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  1. Matthew Warnock Was reminded of him today, while watching our 2008 game against Freo.
  2. Yes, that’s who I was thinking of. Thought they were related, but this thread from BF confirms they were not: https://www.bigfooty.com/forum/threads/jace-bode.182334/ Funny reading the thoughts of posters there prior to him being drafted
  3. Jace Bode. Came from Adelaide. Watching him now playing for Adelaide. Had a lot of talent. There was a bit of excitement around him when he came to the Dees. Never fired a shot. Having looked at the Wikipedia: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jace_Bode There is no mention of a career at Adelaide. Am I confused? Was he the brother of the Bode who wore 10 at adelaide in the mid 00s?? I know Jace was recently captain of Norwood back in SA. EDIT: was not related to or the same bloke that wore 10 for Adelaide. My memory has failed me. Did come from Sturt originally. Still remains obscure.
  4. I’ll throw up a crazy one... I’d like to see the resurrection of state league football. Not a national league, but rather a state conference system. Ideally, 10 teams from each state league, who each play each other twice. At the end of 18 Rounds (did I do the math right??) the top two from each league go trough to play for the Australian Football League Premiership. The champion of the state is the team who wins the state league minor premiership. The AFL finals would be a knockout based series. The argument against is that that the elite talent pool would be too thin for this to work, but in an ideal world, that’s what I’d want it to look like. This borrows somewhat from the American NFL model of conferences. Games in Vic and other states would return to local grounds. Problem is, with the advent of the Eagles and Crows and to a lesser extent Power and Dockers, the state league clubs like Sturt and Claremont would have no chance to resurrect fans.
  5. I understand that,but I am not sure you are understanding where I am coming from. People may have made a choice to purchase a new car six months ago, should they have the right to ask for a refund on that vehicle? Before you tell me that it’s not the same and they’ve still can some something of value, understand that they’d make a significant loss and no one yet knows if there will be a season that will offer members something of value or whether the membership would be credited to next year/season. I understand people are hurting and in need of money, but refunds from businesses will kill that business. I am not sure people understand how much the clubs need money. The money was parted with months ago. I am not interested in an argument, as I am worried enough with all that is going on and have no doubt we are one of the clubs facing insolvency within weeks. We sold all assets and were banking on gate taking revenue from several blockbusters this year a d increased membership sales to keep our heads above water. That’s all out the window.
  6. If I were the Victorian clubs, I’d be looking at playing some form of competition this year between themselves. If travel is restricted for another 6 months, it’s something they ought to consider. Help keep the competition alive. No crowds, played on suburban grounds like Moorabbin, Casey, Vic Park etc.
  7. I agree. Also, if you paid your money at the time, you had the money for a membership. By not attending games, you are now potentially also saving money. No expensive food, beers and the cost of travel. I understand people are now in need of money, but for those that are requesting a refund, it’s kind of like buying an item and then realising you want the money for something else and asking for it back. It’s not the club’s fault that they can’t offer you a game. Stick with them. The money was gone long before this hit. If you are on a monthly payment, I can understand if you asked for a 3 month suspension of the deduction, that is reasonable.
  8. I’ll be interested to hear what the plan is. It’s a fairly vague line, but all clubs are new to this and no one knows what is required. I am trusting those at the top to make the right financial decisions.
  9. Exactly. Sport on. Natural forwards doing natural forward things.
  10. This team is more balanced than 2020. Not saying it is better, just more balanced.
  11. Was this on YouTube? EDI: Nevermind, located. Can't wait to watch this again. Have not seen in years. How's the shirtfront laid by Stinga at the opening bounce. What an axe and what a talent.
  12. Channel 7 are doing the same sorta thing, except it doesn’t look like the corresponding match. They are calling it’s The Vault.
  13. Ripper post mate. We think the same way
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