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  1. I won’t be happy until this thread hits 500 pages
  2. Freo quite happily took pick 2 last year for Lachine Weller, yet won't give at least pick 5 for Hogan? You'd think the football department would be smart enough to bring this trade up in discussions, along with other trades in the past. Some clubs want to give up nothing, but get a 5 star meal in return. Tell em to get stuffed!
  3. Sounds like a manager trying to get more money/security for his client, which he’s paid to do. I hope we’d all do the same. Remember clubs easily get rid of the 40-44th player on the list each year without a thought. Loyalty to a club is only brought up when it suits them.
  4. We have a long time to wait to see a response unfortunately (apart from the second half of course)
  5. Whoever was worried that Collingwood made the Grand Final instead of Richmond please stand up!
  6. Both teams arms were linked during the national anthem!!!! It's going to be a draw!
  7. For those that watch The Footy Show, Ed will be pitching a tent all episode with his smug face (don't actually watch it). Be nice to see Mick Molloy brought down a peg on The Front Bar, he's been cocky as about his team all year.
  8. So true Saber, the city of Melbourne will be pumping with a Melb/Coll Grand Final, and everyone that doesn't go for Coll will be supporting the Dees, a bit like the Dogs two years ago. I don't know why but I think the stars will align to make this happen, super proud we have got this far with either result today, but I'm liking this winning feeling.
  9. Does anyone have a link or know what the story is behind the article in the Herald-Sun "Demons Respond To Brutal Hawks Sledge"? Paywall article and just curious to know what was said.
  10. Meanwhile Adelaide drop another 2 spots in the upcoming draft. Up yours Tex!!
  11. Petracca needs to improve his delivery into the forward line, on 4 or 5 occasions, straight to Hawthorn players. His positives made up for the errors, just those missed opportunities could turn a good game into a great game.
  12. Put $50 on a Hawthorn win and you can watch the game knowing either outcome will make you feel slightly happy. Think we can do it. Go Dees
  13. Loves a ‘don’t argue’, and is good at it too.
  14. Please sir can I have some more? They kept to the task all night. Wasted some scoring opportunities, but didn’t waver. Very proud of the team 😀
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