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  1. No time to respond to this now, iv'a, but I'll PM you later.
  2. Need must when bureaucracy beckons, as I'm sure iv'a understands.
  3. The thing is, iv'a, what you write is a bit surprising coming from someone who chairs a domestic violence committee. I don't know where integrity comes into ti. Then again, I used to chair an ethics committee. Strange places we can wind up.
  4. Grimes is my personal favourite, so it grieves me to say it, but the fact that Jack was not taken to Sydney tells me that his card is marked.
  5. Gone. He'll be sent straight to the tribunal, three weeks down to two with an early plea, and Roos will send him to the naughty corner. Other teams will look to provoke him until he proves he can control his temper.
  6. If our development wizards can wave the wand over Max King, he could be the answer. He was drafted to improve our ruck stocks, but it seems he's spent more time as a tall forward. If his ruck work comes up to scratch, he'd certainly provide a tall option in the forward line. Not a solution for this year, however.
  7. Jake's kicking was always a liability, but if the goal he kicked at the weekend is anything to go by, he must have improved quite a bit. It's probably a question of match-ups. When the other team have a strong second ruck, I'd prefer Jake to Pedo. In all other circumstances, Pedo's value around the round is much greater.
  8. I saw Ditterich's debut game against us. He was splendid. It was horrible.
  9. If Jesse isn't clear what the coaching structure will be next year, he'd have to be a little bit thick.
  10. Pedo is clearly preferred as second ruck when Max is resting. Frost is the likely out for Oliver IMO.
  11. Bugg has made a public apology for shoving Riewoldt.
  12. I am holding your logical function in an underground bunker, and will release it on receipt of $10,000. Do not contact the police or the mods, or you will never think clearly again.
  13. I'd say Plapp was following the omerta code but Melbourne said "Stuff that, we can't have our stars getting sniped."
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