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  1. In a breakout year Oscar McDonald voted best backman of the year earning a spot in the All Australian Team 2020
  2. Great post Cranky and I love the collective knowledge of Demonlanders. My knowledge of players in the 70's is pretty sketchy Seems that Henry Cole was a gem of a player for us and big V rep as as well. And Allan Davis has a fine CV as well. No doubts on talent, but unfortunately for Fabulous Phil the only real impact he had once he left Collingwood was on Graham Carberry. Henry Coles Collingwood 44 - (48) MFC 77 - (106) Allan Davis St Kilda 173 - (308) MFC 41 - (36)
  3. Other than Ronald Dale Barassi jnr Before coming to Melbourne: Paul Roos (2014-16) coached Sydney in (2002-10) Neil Craig (2013) coached Adelaide in (2004-11) John Northey (1986-92) coached Sydney in 1985. Bobby Skilton (1974-77) coached Sth Melbourne (1965-66) On results at MFC I would pick John Northey as coach of the Foreign Legion for he got as into the finals for the first time in a squillon years and a GF the following year. I have some fond memories of those years under Swooper.
  4. Darren Bennett was great from 40 - 50 +, loved Travis Johnstone's skills around the ground, Was always amazed at how far Danny Hughes could rooster the ball from kickouts and Adam Yze was always a favorite to watch. I would struggle to name a player of recent times.
  5. Did not see Crosswell play for the Red and Blue Mazer. Certainly has an impressive resume and assume that he played as a half forward for us. Did he have much of an impact with his time at the Dees?
  6. Since our last Premiership in 64 the Melbourne Football Club has brought in a long list of players from other clubs to bolster its team and in some cases hoping to lead us to that elusive cup. So with the help of some Melbourne tragics over a bottle or two of red we have put together a best of the lot list and called it the MFC Foreign Legion. (Why you may ask – well we have not got a selection of premierships on DVD to watch is one and after a bottle or two it seem a good idea) By no means a team of the century, but perhaps a best of list that you can reminisce about and a list that made an impact in their time with us. We had a limited knowledge of player movements in the sixties and early seventies and I am sure we have missed some from this era and possibly players in recent times that should make the team. The team was put together on the following basis: Players had to have played at least 1 senior game with another VFL/AFL club before coming to Melbourne and could not be on MFC’s current list. Each player is listed with the previous club they played for with the number of games played and goals in brackets along with MFC games and goals. MFC's Foreign Legion
  7. In the top 2 of the bottom 4. Wow - Not use to these lofty heights of achievement.
  8. Do not care who we get and they do not necessarily have to be superstars, although it would be nice if they were. The only metric I am interested in is that each contributes to our next flag.
  9. 8/10 Have been able to erase everything other than 186 from that Geelong game. Dawes got me with 20, I was over optimistic with 25.
  10. Wouldn't be unhappy about this. Would be handy to have another mature forward for a year or two to help out TMac and allow some space for Weids and Petty to develop further. Another contributor of 20 to 30 goals would make an immediate impact for our rise up the ladder next year.
  11. Good God a massive deterrent $5000. The club must be shaking to its core. In previous years that could have sent us into bankruptcy. There needs to be big changes to ensure this doesn't happen again.
  12. Question is will they go to the draft with 3 & 8 or is there big deal going down that no one has anticipated??? Mouth watering.
  13. Does anyone think that Jayden Hunt would have some currency on the trade table??
  14. Our coaching panel has let this club down dramatically. Unable to get the message across to the players and elicit the right responses. Think Richo will be a more than useful cog in the the coaching panel to turn this team about. Think that t he was a bit unlucky at the Saints with their trials and tribulations. Also believe that there should be more changes to this coaching panel and would like to see most of them moved on with possibly the exception of Rawlings. Goodwin's worth will be tested next year working with new coaching influences and ideas. Will be interesting to see the response. So welcome to the Dees Richo and good luck
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