you can claim this and be right both ways. If he doesn't develop: see told you!, but if he does: well he hadn't shown anything then so the development was a surprise. What about his poor performances make you think he won't make it? Or do you think he has already reached close to max potential so is not developing? I'd say he had two "young development" years in 16 and 17, showed a bit and broke out towards the end of 18 (only 10 games for the season) then struggled with consistency due to both a bit of increased pressure and injury (hip and concussion) before a calf injury followed by a broken jaw finished his season by round 16. Yeah, this year has a bit of pressure on it, especially if uninjured. But I'm not sure he's had a clean run at it too day he has chronicly under performed.
  4. I swear this is the best summary of Weid I've read. Ask the evidence I've seen points to "it should click at some point", and reports from inside the club suggest attitude and application are correct. That doesn't mean he will make it, but I haven't seen anyone articulate why they think he won't make it with evidence apart from "doesn't do enough". My fingers are firmly crossed.
  5. We have an open list spot that we may as well fill. Unless it is a serious set back or is looking unlikely to respond favorably to training, I suspect he'll get a 1 year contract so we can see him through the full rehab. We don't expect him to play until half way through the year, so why would we pull the pin in Feb after a minor set back or simply soreness?
  6. Tomlinson will be one of the first picked every week. AVB if fit is easily best 22. Weid if fit is almost a lock to get a game. Strange comment.
  7. I suspect he was a back up for the last list position if Bennel fell through to Geelong.
  8. It might be too specific, but I'd love to hear his thoughts about Pickett vs Weightman. I'd also be interested to hear about: - science vs stats vs gut feel when it comes to drafting. Are certain stats non negotiable or very strong lead indicators? How strongly is biometric information considered? Ie expected height based on family data? - draft night process. Do we rate all players in the draft in order then pick the highest available? Do we rate groups of players collectively so that we can pick sliders? Who makes the call to trade live picks vs draft what is available?
  9. Same issue I had. Forgettable era.
  10. I'm not sure I'm correct just guessing 😛 But i am sure that the issue was that the players didn't correctly update the app that ASADA ghve provided.
  11. It'll be more about registering a schedule than tracking live location. Ie are you in the country staying at home, or on holidays in Bali? Or training camp in queensland? Are you training at casey or gosch this Thursday? Etc. Rather than "you didn't tell us when you went out to the pub".
  12. This is why we need a genuine reserves comp. Clubs to have a primary list with only ~30 players, who can play AFL. A secondary list of 10 players who can only play reserves (and can't get dropped to a state league), but can be upgraded temporarily in the case of injury, or at certain points in the season (ie allow up to 5 non injury primary/ secondary charges after round 11). A development list of 15 players 18-22, who can only play reserves or in a state league, but clubs have access to upgrade/promote to the primary/secondary list prior to draft.
  13. These things aren't mutually exclusive. The AFL clubs salary caps are nearly $12 million each. The AFL clubs have revenues of $50-$100 million. VFL caps are $350k. A 2nd tier comp with salary cap of $1 million per club (league total about the same as one AFL club) isn't going to have any impact on the ability of the league to also run an AFLW competition, nor have a material affect on the money available at AFL level. But it will mean the best players are playing there instead of chasing money in the diamond valley league. Edit: especially when indirect revenue associated with community and fan engagement, and therefore revenue growth, from AFLW is considered.
  14. I think your point about the lack of relationship between VFL and AFL in terms of player development, form etc. is the exact reason they need to invest in a 2nd tier team. When the VFL cap (~$350k) is pretty similar to EFL cap (~$220k), there's a problem. The reason the standard is poor is because the best players are spread everywhere. The top 15 on AFL lists are a cut above, but 10 are developing, 5 are declining and 10 are journeymen hopefuls waiting to be cut or filling a spot. If a 2nd tour comp existed, with a focus on the next best players in the country, not just development players, then the transition between leagues would be smaller.
  15. Perhaps but it seems logical to me that if the pool of people paid to play and administer football fulltime is double the size then there is more opportunity for development and longevity for careers. Right now it's AFL or bust. A genuinely strong 2nd tier comp fosters better development and acts as a safety net for those cut from the ruthless top tier (either for long term career or as a transition measure back to real life).
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