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  1. Nothing to do with gender. She is referred to as the female umpire, as she is the only one and not everyone knows umpires names.
  2. Yep Max held the mark and then it was punched away. Eleni has NFI and te players all sort of stopped waiting for the mark to be paid. She is a joke and only getting games on the basis of equality. On her merits, she’d be umpiring VAFA Div 5.
  3. Our kicking at goal will come back t haunt us
  4. Lewis finally jut punches it rather than kicking the leather off it. Please tell Petty to do the same
  5. Oliver with his famous mid air rocket to the chest handballs. Pizz off. I can’t watch how basic the errors are and we seemingly don’t do a damn thing to rectify it. Three missed goals from inside 30 ffs. The unpiring also a joke.
  6. Kennedy Harris was spudding it up at Casey today. Showing Goodwin what he really is like. Wagner had a very good game. I just don’t ever see him translate it at AFL level. Baker had some good moments today.
  7. Make it 58-30. Too easy. Make no mistake, this Dogs side is packed with AFL players. In a different class to our guys JKH blows another opportunity . He’s so frustrating
  8. 52-30 JKH misses a [censored] on goal and punished the other wayb
  9. Absolutely. Garbage. Mitch White laid two tackles in a row that should have been paid holding the ball. Thank Christ he paid the the second.
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