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  1. Beautiful in-swinging Yorker crashing into the back pad straight into off stump, sent the peg flying
  2. Bang! Mitch Starc with a wicket in the first over
  3. This team is pathetic. Still love the club but this playing group is disgraceful
  4. What’s with all the whinging? Did you lot all think the next saviour of the footy club was going to come from the the mid season rookie draft? good luck to the kid, hope he does well
  5. Tip for our mids.... Hurn and McGovern do not play for us. Stop kicking straight to them
  6. Far out how many frees can the umps overlook in one play
  7. Take that with a grain of salt. Probably the only player who’s name would be a lock in their listed position would be Max Gawn in the ruck. The rest really are just fwd, mid, def or interchange.
  8. You wanna month without whinging, win 4 games in a row. until then reserve the right to whinge, whinge effing whinge
  9. Why the F are they even doing this type of training mid way through the season? If you’re not fit enough by now then you shouldn’t be available for selection. It’s playing football we’re no good at, not free diving. Even if this training is safe and appropriate for an AFL footballer it really seems like pre season thing, not between games.
  10. Same! i call up every day asking to discuss training and selection with Simon Goodwin and they never put me through to him! Its like they don’t want to talk to the members.
  11. When I saw the title of this thread I got excited for a moment thinking it was about ESPN going after the broadcast rights.
  12. WOO HOO! everyone back on the wagon 🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵
  13. HA! Buddy just did what we’re all wanting! oscars gonna have his own banner to run through next week
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