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  1. Harley is already in Melbourne. Was posted on his Instagram yesterday. Looks to be staying in Southbank and Steven May had already taken him for a tour.
  2. The actual players are well-connected. It's just a matter of being distant from the club itself. You are quite right.
  3. Nah, just that our former players from that era seem to have little connection to the club. That is my point, and yet scrubbers like Chaplin remain aligned to their former clubs, despite being mediocre players. It's just an observation. I understand why Adem's kids support the Hawks, but I reckon the lack of former players involved at our club is a product of a mishandling of player exits.
  4. You mean like Troy Chaplin at Melbourne? The bloke who goes to Tigers games and wears Richmond scraves?
  5. Pretty sure his father encourages it. Looking at Oozes Instagram you’d barely know he played for the Demons. Whatever happened at the end of his career must have really pizzed him off.
  6. He was NOT voted by the players. That’s a load of crap. He was put into the role by Goodwin and Jones was blindsided. It caused a rift with the playing group. it was a dumb move.
  7. The kid is a massive hawks fan. Doubt his heart would be in it at the Dees
  8. So you agree that neither nor Jones lead and direct out on the field? I think we are making the same point. He does not lead out on the field and this year, he was found out. He had little impact. His game needs work. He doesn’t lead. Let him focus on his game.
  9. Viney does not deserve to be a captain. He should stand aside. I sat next to the players race against Geelong this year at kardinia and was staggered at the lack of words from both skippers as they came out of the race. No wonder we were so flat that night. He doesn’t talk out on the field and is too busy trying to break tackles and prove how tough he is to actually focus on using the ball for the team’s advantage. His turnovers and moments of getting caught with the ball are always huge momentum shifters. I reckon he needs to focus on improving his game and leave the captaincy to someone else.
  10. Given the off-season boredom, I thought I would rehash an old gripe and get some thoughts on our current apparel sponsor, New Balance. This is not a bashing thread, as I have always maintained that NB produced quality apparel and I am happy with the way our jumpers and other apparel look. HOWEVER, recently in the UK, Liverpool FC won a civil case against NB, who were trying to enforce a sponsorship deal. It's long winded and if you wish to read here https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/liverpool-kit-deal-nike-new-balance-court-case-verdict-latest-news-a9170686.html but basically, Liverpool had a problem with the exposure NB offered them. There was some dispute about retail opportunities etc. To bring this back to the MFC, I have always thought that NB should be doing more to expose the MFC in retail stores. I frequent their stores and they stock almmost no MFC at all. Occasionally, like right now, you find the odd clearance item at DFO (Jumpers on sale for $30), but that is about it. Adidas (Hawthorn, Essendon) offer plenty more exposure. There is a NB at Chadstone, they stock ZERO MFC apparel. That's a major shopping centre frequented by tourists. You'd expect a football club carrying the 'Melbourne' branding would gain some attention from tourists. Maybe I expect too much. I look at OS sports and the level of merchandise sales compared to the AFL and think that there is more to be done. For starters, every time an MFC player wears long sleeves, social media is flooded with requests for adult long sleeve jumpers. Apparently, according to the Demon Shop, these will be produced next year - I will wait to see if this eventuates. So while I enjoy NB as an MFC sponsor, love the discounts, I wonder if they are doing enough to generate exposure and/or producing goods that the customer base would be interested in.
  11. So the player/s who failed to update their app will be putting their hands into their pockets to pay the fine? I’d hope so
  12. FWIW the source who told me that Bennell was committed to us also said tht the club are optimistic about his ability to play in 2020. The misdiagnosis by Freo was a disaster and held him back. They hope to start loading him and are hopeful that he will be ready to go early in the season. As I have stated, this is all but a done deal. If Harley shows he is disciplined and can commit to the expectations of an AFL footballer, he will be a Dee after Xmas.
  13. Oh, so the MFC social confirmed my post of two days ago. Amazing
  14. I am hoping that something gets announced soon. We are in the driver’s seat, but Geelong are very good at drafting players they want and could pull the rug from under us if we sit on this too long. As I’ve stated before, I understand he has committed to us verbally and will begin training next month. I will be more comfortable when we come out and announce we want him and tht we are adding him to our our permission to train list. Time will tell, but the Geelong angle worries me. They are a sneaky bunch
  15. I’ve got a good track record and knew a lot about what was going on with Hogan and the reasons why Watts was traded. Posted it weeks before and also exposed some of what Hogan was getting up to, but the mods accused me of running the risk of defamation, even though everything I said was completely true and later proven to be. I don’t really care who believes what I post or not. I work in a job where I meet a lot of people connected to the AFL. The source is reliable and I have no reason to doubt his info. I am also reliably informed that Frost was traded due to his poor work ethic at training and constant negativity. Apparently he’d be mentally cooked at 3/4 time on game day and hated the feedback he’d get. He would inevitably have poor last quarters. Apparently a really negative bloke, who was beginning to rub off on the younger players.
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