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  1. Has been a great warrior for the MFC. But sad to see those stats: Nothing has changed.
  2. Can we forfeit next week and drop the whole team to Casey? Might be better than putting up with soulless efforts.
  3. Tmac needs to join his brother. His best effort was going through the banner. He must be injured so do not play him.
  4. Couldn’t agree more DV8, and we are going to get more of these poor performances, it’s going to be a tough year. Had a purple patch last year and now we have been figured out. Just have not got the skills speed and class in the side.
  5. Is there a fumble factor or ugly football factor in the realm of footy statistics.
  6. If we are going to pay big money for anyone them they have to be an impact player. For me that is a player that can turn a game on its head and turn the tide our way. Does Martin do this at GCS. I do not think so.
  7. TMac is clearly injured an could hardly run. Why was he left on???
  8. Any talk of tanking yet. How’s the draft prospects looking??
  9. Time to introduce the the best fumbler award would be hard to pick the winner all 22 each week would have a chance of winning. Could have retro presentations of the award going back a decade or two. Seems to be the only thing we can do over the last few decades on a consistent basis other than losing games we should have won. You could have : Best fumble of the year. Most consist fumbler of the year Most fumbles per game (statisticans may have that covered???) Most damaging fumble of the year. Best fumble leading to an opposition goal. Most fumbles by captain over the past 50 years Is a fumbler born with the skill or is it taught?? One for the philosophers of our time I think. Well I'm all fumbled out, as least I have not had to watch the game any further. Cheers to those still watching.
  10. Is his father still part of the deal???
  11. After watching the Casey's final quarter in the VFL last Sunday, I put a big question mark over our depth going into 2019. I would hate to lose Vanders and believe that we are a better side with him than not. It will be 9 players gone from the list if he and Hogan go. Will make it a pretty interesting and crucial trade period for us in the coming months.
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