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  1. I’m a Physio and although it looked horrible and definitely shouldn’t have been done for the look of the club, it really wouldn’t have worsened the injury. Comes from overuse and not a specific incident.
  2. Cheers lord nev (love the name by the way) have you got any other whispers about where we’re looking at the end of the year?
  3. I’m honestly stunned as to what the FD see in smith over the Weid. He’s played 2 vfl games and dominated in both of them.
  4. If you looked on the Casey demons thread no one knows what happened. Thought I would get all the discussion in one place.
  5. As per the Casey thread - came off injured before half time with suspected ankle injury. Nothing confirmed as yet.
  6. Casey radio is saying Lever is injured... PLEASE SHED SOME LIGHT ON THIS SOMEONE
  7. Source on this? Or just conjecture.
  8. How was May looking in his rehab session? @Satyriconhome
  9. Anyone got any reports from training today?
  10. https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2019-02-28/injury-update-four-stars-back-training Looks like all of Jones, Viney, May and Melk are good Kolo Good for round 1 (probably VFL) Lever Going great guns Hannan seems terrible "Hopefully see him before the bye" 😫 Nietschke done for the year obviously
  11. Loved that interview so much. Admitted that he had stagnated and hadn't got as much out of his career so far but owned up to it. I can see him having an awesome pre season and catapulting us into the top 4 next year. Best believe it D'landers... this is our time.
  12. This is a way to get us May and Pick 13 for Hogan which I think many would regard as a big win
  13. Proposed trade: Melbourne give Hogan <----> Fremantle give picks 5 + 23 Melbourne give pick 5 <----> Adelaide give pick 13 GC give pick 19 <---> Adelaide give pick 8 GC give Steven May <------> Melbourne give pick 23 Fremantle Get: Hogan Give: Picks 5 + 23 Melbourne Get: May, Pick 13. Give: Hogan Adelaide Get: Picks 5 + 19 Give: Picks 8 + 13 GC Get: Picks 8 + 23 Give: May + 19 Thoughts on this trade?
  14. It’s funny isn’t it. We’ve spent years talking about brayshaw’s concussion saying how tough his football style is and that’s why he’s getting them. Now people say that KK is soft because of his style of play e.g. more outside, I guarantee you a lot of those people haven’t seen him. Very excited about his acquisition. The right mix of tough and polish and I think he’ll be a great addition.
  15. I'm 90% sure Cat B rookies don't count as players on your main 44 man squad
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