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  1. Our blokes are probably already on the [censored].
  2. Amusingly, our tight win against Hawthorn cost them finals. 😍
  3. There's a lot of permutations yet to play out. If Brisbane [censored] Richmond, they would end up 5th which means an MCG elimination final with whoever finishes 8th (Essendon or Hawks, depending on the Bulldogs result). Really want the Drug Cheats to end up facing the Eagles in Perth, but 2 results need to go our way (Richmond and Bulldogs both need to win). Port v Fremantle is basically a dead rubber because Port won't make up the percentage required to overtake Hawthorn (assuming Adelaide win).
  4. Hate almost every team in the top 8, this is just a disaster right now. The only thing that would make me feel better is Essendon having to go to Perth for their first final and getting blown away by 100+ points. Collingwood getting a double chance after playing like [censored] for half the season is about as frustrating as it gets. The Hawks could make finals with 11 wins! ELEVEN!
  5. Just watch Hawthorn win this and lock Collingwood into the top 4, rather than forcing them into an elimination final. FFS! The Bulldogs aren't losing tomorrow, look at the bigger picture here. 🤬
  6. This side is in the top 4 right now. Putrid stuff. Is that the quality of the competition right now?
  7. It's like neither team is trying to win this. Constant misses this quarter.
  8. Doggies hitting form at the right time. They've just about stitched up the final spot in the 8 with this win, barring an upset next week vs Adelaide. Hawks/Port/Crows will all be hoping the Dogs lose that one.
  9. As the live ladder stands, Bulldogs, Adelaide, Hawks & Port are all tied on 10 wins, meaning whoever wins + finishes with a higher percentage next week gets the 8th and final place in the finals. Bulldogs play the Crows next week, Hawks play the Eagles, and Port finish the round vs Fremantle at AO. Currently, less than 2% separates all 4 teams. Going to be an epic final round, even if we're not part of it.
  10. Two blatant deliberates against Richmond went ignored in the dying minutes. Not that I mind them winning given the state of the ladder, but still.
  11. Two years ago, every conceivable result conspired against us to ensure we missed finals. This year, every conceivable result has conspired to ensure Essendon make the finals. [censored] get me the vomit bag.
  12. The peahearts wearing our jumper last night could learn a thing or two about pride watching Saints and Blues players in that game. Nothing to play for except respect and neither team gave an inch, all the way to the final siren. Will our club ever show this much ticker?
  13. Goodwin sounds completely bereft of confidence or answers on the radio right now. Just more spin, vague non-answers and empty assurances.
  14. Shame we pushed out Dean Kent. Who needs small forwards anyway?
  15. Hitouts 57-19, hitouts to advantage 15-2. Yet we lose by 53 points. I don't think any other coach could achieve such a mindboggling discrepancy if they were actively trying! Whatever window of opportunity this list has for premiership success, Goodwin and his team of incompetent coaches are doing everything in their power to slam the door shut.
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