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  1. I have come to the realisation that next year will be no different. For those that say we came in under prepared and had no pre season, how have the druggies been able to turn things around after their issues. We are talking about professional sports people. They are required to play 2hrs of football a week! We have major issues, something that pick 2 ain’t going to do a brass razoo to address. MFC great way to completely snuff any delight my family of five had for this club.
  2. What a joke, seriously how can we be this bad
  3. Oh well at least a top 5 draft pick will make a HUUUUUUGE difference!
  4. I am coming to terms with the fact we will never be any good, a flag is all but a dream and will never be realised!
  5. What a pathetic club. I seriously have to question why I continually pay for 5 reserved seat memeberships for my family when this club clearly stands for nothing. Do we have a positive win loss ratio with any club???????????????
  6. Ahhhh the days of old, who will we take with the number 1 pick?
  7. Alir Alir will have a field day picking off our i50 entries!
  8. Hang on guys, remember what goody said about judging them on their performance
  9. I have settled, and so have we. Number 1 draft pick here we come. We all know how much good that will do us!
  10. What a [censored] pathetic response mfc, you have lost me and my family.
  11. This is bringing back 186 memories all over again.
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