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  1. Richmond have the following small pressure forwards on their list: Castagna, Rioli, Baker, Buttler, Bolton, Higgins. Not all of them are stars but they can’t all fit into their 22 and all would be an upgrade on what we have. One of these would be a good start.
  2. Does it improve our list? Is he a better option than who we’ve been playing in a wing? See Billy Stretch, JKH, his brother. If so, get him in at the right price.
  3. ANB ruled out for Saturday. Anyone hear that Hore calf might prevent him from playing on the weekend?
  4. ANB got a knock to the head whilst training down at Casey this morning. He won’t play on Sunday.
  5. Viney in for Neal-Bullen. Nibbla bloody stiff if you ask me.
  6. Tom is a very good player and a something that we lack, a quality crumbed. He was recruited from Casey so he knows a lot of the boys on our list. Very gettable.
  7. Changes: -Tim Smith for Weideman. Weid struggling and a liability when the ball hits the ground. Smith gives you a contest. -Garlett for Spargo. Jeffy ready. Let Spargo play in the guts for Casey over an extended period. - Stretch for Corey Wagner. Billy deserves an extended run. Corey was lost and just had the 6 touches. - Keilty for Josh Wagner. Josh was not disgraced, but we were clearly a tall short in defence. Hore was good - 13 marks for the game. Let’s see if Keilty is up to it. - Baker for Lewis. Jordan won’t get up 4 days after returning from a hamstring injury. Let’s see if Oskar brings some enthusiasm into the team. - Lockhart for Viney/Jetta. Get Lockhart’s run in. One of these sore boys is bound to miss. Six changes not ideal, but given the 4 day turnaround and our form it’s to be expected. I think the ins cover the ground better than the outs. Two debutantes to bring the excitement factor.
  8. Stretch, Garlett not back out after half time. They're obviously in the selectors' minds for Wednesday night.
  9. I was on put on hold for over 20 minutes when making a membership inquiry late last year. It was the middle of November, hardly peak season for them. It was pretty poor I thought.
  10. Nibbla's instructions from the coaches for this game - "Tackle, tackle, tackle". He's on the right path.
  11. Jeff Garlett kicked 3, assisted two others & had 18 disposals and 5 tackles
  12. Nibbla just the 12 possessions and 11 tackles so far.
  13. Jeffy has had 13 possessions, 3 goals and given off 2-3 goals.
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