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  1. 100 per cent agree. Do it now, please
  2. If we don’t get two first round picks for Hogan ... I would want to bring back Peter Jackson to fix the problem we have in our recruiting department
  3. Earn your place in the team with good form does not apply any more now that Garlett has been selected. If the game was not in Darwin he would not be there. Everybody should know the reason why and it is not good form.
  4. Out: ANB, Salem, Tyson, Melksham In: Stretch, Spargo, Baker and Frost
  5. Height and pace. Two things we lack. Out: Vince, ANB, T Smith, J Smith, Tyson. In: Spargo, Petty, Frost, Baker, Stretch
  6. Is the Josh Wagner that Troy Chaplin describes on the MFC website the Josh Wagner that plays for Melbourne ? I think not.
  7. Maybe he wanted a free during the half time break. The reason they stage is for a free.
  8. Fitzpatrick was not a KPP he was a ruckman / forward and not to good at either.
  9. Steven May is to short. What we do not need at Melbourne is another 193cm key position player. We need 200+cm.
  10. Just to be clear, Melksham will not be dropped, he is the coaches love child.
  11. Yes I was at the game and had my eyes open all the time so that I could watch all the (not under pressure) turnovers by Melksham
  12. Great four changes. Thank God somebody wants to drop Melksham
  13. love it. Made me laugh after last Saturday
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