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  1. Every year the Dees go missing for at least 2 weeks, sometimes the entire season. So it’s business as usual.
  2. WC supporters have booed the decision of the AFL to lock them out of Domain stadium for round 1. In fact they threatening to boo all week and turn up and surround Domain stadium...booing. If they don’t win the free kick count, they plan on booing well into the foreseeable future.
  3. Couldn’t think of a more deserving player in the AFL to be dropped on his head! A lot of players I dislike more than Stratton but he is dirty. Watch hawks new tactic of blocking the man on the mark. The umps don’t let them stand next to the man on the mark to block anymore. So they run in from behind at the last second. Catching the man on the mark unaware with arms up so midriff exposed. Doesn’t take a hard hit to hurt when exposed like that.
  4. The wind was definitely a factor. There were intermittent gusts coming from the east. (Big gap in between the stands on the eastern side.) That were strong enough to affect a ball drop let alone the kicks. Still mostly down to skill errors. Big positives for me was work rate behind the ball. We ran hard and set up well, lot of talk going on. Hawks on the other hand just stacked the backline in the second half. Lazy football. Plenty of Melbourne supporters in attendance. We’re as rare as hens teeth in Tassie, but showed up in force! When Gawn was rested after half time hawks started to get on top. But we fought back, particular towards the end of the third. Tactically adjusted well when the hawks tried to counter our switches. Skills improved as the game went on and you could feel the team confidence rise. Hawks backline put a lot of physical work on and off the ball into Fritter, Melksham and T Mac. They didn’t bite back. Huge smile on Fritters face after the game when they were giving out the balls. Obviously loving it! Yes there were negatives...But we won!!! Go Dees!!
  5. I think that was ANB. It was on the boundary in the forward pocket. He was on the mark and Stratton put a block on him. He came in hard (too hard) from behind caught him unaware and winded him. Stratton knew it was dirty that’s why he hung around to make sure he was alright.
  6. And the HTB when he almost took the mark, ball just bounced in front of him. No prior, right in front of goal.
  7. Also played off HBF for North Launceston before he came to Casey.
  8. Heading to the game now, can’t help but get excited about sticking it up a bunch of hawthorn supporters!!
  9. Same here! I’m sure he will be keen to have a run on his old home ground.
  10. They have to be consistent Wise🙄 No scrap that.
  11. Losing Hodge, on field backline coach will be huge. They held firm in some tough games last year. Be interesting to see how their young defenders go this year.
  12. Mitch is still recovering from the knee injury from last year I think.
  13. Brayshaw Petracca Lever McDonald Jetta
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