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  1. I don't have stats to back me up but I feel a high number of the weekly nominations come against us. On that note watch for McInerney to have a blinder.
  2. Been saying it for the past to seasons anb can't be a melbourne player he is a momentum killer
  3. Why are we playing 3 talls down back in these conditions??
  4. I would also like Shia Bolton from the tigers as we need food speed in the forward line and x factor
  5. What about some younger and cheaper options Hunter Clark saints Mathew ling swans Not really getting a run atm but both quick good users and would look good next to our tough midfielders Save the cap space for our own young guns but flick a little extra across to turn the head of these guys. Maybe frost and and a second for Clark I'm not sure for ling maybe anb? (I'm not a fan of his)
  6. It looked like we had no space when we had the ball and when the lions had it it was open and fluild. The ground seemed small for us but big for them
  7. Anb can not play round 1 Joel Smith has to play round 1
  8. Any chance of looking for a target in the forward 50 instead on just bombing it 20m out from goal?
  9. No Sydney stack Was predicted to got to us in many phantom drafts at one of our early picks Sounded like a good prospect
  10. We would be trading into this year's first round so no permission needed from the AFL. We just have a lot of spots to fill so I'm sure they would have someone in mind around 19 hill? Ely smith?
  11. Would we look at trading next year's first pick for gws pick 19? It gets us an extra early pick this year with lots of spots to fill on the list and hopefully our first pick next year is 15 onwards so wouldn't be a massive loss there. Gws have a few early picks in the draft already. Thoughts?
  12. Will we look to package up a future 2nd round pick and this year's 3rd round round pick to get a pick in the 20s maybe low 30s
  13. So pick 6 and 15 for neale?? 6 and 11 for hogan 15 for lobb
  14. If this trade goes ahead I wud like to keep pick 5 to use on Smith. I know all the talk is the back line but with lever coming back and our midfield being a year older and better I feel the back line is set Smith adds that outside run should take tysons roll from day one
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