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  1. Lucky he is only 5 years and 85 games into his career, so he still has time to get better.
  2. Jackson kicked 8 goals from 7 games across the year for East Perth colts. He also won heaps of the footy in those last 5 games. I'd love to know the breakdown of time spent in the ruck/up forward for the kid in those games. https://www.wafl.com.au/player/luke-jackson
  3. When I haven’t seen a lot of a player I look to the reactions of his current club’s supporters about his delisting, and the majority of Essendon supporters are disappointed to have lost him, or at least surprised at his delisting.
  4. I remember running into Misso in an empty Darwin gym prior to a game up there. I had my Demon singlet on and thought I’d say g’day next time our paths crossed. He fresh aired me.
  5. They have a plethora of players capable of playing the small running defender role. Quaynor, Murphy, Noble all ahead of him now. We do not.
  6. Let’s make it happen. Although his kicking may be questionable at times, this bloke is a good one on one defender, he has pace to burn and he would give us run out of defensive 50 that we sadly lack. He costs us nothing, is super fit and desperate to prove people wrong.
  7. Harley’s manager has stated that he will start running next week. I’m not sure how, even in any worst case scenario he is not playing till mid next year. Seven months of being able to run before he returns to the game?
  8. He didn't say much more than that mate. It was more about what he was hearing on Jackson than what he actually thought. Cal said that Luke is a special talent, but that he wouldn't take a ruck with a top ten pick. Twomey has him at 14 in his phantom draft.
  9. He also went on to say to say that Jackson could play forward straight away, and potentially have a bigger impact than Weideman immediately.
  10. Saints v North in Round 1 confirmed.
  11. I'd much prefer Josh Walker if we were going to take an experienced back up tall key.
  12. I’m not sure Ricky Nixon is a reputable source but he claims that we are doing plenty behind the scenes with Martin. Several times he’s tweeted that.
  13. And we need to make the stand that Carlton took. Stevens went on to become a much loved and great player at the Blues.
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