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  1. Garry Lyon - Dollars Darren Bennett - Billy Tony Campbell - TC Rod Grinter - Balls Earl Spalding - Duke Glen Lovett - Wally David Williams - Daisy Andy Lovell - Chopper Chris Connolly - Cuddles Simon Eishold - Ice Sean Wight - Haggis Robbie Flower - Tulip
  2. Yep, we took Harley up to QLD because we have too much cash in the coffers and need to [censored] some up against a wall.
  3. Having been there when Harley sustained the injury, I reckon this is nothing more than a Grade 1 calf strain which generally takes 1 - 2 weeks of recovery. He had a tight spot in the fat of his calf. Obviously in Harley's case, they'll be ultra cautious with this. Harley was at training yesterday from all reports so I guess they'll continue to re-hab him, build him up and see how they go.
  4. He didn’t do his calf. He felt a tight spot. Not ideal, but they pulled him up before he could do any further damage. As suggested, he seemed in pretty good spirits when he walked a few laps with May, ball in hand. I think it would’ve been ambitious to expect Bennell to make it through to playing without any setbacks. Let’s hope he’s up and running sooner rather than later.
  5. I’m at training today. I put myself right on top of the rehab group and heard Harley Bennell tell one of the fitness staff he had a tight spot in his calf. HB said he had felt it before on previous occasions. He got a rub on it, and is no longer training. The fitness guy asked him how he was feeling. “Pretty flat”, was the reply. Let’s hope it’s just awareness.
  6. They need to do it to sell those memberships. Many, like myself, fall sucker to ‘em every time.
  7. A bloke I follow tweeted the club to see if they were training at Gosch’s today. They said there was no training at Gosch’s. I’ll see what I can find out. Just had confirmation. They are at Casey today.
  8. I read in a tweet from the club that the players aren’t training at Gosch’s this morning. Anyone know their whereabouts?
  9. The players knew in advance there would be no training today. Peter Bruckner was on SEN this morning saying this smoke is unprecedented. Smart management, I would say.
  10. My thoughts on our playing list for 2020. Senior core: May Salem Harmes Petracca Viney Lever Brayshaw Gawn Oliver Hibberd Langdon Melksham Tomlinson Tom McDonald Weideman Fritsch Jetta J Smith Probables: Jones Spargo Kolodjashnij Hannan Preuss vandenBerg (if fitness continues, certainty) Oscar McDonald Hunt Neal-Bullen Hore Brown Lockhart Depth: C Wagner J Wagner Baker Young players who will feature in 2020: Jackson Pickett Rivers Sparrow Jordan Petty Chandler Dunkley Young players still developing in 2020: Bradtke Nietschke Bedford Bennell potentially added to the list. The depth has definitely improved in what was a successful offseason trade and draft period.
  11. Do you think we still lack the top shelf class of the top 4 - 6 teams???
  12. Why Melbourne will improve in 2020: -Maysie is one of the top 5 key defenders in the comp. Fully fit, watch him prove it next year. -Trac is training with a rare intensity and will take his game to a new level. -Viney is doing his first full preseason in 3 years. The bull is hungry. -Gus will play as an inside mid and show an improved desire to run both ways. -Hibbo is as fit as he has ever been. He realizes his spot is on the line and is desperate to keep it. -Langdon and Tomlinson are the two gut running wingmen we’ve been crying out for and will run both ways all day on those MCG wings. -Jackson is a rare talent. Expect him to play early and have an impact with his athleticism and desire. Watch the big fella hunt the footy when it hits the ground. -Rivers will add class to the half back line. Hard, and a beautiful kick. He’ll play early too. -vanders doing his first full preseason in 3 years will add that toughness that we lack. He’s our barometer in many ways when he’s up and going. -Expect a fully fit T-Mac to work his way up and back and become the player that he was in 2018. Watch Weideman or Brown play the stay at home forward role and allow Tom to thrive as the second banana. -Fritsch is the player I’m most excited about. I expect him to kick 40 plus and finish top ten in the Coleman. He is a star. -I think Harry Petty has the ability to become one of the gun young key forwards in the comp. Competition for spots in the forward line will be at a premium with T-Mac, Weid, Brown, Jackson, Petty and Preuss all looking to cement roles in there. -Joel Smith adds versatility and athleticism to our backline. He is hungry. -Lockhart and Dunkley are doing their first AFL preseasons. I can’t wait to see how good they can become. -Kossi won’t get many touches and I don’t expect him to hit the scoreboard in a huge way in 2020. But watch the manic pressure he will bring to a forward line that allowed teams to waltz the ball out of its forward 50 in 2019. -The team will be hungry. -They will be super fit. -They will have a slightly softer draw. -They will have more than a one dimensional game plan that relies on them winning contested ball. How far up the ladder these improvements take us?
  13. A Sam Landsberger piece on Tuesday suggested we were one of 3 clubs still in the hunt for Murray. (GWS and Richmond the other two) I’m not sure how this would work given we only have the two list spots available?
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