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  1. You mean that conveniently located joint with no parking?
  2. I don’t know the inner workings of it all, but it’s just another area in which we seem to be behind other clubs in. It all adds up. if anyone does want NB jumpers or polos, the NB store on Smith Street Collingwood has jumpers for $35.00 a snow polos for $20. They are on the top level at the very back, tucked away in a corner. At least it’s cheap
  3. I hate to bump this topic again, but I really feel this is an issue the club needs to be doing something about. Last night I was doing some Christmas shopping at Chadstone and thought I’d drop by the NB store, as I wanted to grab some presents for overseas family. I was hoping to get some MFC stuff for a couple of young cousins. I walked into NB and was immediately confronted with the Liverpool FC section of clothing. I spent a few minutes browsing the racks. No MFC stuff. So, I asked the store clerk. Firstly, he didn’t know who the MFC were, then told me “you’d have to find that stuff online”. A pretty poor response and again I left the the store thinking ‘what a lousy partnership’. Then, to further the disappointment, I passed the Under Armour store about two stores up. I peered inside and saw an enormous rack of Essendon gear (excuse obvious pun). Not only was there a huge amount of Essendon merch, but a couple of wall to floor bollards featuring Dylan Shiel and Andrew McGath. I didnt even have to enter to the shop to see these. It was plastered at the front entrance. Point of all this? Why are we not pushing NB to do more for us in terms of branding and getting our name out there. If other clubs are cutting these sort of deals, who at the MFC is asleep at the wheel when negotiating terms with NB. Under Armour have obviously picked Essendon up this year and may want to promote this to make a name in AFL, but it’s not unreasonable to expect something from our apparel sponsor. To not have a single piece of MFC apparel in a flagship store is a disgrace.
  4. The MCC might have to allow drinks in seats. Revenue will take a hit. It’s hard enough getting a beer in the FGS in 20 minutes. They will be forced to pre pour beers
  5. Yep, the new highlights package have won me over. His kicking is not bad and his overhead reach and mark are good. Imagine having him plonked in a goal square. He will take grabs and can be nimble at ground level, which is exactly what Preuss lacks
  6. AFL are looking at halving half time break. Going to 10 minutes instead of 20 minutes, as reported on 7 News. To take place next season. I don’t know how much it’d impact players. Would impact my ability to slot a beer at half time.
  7. Yep, I got a sense of that. He mentions Tim English, wjo I have only seen play well in 2019 as being a like-for-like, suggests that Jackson is a year ahead of him development wise. English took three years to play regular senior footy. Sumich then says that Jackson is ready to play AFL next year. The calculations are all off and suggests he is just looking to drive up the price/value on Jackson.
  8. Apologies if this was already posted: https://thewest.com.au/sport/afl-draft/peter-sumich-says-luke-jackson-is-a-ready-made-afl-ruckman-ng-b881391237z
  9. i like how he gets 'front and centre'. We currently have no player on our list that seems to understand the importance of this. Spargo likes to think of himslef as a leading target, despite being 4 foot 3"
  10. Steven May is doing the regular training with no red hat? Is that right?
  11. I know there isn't a whole lot of medical evidence that supports the wearing of helmets to protect against concussion, but is KK wearing a helmet during contact training. A guys with this many head knocks should be.
  12. It'd be great to have some reports from 'Landers on whether Oliver and/or May are taking part and what level their involvement is.
  13. Interesting that cameras were there at training and this breaks and nothing on Oliver.
  14. Sooo..... any updates on Oliver? I am more concerned with his shoulder than Toby Bedford dropping a few marks.
  15. Interesting. I also heard from someone in the know tht they might be looking at the patch of land where they often have the circus. Near the Burnley rail crossing opposite the golf course. It’s a vacant parcel of land, no idea of the actual size. It fits a circus tent and car parking. The business park has just been updated opposite.
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