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  1. Glad to see Oskar and Petty have been given another go.
  2. Anyone else think that Oskars’ dad looks like our beloved PJ?
  3. I actually think he would have been handy the last few weeks.
  4. I Reckon GWS can be intimidated- enter Preuss.
  5. I believe he had finally just watched the replay of the prelim.
  6. Daisy Thomas got it right - F‘ing cheats
  7. absolutely agree - he is being played out of position, as is Gus, as is Jones for the large part. I can understand the need to cover injuries but this is just causing more problems. Needs a rethink.
  8. Billy Stretch is infuriating. When he has the ball he is so slow to make a decision that he allows the opposition to set up and a turnover results.
  9. We would have been easy winners if Hibberd and Melksham played.
  10. Opposition backlines must rub their hands when they know they are playing us - we feed them like a Nonna at a family dinner.
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