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  1. Viney - Cannot knock endeavor Oliver - Big last quarter Preuss - Good back up Fritsch - Turn over merchant Hannan - VFL level player ANB - Delist after season Brayshaw - Lucky we're short (injuries) Petracca - Very good game Harmes - Solid and consistent McDonald - Looked different player Weideman - Was clunking some (good sign) Hibberd - Past used by Salem - Great as always Frost - Had good patches Petty - Shows good signs
  2. Too many passengers. I thought Carlton did alright today though. They showed fight.
  3. It wouldn't matter if Goodwin had a master game plan, its all falling apart trying to get the players to implement the most basic of football skills. The players are either not listening to Goodwin, or just not playing for him. Because clearly Goodwin wants the players to lower their eyes going inside 50, yet that has only happened consistently in one game this year. The players are not listening or not interested. Goodwin has to go. The buck stops at the coach.
  4. Never seen a player turn the ball over so much as Brayshaw has today.
  5. If every player in our side was fined for turning the ball over going inside 50 - they'd be playing for nothing. Salem would be the only player with coin.
  6. Be worth getting Diesel Williams down to the club. Gawn's taps are going to waste. Brisbane are just sharking them.
  7. Sh*t umpiring. The umps kept Brisbane in that till they evened up.
  8. Really good to see us lower our eyes today - especially going inside forward 50. I am at the point now where I wouldn't even care if we had lost - so long as we are making an effort to address our short comings. I saw that effort today. Well done Simon Goodwin for shaking things up and trying something different. It is the only way we will improve.
  9. Freo know how to drop to the knees. I give them that.
  10. Get both of them - one on each wing. They are both exactly what we need. So long as we hold our first pick, I would be all for us getting Brad and Stephen Hill. I would even propose trading Angus Brayshaw and our second round pick, for Brad Hill and Freo's first round pick. Although, I don't think Freo would be silly enough to do that. Might be able to get a future first off them though.
  11. A lot of players get into gambling through horse ownership and spring racing. Then the multis start, and away they go. Its hard to curb gambling when you haven't got any coin, so I can imagine it would be ten fold harder when you have money to waste. In addition, many AFL players have too much time to spare after training, many of the younger players - without nagging wives who control their money - have no real urge to save money. The pressures of social media probably depress players who are then more likely to become problem gamblers. I think its a real issue for the AFL. Perhaps the AFL should survey the VFL players if they want a reasonably accurate read on the situation.
  12. Parish is neither great on the inside or outside. He is solid at both, but not great enough on the outside that we need him. We have superior inside mids to Parish. If we want outside run and polish then Parish isn't our answer. If we don't throw away our first rounder we should actually use it on finding someone with outside run, polish and effectiveness, like Rozzee. We may have missed that boat but no reason we cannot try acquire talent through the draft.
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