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  1. yes, but the penalty is disproportionate.
  2. the 50m penalties are a blight on the game. It is beyond me how the AFL allows the current situation to continue.
  3. the AFL want to reduce tackling - the big issues.
  4. i think the club needs to point an optometrist - the whole team seems to have problems picking out the right option.
  5. my concern is that apart from our injuries many players have not progressed, and many have regressed - Spargo, Brayshaw, Oliver, Hibberd, Stretch, Hannan, , TMac, Weed, OMac, ANB, Fritsch, Garlett, Jetta. Salem and Frost the only big improvers.
  6. no. Just don't play him on the wing. It's not rocket surgery.
  7. A good and balanced overview. I however am not so sure about the selection of Jetta - his form at Casey the previous week was poor and prior to his injury he looked slow. We may well have seen the best of him and Hore now ranks ahead of him. We were also hurt by the non-contribution of Hannan. With our forward line in disarray he needed to step up and some of his efforts were insipid at best.
  8. Hannan - Lethargic Timid Absent. ANB - must have cataracts Jones - needs a gopher.
  9. Only disagreeing with the bit about Goodwin having the gonads to drop Fritsch. Like you, I was ropable about the decision he made in front of goal at a time when we could have won. Inexcusable.
  10. Goodwin dropped Fritsch for the prelim and played Tyson - that went well.
  11. Hannan and ANB should be absolute outs. Oscar Baker sounds like he played well for Casey as did Corey Wagner. Otherwise the cupboard is bare.
  12. A good effort marred by too many stupid mistakes and non contributors. I don’t know how Hannan can look his team mates in the eye. Fritsch needs a kick in the [censored]. ANB is consistently in the oppositions best players. Jetta is a real worry and you can’t have 2 pensioners in the same side - Jones and Lewis.
  13. Any chance of Hannan contributing something. FMD, he has been a passenger for weeks.
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