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  1. ET, I'm curious to know what the most minor offence that someone can be charged for sexual assault?
  2. Why is this an issue for the players? They are professionals, and the club isn't asking them to partake in a training excercise during their scheduled leave break.
  3. The issue isn't whether or not you think that Boot Camps are just macho/bravo BS. The big issue is that the Leadershp Players didn't have the balls to sit down with the Football Dept and address their concerns, instead of running to the Players Association. I can't think of another instance where a sporting team has basically raised OH&S as a reason for not partaking in a training excercise. It's embarassing for the club, and I really feel for Goodwin.
  4. Don't forget that we were twice penalised with loss of draft picks in his early days (salary cap and Jeff White). He wouldn't have had many top 10 picks during his time. Of the top of my head, he had his fair share of successes (Farmer, Woey, Scott Thompson, Davey, Leoncelli, J. McDonald), many of whom were rookie listed. He was a genius compared to Prendergast.
  5. Now I realise that my lack of "mindfulness" is the reason I never became an elite footballer. Lack of skill, endurance, pace and courage were merely minor flaws to my game. In all seriousness, every year the media picks out something quirky that the Premiership team has implemented, and infers that it played a major factor. First it was boot camps, then it became Leading Teams. "Mindfulness" will become the new buzzword. How was the Tigers "mindfulness" when they were constantly losing close games early in the year?
  6. How can Robbie Flower not be on the list? PS: Can you at least spell their names right.
  7. And I think you are being generous. He's been slaughtered in the past 2 VFL finals series.
  8. I haven't got an issue with the highlighted point, but your initial post simply cast aspersions on Crameri's character, without any substance.
  9. Do you think that Dustin Martin and Swanny go to the US to see the sights? Martin is such a bad influence on the Tiges.
  10. Crameri on a base salary for 1 year makes sense. He would be legitimate depth, unlike Weid and Tim Smith, who haven't shown anything yet at AFL level.
  11. If that's the case, then either Adelaide or Carlton would have received something significantly less, or we gave up a required player. So what would have been a fair 3 way trade? The Gibbs deal was more dependant on the Cameron trade than the Lever deal.
  12. As expected, a fair amount of time spent on the Jack Watts trade. Here are a few points: • Jack Watts trade - received about 300-400 supporters commplaining before and after the trade. • Garry Lyon suggested Goodwin's B&F speech about competitiveness and professionalism alluded to JW. PJ pointed out the young talent on our list, and the need for the senior players to be role models. • There was only 1 club seriously interested in him, and that was PA. Geelong's offer would have made the supporters livid. And based on his football record to date, we couldn't expect a 1st round pick. • We are paying about 15% of his contract over 2 years, which works out to $75,000 per year. Suggested that the deal wouldn't have got done without that. • Jake Lever's trade equated to giving up pick 5. Mahoney and Viney had been into Lever for a long time. • Max Gawn expected to re-sign before the season commences, and would put him amongst the highest paid players at the club. • Looking for a permanent training facility within the CBD. Won't be easy with so many stakeholders involved. • PJ signed until the end of the 2018, and spoke about the importance of implementing a succession plan. Someone texted in saying that Lewis was a bust. PJ said that Lewis and Daniel Cross before him, had a huge impact on the levels of professionalism on the training track. The players previously didn't understand what was required. Audio here: https://player.whooshkaa.com/episode/?id=149541
  13. Laurie Fowler (3 Blueys) in for Yeats, and Sean Wight in for Hughes. Tingay ahead of all those listed on interchange and emergencies. And Garry Baker on the bench as 2nd ruckman.
  14. So you would have been ok if we got pick 95 for Watts, if Port paid all of his salary? You can't have it both ways with a contracted player that you are looking to move on.
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