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  1. And then round 20/21 which were our home games 37 000/31 000. Ouch. Had we been in finals contention...
  2. In laws went to hear Sheedy talk at a footy club night right around the time ASADA was investigating Essendon. It was bought up and Sheeds reply was “they will be fine, ASADA don’t have enough evidence.” That says it all I told them. Nothing about them being fine cause they did nothing wrong. It was basically an admission of guilt.
  3. No one can possibly judge this a good or bad contract when you have no idea what’s in the contract other than the length of it. The only facts we have; -4 year contract. -“Was a no brainer, growing up a Melbourne supporter” James Harmes quote -obviously was never going anywhere -would be the 1 in a million person who turns up to work and says “just living the dream” and actually means it.
  4. “The Demons are hopeful former Docker Harley Bennell will train with them with a view to being placed on the rookie list as he makes solid progress in his return from calf issues that kept him sidelined at Fremantle. Surgery has given him a chance to recuperate as he builds slowly towards fitness and while the Demons will not be signing him as a delisted free agent they would like him to train with them in the hope of resurrecting their career.“
  5. Having a kid makes most people reassess life. He also has Jetta to go do programs with. Bennell would be great with kids and struggling teenagers. He would be worth his money on that alone. I do expect a norm smith out of him thou.
  6. Agree that he needs to improve the tank. It does require good balance though to maintain some of his size as his strength is a real asset. Those stats could also be seen as; In some games this year he was our only dangerous looking forward. Shut down Trac, shut down Melbourne. I’m hoping a fit and firing TMac, Melksham, Fritta, will free him up.
  7. Definitely! On some decent coin too. Can see him and Melksham kicking 30+ goals each next year taking some pressure off Trac and allowing him to slot 30+.
  8. I’m hoping he could become a good lock in forward. He has a bit of pace so if he can build his tank and stick his tackles, him and Hunt could make some defenders very nervous next year.
  9. 1. Essendon have no paperwork so can’t prove anything. 2. Doesn’t change the 40+ times players lied when being tested about having injections. dirty lying cheats.
  10. Melbourne, Professional. Essendon , on way to many drugs, volatile.
  11. I heard it was with Jack Newnes. Probably around 5th hand info though.
  12. Hilarious!! A Daniher wants out of Essendon. And they want more than 2 top 10 picks! Didn’t I just say a favourite son wants OUT of your drug cheating club.😁😀😂🤣🤣🤣
  13. Our forward structure and clean ball movement up the ground is where all the goals will come from. Look at the WC game at Optus. Forward line was functioning beautifully until Jetta dumped Smith on his head and he went off with concussion. That’s where we lost that game. We had too many players injured all year and no cohesion in the forward line. Including too many skill errors up the ground which puts every one out of position. Tmac is capable of kicking 50 in a well functioning team. Trac, Melksham, Hannan, Fritsch and Hunt are all capable of kicking 20 plus: Trac 17’ 26.6 18’ 19.23 19’ 22.14 Melksham 17’ 21.6 18’ 32.24 19’ 15.14 from 12 games Hannan 17’ 22.10 18’ 22.16 19’ 4.1 from 6 games Fritsch 18’ 17.12 19’ 20.16 as a fwd/def Hunt 19’ 20.16
  14. Sorry wasn’t meaning to single out any player. All of the names could be interchanged with any other player in 2019 example but the 2018 example had to be Oliver, as some of his work was pure poetry!
  15. 2018: Oliver wins contested ball and fires out a pinpoint accurate handball to a running Harmes who doesn’t break stride and instinctively every player breaks hard. 2019; Oliver wins contested ball and handballs to Harmes knees who fumbles a handball to Brayshaw’s feet who under pressure turns it over. While the whole team second guesses do I break or defend? Too late turn over, flat footed witches hats look like amateurs. Rubbish game plan ect ect. Improve the basic skills over the preseason will turn the ship. But if we don’t, running machines will do little to improve us.
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