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  1. Tend to agree. I know GWS want to move up to pick 3, but I see no reason to trade it away unless the deal is massive overs. Because Young is the exact type of player we are screaming out for. We need more class, its why Salem stands out like a beacon in our side - because he is classy amongst many (majority) who aren't. Young would add class when we desperately need it. We could do with adding class for our next pick as well, if we could find a classy player with speed then even better. Two things our side lacks and needs is class and pace. We have so much grunt. Our midfield is practically set and elite, it just needs versatility on the outside.
  2. They will have to live trade themselves into something that may tempt us then. Otherwise they will have to use their first round pick on Greene, which would only be down to laziness on their part not to come up with a tempting deal for us. I suspect they will. It would be a failure for them to have to use pick 6 on Greene.
  3. GWS need to get serious. Pick 6 and next years first rounder is a joke. We have pick 3 and they need it otherwise they are going to be using pick 6 on Greene. Our pick 3 is valuable and they will need to offer up a hell of a lot more than anything I have seen them offer so far. They need to convince us to part with pick 3 and so far they are doing a terrible job. But its in their best interests to get serious and offer overs. And they will.
  4. Take him anyway and back ourselves in to get the best out of him, or don't take him because his attitude suggests he isn't the right type of player for our club, or any club. Its a tough decision. I would probably back ourselves in to take him (hopefully he can turn it around). We do need his type. Good fit.
  5. Hopefully our list management team share the same attitude as you Chazz. All signs are indicating they do. Our default position should be exactly what you said "we must go into this year with Pick 3 and 8". It will therefore be up to GWS and others to put a very strong case forward to us, as to why we should part with Pick 3, or even pick 8 (possibly in relation to Freo and Henry). A fair deal is not going to convince us to part with pick 3 this year. It will need to be massive overs for us to part with pick 3, and GWS are not in a position to offer anything other than overs to us. Because we will bid on Greene, and they will have to pay overs anyway when we do. This is why we are in such a great position at the moment. The cards really have fallen our way. We are even in the box seat for Jack Martin should we wish to take him, regardless of the price on his head we could get something out of Carlton believing we will take him.
  6. I don't know the rules, but it would be pretty obvious if he demanded 1.8 over 2 when the previous figure was 2.4 over 4. I don't know if the AFL would allow that. Common sense says that it wouldn't, but that is something lacking in the AFL headquarters, so it is hard to know. I reckon Martin is more than gettable for us. This appears to be one of the rare opportunities that have fallen our way. The other one is going to be GWS paying overs for our pick 3. This could be a monumental trade period for us.
  7. Given our list demographic I like us trading next years first round pick. We already have an optimal blend of youth and experience - getting in guys like Lever and May in the past couple of years. We now add solid bodies in Tomlinson and Langford, the latter who will address a need for us (lack of pace). I also think Tomlinson is a lot classier than people give him credit for. He can seriously play. Versatility is also handy in a recruit, he has it, good pick up. We gain pick 8, which is the perfect pick to have this year for us. I expect we will turn over pick 3 into something even better. Jack Martin is also a possibility for us in the PSD. With just a touch of luck I think we can go from a B to an A-. But a lot will also hinge on who we select in the draft and how they measure up years down the track.
  8. GWS will do a deal with us. They just need time to deal themselves into something of value for us. At present we hold pick 3, and we will most likely bid on Greene with it. Any club would be desperate to do a deal with us and GWS are no exception. We know they are desperate so we will wait for overs at the trade table. Thankfully not even MFC can stuff this one up, its pretty straight forward, the ball is in GWS court. If no deal is done its on them. We sit firmly in the box seat with this one. I expect a deal to be done, and I expect fairly solid overs.
  9. We shouldn't have any problems getting Martin in the PSD.
  10. If GWS can't come up with a better deal with pick 6 and next years first rounder, then we should just keep pick 3 and bid on Greene. Next years draft will be compromised so their first rounder will be most likely 15-20. We need more than that offer. I would ask for an additional pick to add to 6 and next years first rounder.
  11. Pick 8 is a perfect pick this year. It will fall at the right time to nab whoever sides to it. From all reports, the quality of the draft peters out after 10-12. Pick 26 would be really hit and miss this year, and in all likelihood it wouldn't be very useful. The quality really is said to taper off early. I have heard that from a handful of knowledgeable draft folk. What matters more than points indexes is drafting the right player. Hopefully we have a player in mind. I like the trade.
  12. Yeah he is a good user of the footy, and usually makes good decisions with ball in hand. Also dangerous around goals. We could most certainly use him. Would be a good pick up. Adding Taylor and Langdon to our sides does cover some deficiencies.
  13. Essendon can't afford to lose Daniher. He is going to be a great player. Needs to fix up his kicking, but at present his stock would be higher if he was out there. Dodoro is just saying we will keep him or you will offer us something ridiculous. And Essendon have every right to do that, as their default position is to keep him. Sydney want him they need to come up with massive overs to really satisfy Essendon. Dodoro is just doing common sense trading, not rocket science. He is the best in the business when it comes to negotiation, and by a fair margin. Hopefully we don't have to deal with Essendon, we'd have probably given away this years first rounder for another broken down defender.
  14. Calling us a basket case side is an insult to basket cases sides. We have sunk below even that level. We have been pathetic for the good part of two decades now. There is no fight left. We will need a miracle to climb the ladder consistently.
  15. These past players facing difficulties need compensation. Keep up the fight.
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