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  1. Can we change the lockout to the First Saturday game of the round? Or Rolling lockout? Lineup Change Lockout First Game Of The Round Add/Drop Lockout First Game Of The Round Captain Changes Lockout First Game Of The Round The current settings make it very hard to pick a team, especially with the Thursday night games
  2. Happy with whatever the consensus may be and am also also happy to just make it easy and use DT scoring but i see the appeal in the category based scoring
  3. Thanks lads, good to be back!! Snomed is in - Going by his diet, I assume he's 'Baconators'
  4. I don't think anyone is calling for Gawn to be dropped on form or is even questioning if he is the #1 ruck. It does make sense to give him a rest this week as he doesn't look to have recovered from the Bulldogs game, he looked very tired on Sunday and with a 6 day break and travel to Alice Springs against Jackson Trengove, it might not be the worst time to rest the big fella
  5. You can go off stats or you can go by what his perceived role is. Watching the game it was obvious that Hunt and Wagner were running forward offensively at stoppages and Michie was filling a hole in general play. He wasn't playing as an inside midfielder who will rack up high tackle counts. He got a game this week which says to me that he did what he was asked to by the coaches
  6. I agree with Clint. Michie took 5 intercept marks and played his role in the zone defence perfectly. For some perspective, the next best was 2... this is pretty impressive. He didn't lay many tackles but his role was to hang a kick behind the play so he was never going to be involved in many tackles/hard balls etc. Michie had 1 poor kick that I can recall but was pretty faultless besides this.
  7. He'd want to play better than he did in the NAB
  8. Carey was the best player ever for a reason. I wouldn't doubt him
  9. Guys I'm out. I'm in another comp with mates which is already consuming far to much of my time! Except for the bitching and moaning by some, I've had a great time playing this and enjoyed running it last year.
  10. Next week I reckon. AFL players collective bargaining agreement 9.1 Post Season Leave (a) A Player shall be entitled to Leave between his Clubs Season Conclusion Date and its Recommencement Date (Post Season Leave). (b) A Clubs Season Conclusion Date shall be the Tuesday after the Clubs final match of the AFL Season, except that: (i) if the Club provides Players days off on the Monday and Tuesday following its final match, then the Season Conclusion Date may be the Wednesday after the final match; (ii) if a Club wins the Grand Final, the Season Conclusion Date may be the Wednesday after the Grand Final; (iii) if a Club used reasonable endeavours to complete individual medical screenings and follow up activities prior to the Season Conclusion Date but was unable to do so, Players may be required to attend for such activities reasonably after the Season Conclusion Date; (iv) Players may be required to attend the Clubs Best and Fairest, which shall be scheduled no later than the weekend following the Grand Final. © In each year, the AFL will determine the Recommencement Date, provided that: (i) the Recommencement Date for Clubs that did not participate in weeks 2-4 of the Finals Series shall not be prior to the date determined by the AFL and AFLPA in mid-November; (ii) the Recommencement Date for Clubs that participated in weeks 2-4 of the Finals Series shall not be prior to 1 December; (iii) a Club may require players with four or less years on an AFL Primary List to return for developmental training two weeks prior to its Recommencement Date; and (iv) each Player shall receive a minimum of six weeks Leave prior to the Recommencement Date.
  11. He is quite possibly the worst player to every play our great game. At his size he should tear the ruck apart but he is scared of his own shadow and is a waste of a spot on any list.
  12. We have Salem in that quarterback type role. If we're after a half back I'd want one with extreme pace who can break the lines.
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