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  1. Ahhhh the days of old, who will we take with the number 1 pick?
  2. Alir Alir will have a field day picking off our i50 entries!
  3. Hang on guys, remember what goody said about judging them on their performance
  4. I have settled, and so have we. Number 1 draft pick here we come. We all know how much good that will do us!
  5. What a [censored] pathetic response mfc, you have lost me and my family.
  6. This is bringing back 186 memories all over again.
  7. I was just speaking to the membership team, apparently we are at about 41,140 as of this morning.
  8. Anyone notice the amount of times Jetta tackles someone and wraps his arms, legs and whole body around them? Has been my long time fav player this man. Nev has to be one of the most underrated players going around. Once he gets you, will never let go!
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