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  1. The kid looks good, sharp. Could be a player. He is exactly what we need right about now, so long as he can use the ball well, he will automatically be invaluable for us.
  2. Hopefully he isnt suffering any after effects from his time at Essendon.
  3. I would expect to get smashed if I knocked someones beer out of their hands. I don't pity the victim at all.
  4. Agree. Hopefully its just early season rust.
  5. Panics in tight, handballs it off to blokes already in danger, doesn't look ahead of the contest, hacks it on the boot, fumbles. Plenty of potential there, and does have some points on the board after two really good seasons. But he is a bit down this year. He isn't improving at a rate I - and I'm sure many - were expecting him to.
  6. What if we held firm and demanded pick 5 off of Freo, and drafted Rozzee. What if we didn't sell the farm for Lever. What if Oliver didn't sh*t himself everytime he had the ball in close and dished it off like a hot spud. What if Petracca wasn't scared to take the game on. What if Brayshaw didn't turn the ball over so much and had penetration in his kick. What if we had two Christian Salem's. What if we didn't overrate Tom McDonald as a forward. He isn't a forward's a-hole. What if Gawn was an effective tap ruckman. What if Goodwin could coach. What if we dropped Lewis back to the VFL - where he belongs. What if Hibberd went with him. What if we had of kept Bernie Vince. What if.
  7. Freeman might be worth looking at. He is injury prone but if we give nothing then he'd be worth a gamble. We need pace and game breakers.
  8. Big NO for Patton. Not interested at all. We should have learnt our lesson with Lever - don't trade for players with an ACL history. Not rocket science. Even Petracca is a shadow of the player he would've been. ACL's are no joke. They really affect an individual. Hopefully the football department take a few deep breaths next time, count to 10, then halve what they want to give for a player. This football department has set this club back a long way.
  9. I would trade anyone on our list bar Gawn or Salem.
  10. Salem is a weapon down back. I'd like to see him take full ownership over the delivery out of the backline and push to get the ball as much as he can. Needs to be more consistent, but he could play a quarter back role down back. A real game changer. Lever and May back (eventually) will help us a lot. Lewis isn't the answer down back. Its time Salem taken over and stamped himself as a general.
  11. We have no mids with pace. We have no mids who kick efficiently and with precision. Harmes is probably our best midfielder if you ignore the stats and look at actual impact. Our backline is terrible. Our forward line is just below terrible. The game has changed and the open space has caught our lack of skill out. We are in for a long long year. We will likely be 0-4 after next week.
  12. Sydney next week. Won't be easy.
  13. We look good for a quarter again, but mostly ordinary.
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