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  1. Tragic news for both families. Considering conditions on Sunday, the size of the vessel and where it was found I’m not optimistic.
  2. That's an amazing photo, what a leap!
  3. Awesome, thanks DV! Ruff's Nuts are keen to go around again, coach = Sasha.
  4. Hi DV, I'm keen to have another crack. Thanks! Team: Ruffnuts
  5. Thanks for pulling it all together again DV, great effort and good fun! Very much appreciated mate.
  6. I don’t see what the big deal is... dees weren’t playing and clearly he’ll still have good mates at the tigers. It wouldn’t impact his day job when he’s ‘clocked on’. Seems like a real nothing thing to care about. I’m professional at work but don’t spruik my workplace 24/7.
  7. I think it's important to remember how young Lever is. He spent his first few years in the AFL learning and developing in the 3rd tall / intercept defender role. We know how well he developed in this role. Since joining Melbourne he's spent more time in a one on one / key defensive role, though we're only 3 rounds in. It takes time to learn and develop in new roles, not to mention adjust to new team mates and game plans. I know in a few years time I'd like a defender to be capable in a number of roles and maybe this is what Goodwin is doing. Lever is an intelligent, talented player and future leader type and I'm stoked that he's now ours. Remember Rance's first 4 - 6 years at Richmond? He was pretty much their #1 whipping boy. He has now developed into one of the top defenders in the AFL but this did not happen overnight. From memory it wasn't until he was around 24 that he really began hitting his straps. I'm not suggesting Lever will be Rance, just pointing out that it can take time for players to mature and develop. We have a quality player here and when we look back in 10 years time we'll be glad we managed to trade him in.
  8. ^this I reckon they look sweet! Just couldn’t pick the far left.
  9. I reckon the ladder will look like: GWS Sydney Adelaide Port Adelaide Richmond Melbourne Geelong Essendon Fremantle St Kilda Western Bulldogs Collingwood Carlton Brisbane Hawthorn West Coast North Melbourne Gold Coast
  10. I'm guessing that's either ANB or Robbo...?
  11. You're a bloody legend DV! My team, the Ruffnuts, will take the field again. Hopefully I can pull off a Richmond after a decline down the ladder the last couple of seasons... Thanks mate.
  12. According to MFC twitter Tom Bugg just won the 2km time trial, followed by Tmac then ANB.
  13. Nope, our list is now finalised. With Maynard elevated our 3 other rookies are Filipovic, Keilty and T Smith.
  14. I drove along Swan street and saw Weideman walking with Vanders and Viney near AAMI park and I also thought he looked bigger and stronger. Might not be his year in 2018 yet but reckon he's tracking along nicely.
  15. I agree with the angst about the potential for players to get injured, but why all the hate for the game? The international rules series is based on Gaelic football, but with slightly modified rules, which is bloody good game. I'm not Irish but was fortunate to see my first gaelic football match at Croke Park in Dublin earlier this year and it's definitely one of my most memorable sporting experiences. It's not quite as nuts as hurling but I reckon it's a great game and will definitely try and watch it!
  16. Hopefully Dion's apprenticeship to Garlett is like Charlie Cameron's to Eddie Betts (minus the eventual defecting...).
  17. Stoked for the club!! Not only have we brought in one of the best intercept / 3rd defenders in the game, he's only 21 and fits our core age group perfectly. The draft is a lottery and I reckon the deal is within the realms of a fair trade. He should allow Oscar to focus on developing into a key defender, be the Astbury to Rance so to say. Welcome Jake!
  18. I'd say he's referring to the word 'involving'. I.e. involving said picks doesn't mean limited to said picks.
  19. When I listened it must've been before or after Omac. The stats I heard were about the top performers in terms of turnovers per disposal. Impressively we had two of the top 5 or 6 with Stretch about 3rd and Oliver 5th or 6th. Stretch doesn't surprise me from what I've seen this year but a great result for Oliver considering the pressure and contested nature of his disposals! The least turnovers were by the Bont with only 1 per 19 disposals.
  20. At that point in 2014, yes, absolutely agree. I'd suggest however that a lot has changed in 2.5 years. We know the draft is basically a lottery and that clubs often consider need not only talent. Only assumptions can be made how a draftee then approaches training, professionalism, preparation and how their body develops and how long it takes. Looking back at drafts, once the players have finished their careers, the draft order in hindsight would be significantly different! I'm personally very pleased with Oscars level of development for being a former pick 53 at the ages of 21 and with only 20 games to his name!
  21. No one is perfect, we all have flaws. Perhaps sharing the role between the two, who clearly have different personalities, will create a better balance and allow both of them to utilise their strengths more effectively. Similarly other players may respond better to one or the other so with Jones and Viney working together we might have a more engaged team. Don't mind this at all. Co-captains has clearly been successful in most instances.
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