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  1. Petracca needs a specialist kicking coach. He has a shocking ball drop. He is dropping it from his head. I dunno what chance you are of changing his action now. It’s probably fairly entrenched now. It’s worth hiring the services of a kicking expert. Perhaps they could approach Brad Green.
  2. You’re off the mark here. You know what I liked, his teammates weeent concerned about punching on, they were concerned about picking the big fella up. That’s being a team. It’s not the 70s or 80s. They pushed the dumb [censored] Vardy away and helped Max up.
  3. On another note, Hearn and McGovern got going in the last after Smith was concussed and off the ground. That’s when they had their greatest influence. Which makes the non call for a dangerous tackle even more critical.
  4. The single worst missed umpiring decision of the game wasn’t even the throw ornthe smith tackle. It was the fly by Kennedy when he went early drove a knee into McDonald (May have been Petty) lept on his back and didn’t touch the ball, taking the Melbourne defender completely out of the contest. It was not a realistic attempt. It was early. He was more concerned about kneeing his opponent than marking the ball. The Melbourne player is down , no call and he floats inside 50 takes and mark and goals. What a disgrace.
  5. Based on what info? He will be first chosen. Unless we are bottom of the ladder in two weeks, we are not getting him. I’d love a scent small forward, but think we have more immediate issues.
  6. Good question. There was an agreement signed wasn’t there ? I remember it being a done deal. Can anyone pull up the thread on this? Update. Here is the article https://m.melbournefc.com.au/news/2015-01-28/back-to-school-for-melbourne nothing to do with facilities. although perhaps worth revisiting and seeing what could be done.
  7. Viable options that have been mooted over the years, that we must continue to explore. 1. Something at the Docklands. It is close to the city. Easy to travel by train to. 2. Don’t know what happened to it, but there was some talk about Elsternwick Park. Right geographical era. 3. Develop on the patch of vacant land next to Goschs Paddock. It’s big enough if smartly designed. It’d offer great exposure, as you could have branding visible to Punt Rd Traffic and the freeway traffic. Probably my preference if Yarra Park is out. 4. I’ve mentioned it before, but I’d be exploring Toorak Park. It’s next to a station. You can still allow Prahran juniors to play on the ground on weekends, which fulfills the community use criteria. Have an arrangement with Old Xavs who play there. There is some on street parking and a car park next door. However, building an underground parking space could be an option. I know two schools in the Stonnington area that are currently building car parks under their ovals. It can be done.
  8. I think people need to relax a little. It’s hard I know, coz we completely butchered the footy going forward tonight. BUT... the stats show a complete domination of the contest. We are in survival mode right now with what we have on the park. We can hang on and jag a few wins, we can have a big second half of the season. We need to sure up the defence as opposition are scoring from their F50. The obvious is the we also need to clean up our f50 entries. We have strarted to avoid bombing the ball, but we still aren’t leading at the ball. McDonald is always behind. I’d be bring in Tim Smith and Preuss. Things aren’t that bad. If we had have used the ball better it was a 6 goal victory. We didn’t, and as such, failed to capitalise on a complete dominance. We can continue to learn from it. Petracca is a midfielder and te sooner the coaching staff realise this and get rid of the FF dream, the better off he and the team will be. He was so much better after he was moved. McDonald must learn to lead at the ball and play in front. Garlett may be finished. He was so fumbley and constantly looking for frees. Wagner and Hore were solid. Getting better every week. Anyone who thinks the sky is falling ought to look at the stats and take comfort. If the final piece clicks into place, we are capable of kicking some big scores. Sadly, I reckon that piece was Hogan. We need to weather the storm in the next month and try to stay alive.
  9. Has there ever been a worse player to win a game? Drops the mark. Missed the goal. Gets us the win. Fml. FMD. What was that
  10. We cannot hit a target 🎯 inside fifty. It’s deplorable. Jones’ last one when he had McDonald typifies the season to date. It’s so farrrrkin hard to watch. And when it goes the other end they convert from set shots because they hit short passes. Throw Salem forward. Also, I don’t understand what Keiltys role is. He did himself no favours in the first 20 minutes. Dropping marks and missing goals
  11. A lot to like today. I think this group has really come together and are starting to gel. Just watching the replay, I’ve got a question for Jake Melksham - why when you had a minute on the clock and you’ve just received a short pass to waste time, and you are winning by 5 points, why would you pull the kick to the middle of the forward line and pick out McEvoy. It won’t get spoken about, because we won, but why. Surely the kick is to the line in the hope that it gets knocked through. I found it mind boggling at the time and upon review. Not trying to be negative as there was much more to like than not this week, but it could have cost us the win. I hope Goodwin reviews it
  12. How is it that Hawthorn are always cashed up and don’t go to the draft in the first round? My understanding is that they have to go to the 1st round this year as they have traded their picks the last few years. It’s amazing how we sell the farm for average players and they get stars for next to nothing.
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