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  1. Agreed Lord Trav, Brockie has worked hard to be back in our "best". Do you think though, perhaps the attention (re. tags) has been moved from Brock TO Jonesy, who was much more potent last year? Or has Brock just learnt to deal with it better - Personally I hope it's the latter. Whatever the reason, it's great to see my namesake doing so well, but there is no I in team is there? We're backing you all the way lads, through thick and thin. GO DEES!
  2. nah, I agree with 32: If Benny can't get away with the v-neck then no-one else will. Should've copied Ben's more recent trend, shirtless and sweaty.
  3. D'you think we were ever really a chance, or did he just pretend to be interested in us to make it look as though he wasn't a cash-chasing pig? Perhaps he had NO intention of coming to us or the bombers and thought, "Hey, people won't hate me so much if I at least appear interested." Can't wait to see Brock and Jonesy tear him a new one next year. Oh and good luck with the groin juddy..... Not.
  4. I'm ok, just getting REALLY impatient. I realise he may not want to overshadow the GF, but just put us out of our misery FFS.
  5. ..Dunno about you, but when I picture Brocky and Chop hanging out in a bar on the turps I get a mental image of Earl and Randy Hickey! Seriously though, pull your heads in fellas - as someone pointed out earlier in the thread, once is believable, twice is a joke. Grow up.
  6. Having only smoked a bit of weed as a teen and enjoyed a few beers in my time, I had my drink spiked a few months ago and I will never understand why anyone would consciously take drugs and want to feel the way I did. I have never felt so bizarre in all my life and I will never forget it. I still feel completely creeped out by it. I honestly thought i was going to die and couldn't even stand under the shower it felt like bullets hitting my skin. Why anyone would want to feel that way is beyond me, and how you could spike someone's drink and put them in so much danger is just unfathomable.
  7. I guess... Dunno about the rest of you girls but I just LOVE guys who are off their heads , picking fights and acting the hero...um, wait, I've actually just summed up every guy I went out with up until I was 21!! He'll grow out of it - either (hopefully) by choice - and now - or he'll have to be made to, which will be pretty embarrassing for him.
  8. Yeah, and I think Brock also said at the time that they ate meat pies and drank cans for brekky and that he had to come back and go on a strict diet for a month to get back to normal!! LOL They live a different life the ol' country boys - I guess it's bred into alot of them! Seriously though - and I'm not speculating about this current "incident" as I don't know much about it - I can't see why if afl players want to get smashed they can't just stay home and get a few mates around for a barbie like the rest of us. You can drink yourself silly, pass out, act like a tool and we are all none the wiser. I do remember what it's like to be 21, but at 32 I've finally realised staying home is the wiser option.
  9. Watched the game with my filthy other half. Never again. He woo-hooed through the first quarter, sooked as much as his players did at the umpires, pumped up Pendlebury (whom he pathetically refers to as "Pendles" UGH!) marvelled at Didaks almost soccer goal, and complained about our frees in the third. He was genuinely sickened by Belly's hit, but argued the point with me about how long Johnson will be out. Then when we started coming back he cracked the poos and said "oh I might as well go to bed I'm not watching this bullS..." Instead he got himself another wine and preceeded to tell me that I was a hypocrite because I merely said "well with the injuries we've had tonight it'll be understandable if we DO lose as we'll run out of legs". He says when he says that about collingwood I say "well that's an excuse". Anyway we launched into a whole argument about making excuses for playing like crap and ended the night with the silent treatment... but I broke it long enough to say "I will never watch Melbourne/Collingwood with you ever again, you are an arrogant tool." Think a divorce may be on the cards.. seriously what was I thinking in the first place?!!
  10. Yeah, personally I think The Kev would be fantastic for the club. Imagine how much our young fellas and our future leaders like Brock and Jonesy etc would benefit from all his experience. Everyone within the footy community has respect for Sheeds- sadly WE currently don't have anyone's respect. He may be the man to help us win it back. Its pretty obvious that with Connolly at the helm we won't be any better off...Get Sheeds and it'll be "game on molles!" We need someone with intestinal fortitude of the contagious kind.
  11. Tis quite a nice stadium actually, especially on a nice clear nite. Was counting on going up but finances are stretched to the limit this week. Have a great time, GO ZEBS! Should be an absolute flogging! (sorry tassie, have to be a traitor this week!)
  12. nice! I think "Brock Mclean was what Willis was talkin' 'bout" should be a bumper sticker, or even better someone take a banner of it to the footy...Would be a classic. Wonder if the great man has come across these yet? I'm sure he'd get a huge laff out of our hero worship!! Scary part is, it's all true
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