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  1. Neville Jetta Jake Melksham Jack Viney Tom McDonald
  2. Jake Melksham Jordan Lewis Michael Hibberd
  3. Aaron vandenBerg James Jordon Tom Sparrow Jake Lever Sam Weideman
  4. Corey Maynard vs Joel Smith Bayley Fritsch vs Oskar Baker Josh Wagner vs Harrison Petty Tom Sparrow vs Marty Hore vs Guy Walker
  5. Freo traded pick 6 to get pick 23. That deal could never have been done.
  6. My source wouldn't know this place existed.
  7. Just checked my source. Yes a teacher.
  8. Gaff's wife resigned from her job as a nurse Friday before the prelim final. West Coast are no longer in the picture.
  9. Rod Grinter next to me with a Demons scarf on.
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