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  1. Wouldn't be unhappy about this. Would be handy to have another mature forward for a year or two to help out TMac and allow some space for Weids and Petty to develop further. Another contributor of 20 to 30 goals would make an immediate impact for our rise up the ladder next year.
  2. Good God a massive deterrent $5000. The club must be shaking to its core. In previous years that could have sent us into bankruptcy. There needs to be big changes to ensure this doesn't happen again.
  3. Question is will they go to the draft with 3 & 8 or is there big deal going down that no one has anticipated??? Mouth watering.
  4. Does anyone think that Jayden Hunt would have some currency on the trade table??
  5. Our coaching panel has let this club down dramatically. Unable to get the message across to the players and elicit the right responses. Think Richo will be a more than useful cog in the the coaching panel to turn this team about. Think that t he was a bit unlucky at the Saints with their trials and tribulations. Also believe that there should be more changes to this coaching panel and would like to see most of them moved on with possibly the exception of Rawlings. Goodwin's worth will be tested next year working with new coaching influences and ideas. Will be interesting to see the response. So welcome to the Dees Richo and good luck
  6. More changes are needed in the coaching panel. Forget players, skills, injuries and the boogie our performances are a direct reflection on their input. And its just not good enough.
  7. Omac stays, I am expecting 3 BOG's in the coming weeks, will give good currency for a mega trade. Otherwise don't really care.
  8. Mirror image of the game before. Could have won both games but just do not have the players with class to take the ball cleanly and finish. Poor skills by foot and hand along with poor decision making at crucial times. Get a bit tired of this reoccurring theme. Although I was surprised with Petty's game a 3 goals. At 19 years old he may turn into turn into a handy player. Well hoping so.
  9. Positives for me. 1. Won with only 1 on the bench in the last quarter. 2. Liked Pruess, Oliver and Frosts efforts to today to name a few. 3. There is room for improvement. Well done Dees got the job done. Building for 2020
  10. Another quality quarter by the Dees, we just keep racking them up.
  11. What are his foot skills like and has he got any pace???? If not it’s just going down the same recruiting old path.
  12. Should be dragged its obviously in contradiction to our game plan. God this is awful.
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