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  1. I had a friend who was a newsagent in Collingwood in the 50's, if Collingwood lost he would not sell a paper from Saturday night untill the new team for the week was published on Friday morning. He said a Pies loss would cost him a fortune.
  2. Jake reminds me a bit of Ted Richards, Roos and his coaching staff did a fairly good job in turning him around after he left Essendon Welcome Jake
  3. I thought Greg Parke was pretty exciting when he started, I moved interstate in early 1969 so didnt see much of him after that first year.
  4. My parents told me my first game was Round 19 1947 against StKilda, Fred Fanning kicked 18, I was a month old, didnt see much stuck in a pram all day. My parents went to every match every year, my first recognition of an oposition team is Footscray dont know where dont know when, I have some old footy records from the early 50's which I used to collect after the games so maybe around then.
  5. Maybe a chance for Brett Lovett to take over
  6. According to Terry Wallace on SEN Warnock a done deal to the Gold Coast
  7. Talking about old MCC / MFC fund raisers, I found in my old MFC stuff 2 certificates I would say from around 1978 saying I had the right to 1 square foot of the MCG cricket pitch attached to them is a little cylinder of dirt I assume from the pitch. Can anyone remember what these were about, I can remember paying something for them
  8. Somewhere in the back of my old mind I can remember on the draft night Chris connelly or someone said, Jordie MeKenzie had volunteered to stay on the rookie list, so we could get another draft pick and he would be promoted in June when we are allowed to elevate one player to the senior list, I think that was the details
  9. As a young boy I can still remember the day my father told me Stuart Spencer was not playing any more, I was devastated, I agree with the rest of the posts but the one that really annoys me in this current era is Scott Thompson.
  10. It was a great night last night At the jumper handover last night it was mentioned that Liam had asked Robbo if he could wear his number 24, and Robbo said it would be great and joked he didnt think he had done enough to have the jumper 24 retired.
  11. These are the players that have given me the most pleasure over the years and the positions I would put them in. Probably not the best team but they would give it a fair shake B Mat Whelan Bernie Massey John Beckwith HB Don Williams David Neitz Nathan Browne C Robbie Flower Hassa Mann Travis Johnstone HF Bob McKenzie David Schwarz Arron Davey FF Jeff Farmer Allen Jakovich Gary Lyon R Jim Stynes Todd Viney Greg Wells Int Rod Grinter Jeff White Stuart Spencer Laurie Mithen Emg Bob Johnson (Jnr) Stephen Tingay Brad Green
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