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  1. They should scale back the "base" contracts and increase the match payments, so that they are 75% of the salary cap. A) why should big name players be able to get payments for sitting on the sidelines, whether due to form or injury? B) They claim their salaries are because "they are the product", and this will tie their pay directly to their product. C) Players will be rewarded on form and performance, not based on how well they negotiated a contract. D) The league will have flexibility in the case that games are ever cancelled.
  2. I think we've built a lot of the game plan around the idea that TMac will be at least useful, not he really hasn't been.
  3. There is no way the game plan is bomb it long to 3 on 1s. So what's going wrong?
  4. Broken foot, 3 months. Announced this morning.
  5. It'll be like watching VFL on TV. With the small crowd there seems less focus on bad decisions and mistakes. I'm looking forward to it.
  6. I think the original plans were to try and squeeze 2-3 games in before everything hit hard, suspending the season. That way they had the option of pushing back a few weeks (removing the byes and pushing back the GF could gain a month) or even resuming the season with a new fixture (ie reduced rounds,- everyone plays everyone once - or compressed - 6 day breaks and mid week games). But if they bail now it could be disastrous.
  7. This is in line with my thoughts. We've had a perfect storm: -AFL directive to "let the game go" because no one likes stop start football and they want it to flow, this umpires don't make quick calls on free kicks or even ball ups - Coaches realising some really basic stuff: They want to be in control of the game, so they prefer a stoppage where they can set up, to a truly loose ball entire the outcome is left to chance. They want to prevent opposition taking possession - because that sounds them scoring - and therefore prefer to keep the ball contested, even if that means they don't win possession themselves. These two situations have meant the AFL has let the coaches turn AFL from fast flowing attack into bogged up scrums. Instead of introducing new rules (which the coaches will just exploit) they should simply make it less valuable for coaches to have players around the ball. The switching of % to points for might be a good catalyst. But I do think that clubs play to win first with percentage a long way second, so it will have limited effect on most games, except perhaps to open up in the last quarter.
  8. This focus on interpretation change was suggested by Clarko in the article though! I think this will help both congestion and scoring though, with players starting further outside of a contest (3rd man in is now less valuable), and Moore scotty to knock the ball clear.
  9. Bumping this, in case anyone wants to comment: I think it's a really different take that just reducing numbers and worth discussing.
  10. Absolutely. But he was recognized as one of the best in the league, plus these two werent available at the time. It may be that we had been having conversations with both and thought we were a chance of landing both, thus focused our recruitment on May instead (who we thought would go to Collingwood at the end of 2019). I was only commenting on why many of us wanted us to look closely at him.
  11. The way we've seen Langdon and Tomlinson play is exactly the reason some of us were so keen on Gaff. He fills the same role, and after 2018 it was very clear we needed someone in that role. We don't need him anymore.
  12. He is on the money in that article, but not for the reasons quoted in the headline. “We probably need to look at the way the games officiated and say to ourselves: ‘How can we reduce the congestion? Do we reward holding the ball more regularly, so that we don’t have three, four or five stoppages in a row where as many as 20 players, 25 players get to that area of the ground and it gets really congested?’” Clarkson asked. Nothing needs to change, just play the rules as written: -Pay holding the ball when players are caught. -Pay holding the man against the 3rd player in who locks a contest up by "tackling a tackler". -Pay shepparding in the mark, every time someone prevents an opponent marking by bodying them out of the way, instead of trying to contest the ball in the air. Terrible interpretations are the problem, not numbers of players.
  13. Read back to my posts in this thread, and I described exactly that: he played on the defensive wing, forcing opposition wing to match him up because of his height, offering a long switch option when they won the ball, and dropping back quickly to prevent/inhibit the opposition switch, when they lost the contest. It will be interesting to see if we leave Tomlinson/Langdon on one side of the ground each, playing the same role mirrored, or if they switch sides depending on game position.
  14. I think the description of ANB as "coaches favorite" shows personal bias unfortunately (this isn't just you either!). The coach likes him because he runs better than almost anyone and generates lots of chances at goal. The coach picks him because no one else has been able to offer those qualities in that position. When other players go past him, he'll get dropped.
  15. If Hogan played, we wouldn't have had May tie down Patton. And regardless we won by 5 goals. Why would we need another forward?
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