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  1. YOu are on the money. He doesn’t relate to many of his teammates. That was the word I was given. Jones did, but is also a different age bracket to a lot of the younger guys and is becoming less focussed on football. We need a change. It’s simple
  2. Really? Let’s get Nick Kyrgios while we are at it!
  3. Would it help if I said ‘close sources’? You still won’t bekieve me. That’s your choice. Be oblivious to it. I don’t really care
  4. VIney three years ago oooozed passion for the club and tried his guts out. Second efforts, tackling, etc. tonight he was deplorable. I don’t think he is respected by teammate And I am led to believe it’s because many players see him as being protected and promoted due to family connections. He needs to relinquish captaincy immediately. His heart isn’t in it. Gawn must Captain the side in 2020
  5. VINEY is more interested in reposting Instagram stories from his wedding than captaining this football club. He is a spoilt [censored] that hasn’t never had to work hard to get where he is. He fooled everyone with his aggression at the ball early in his career and the whole football world now sees that he is poorly skilled and at his size, is no longer a physical presence. His leadership skills are non existent and his appointment as co captain drove a wedge between the old firm and his crew. It’s plain and simple. He is a prickly customer with poor interpersonal skills and cannot articulate anything real. He is not the captain and should move aside next year
  6. no, the 1diot that is the 'offensive co-ordinator'
  7. when is Troy Chaplin leaving? That;s all i want to know.
  8. When we fold in 2 years we will be able to go to Casey to watch what is left of this club play. Yey. We are cooked. There are increasing rumblings about board disharmony, we are set to post a huge loss this year, we are still homeless and we essentially sit bottom of the ladder. Call me a wrist slasher, but when we are bottom 4 by rd 6 next year, the club will be on its knees. Absolute mess.
  9. Really, we really need a reminder of this? Who didn’t already know this.
  10. I heard that we are set to post a masssive loss this year. It’s prwtty disappointing really. I feel like this club is slipping back to where it was prior to Roos and Jackson. The president isn’t strong and self interested, Pert is arrogant and te coach has a wonky game plan. We are on a path to nowhere
  11. What is the lowest ever crowd for Melb v Collingwood? We will be setting a new record today. It is one of the ugliest, coldest mornings I can remember
  12. We need Sandy Roberts to call "Jeffrey, Jeffrey, Jeffrey" or "The Wizard is in town, agaaaaaiiiin"
  13. Very tall for a wet day. I am staggered. I just dunno what they are thinking. We will be killed on ground balls alone
  14. How is Hore not in for either Wagner? They spudded it up. Corey’s up and under bomb kick 2 minutes into the third summed up his abilities
  15. THE difference being we gave up high picks . WE gave up. Our club. What did Richmond forego
  16. Funny that the AFL think that there was nothing wrong with the 2017 premiers getting the Suns captain and the best player in free agency, but then think throwing another pick GC way will help. How about giving the priority pick just before Richmond’s first rounder? That’d be evening things up
  17. Are there any posters who think Josh Jenkins from Adelaide is worth a look. Big bodied key forward who appears to be done at Adelaide.
  18. I’ll secodn that motion. Viney ain’t no leader. Gawn for Captain. May VC and Viney VC. Jones to take a pay cut and backseat.!
  19. I’m fairly surprised by the pessimism here. I spose I shouldn’t be. I can be critical of this team as much as the next bloke, but I thought the first half was pretty decent and we had good intent. There at 6 players, at least, playing that won’t be in the side rd 1 next year. We are stretched and our depth isn’t great. It is what it is. I expected to be belted all game. We were in for 2.5 quarters. Some ordinary decision making in the 3rd, namely handball at all costs, and some frees that went their way turned the game in their favour. That’s the best summation I can give. Positive were Gawn (immense) Fritta forward and Melksham, while off the pace, showing some glimmers. OMAc is a farkiiin spaz. That is being nice. He must be traded out. No use
  20. He is still capable. Won’t play 22 games. It’s not about plying every game or pinning hopes on him winning us matches. He can still be dangerous tho and can work with McDonald and Weed as three talls. It frees up them to get the 2nd best defender or teams can play their third best defender on Roughy and he will dine out.
  21. It's not going to happen. I'd rather get Roughhead from Hawthorn on a one year playing deal with a coaching gig tied in. He can spend the year teaching TMAC and Weed proper forward craft. You can laugh and scoff at the idea., but it makes a lot of sense
  22. Story here: https://thewest.com.au/sport/afl/australian-swimmer-shayna-jacks-doping-bombshell-spreads-to-afl-ng-b881278063z
  23. ITS on the back of Shayna Jack, the female swimmer. Presumably, we may have been using the same supplements that she was.
  24. Just saw a grab on Ch 7 News saying that the Melbourne Football Club players are stopping their supplements regimen after fears the supplements they are taking may have been contaminated. The full story to come on the late news. I see nothing about it on social media. It’s a watch this space story. The year we are having, anything is possible.
  25. It smells of "we have NFI and his foot is chronically cooked. We probably should have offloaded him to Sydney, but here we are. We don't reckon he will get back, but we are forced to keep him on the list now".
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