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  1. Why did the Duke leave?? Was it a monetary thing? I was too young to remember.
  2. He has been told that if he wins the footy at a stoppage to put on the jets and use the footy more by foot.
  3. I remember attending the first one as a young fella, and working in a small group of 10 people talking about fan engagement and getting kids to follow the Dees. The group contained Ron Barassi and a board member at the time whose name I can't remember. We sat around with butchers paper and brainstormed a number of different ideas, some fabulous and some not so. I know as a teacher, I was able to give them some insight into what kids want from their sports teams/stars. Melbourne have a diverse and skilled supporter group. If the club came away with 2-3 ideas over the course of the day then surely it's got to be worth doing again?
  4. In the past 7 days I've listened to podcasts where Scott Watters and Brendan Goddard have both spoken about the disaster that was Seaford. They both mentioned how moving away from the club's heartland was foolhardy and how the players hated driving that extra distance to work every day. We won't move to Casey on a full time basis.
  5. If he can bring his JLT form playing as a half forward against Adelaide to the season, I still think he has a lot to offer.
  6. I was lucky enough to have Paul as a lecturer in my Teaching degree at ACU. He and his missus taught us teachers. He was a ripper! His playing exploits were before my time.
  7. This doesn't apply, but Chris Heffernan grew up supporting Melbourne, got drafted to Essendon, was traded to Melbourne and then got traded back to Essendon!
  8. I have rated two of players elite. Debatable? Yes. I have also listed six players that show capabilities that they could become elite. I'm not suggesting they will, but with the right development they could be. The gist of the thread? How few players we have on our list that are actually in the elite category. I'm not sure how I've overrated the list.
  9. I suppose we need to forget semantics. How does our top end talent stack up?
  10. True. Elite is a subjective term. I think of an elite player as anyone who can consistently have an influence on the outcome of the game. I think one of main problems is that we don't have enough players who can consistently stand up when needed.
  11. Paul Prymke - he was showing outstanding signs as a key defender before a crook back destroyed his career.
  12. Elite players win clubs premierships. Here is my list of players on our list who have the potential to become/are already elite AFL players: May - Elite. One of the top 5 full backs in the league. Beautiful kick, great one on one, moves so well for a big fella. Petracca - Potential Elite. His best is elite in the competition. Can he bring it consistently this year? Jackson - Potential Elite. Has all the attributes to become an elite big man. You don't use pick three on a bloke unless you're confident he'll become A grade. Viney - Heading towards Elite. When fit, this guy has major influences on matches. His best is outstanding. Now that he is over his injuries let's hope we see it consistently. Gawn - Elite. One of the best and most influential big men in the game. Period. Oliver - Potential Elite. I don't think he's quite in the top bracket of mids yet, but at 22 I have little doubt he'll get there. He's a star, but he has room for improvement. Fritsch - Potential Elite. His 19 goals from 7 games in a struggling side to end last year showed what he is capable of. He has the potential to kick 40 - 50 goals as a mid sized forward. That would make him elite. Kysaiah Pickett - Potential Elite. I think he could develop into one of the best small forwards in the game. For him to be showing the signs he has at senior level already is hugely promising. Have I missed anyone? Have I added anyone that shouldn't be there? Is there enough elite talent on our list to compete at the pointy end of the season?
  13. Garry Lyon - Dollars Darren Bennett - Billy Tony Campbell - TC Rod Grinter - Balls Earl Spalding - Duke Glen Lovett - Wally David Williams - Daisy Andy Lovell - Chopper Chris Connolly - Cuddles Simon Eishold - Ice Sean Wight - Haggis Robbie Flower - Tulip
  14. Yep, we took Harley up to QLD because we have too much cash in the coffers and need to [censored] some up against a wall.
  15. Having been there when Harley sustained the injury, I reckon this is nothing more than a Grade 1 calf strain which generally takes 1 - 2 weeks of recovery. He had a tight spot in the fat of his calf. Obviously in Harley's case, they'll be ultra cautious with this. Harley was at training yesterday from all reports so I guess they'll continue to re-hab him, build him up and see how they go.
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