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  1. supplemental selection periods - are we consulting Dr Danks?
  2. This is where Peter Brukners’ experience will be invaluable. He will guide the club towards making the right decision. None of us can really know what this latest niggle means in the long term.
  3. I miss read this thread. Thinking it was memorable knickers, I was about to make an outstanding contribution.
  4. Am I missing something or has Lever retired?
  5. If we went after him it would be a real gaff.
  6. Minor surgery aka below knee amputation
  7. agree but he is very young and not ready for being a regular key back. Also thought he looked better as a forward.
  8. Are there any injury concerns for Harry Petty?
  9. He also played with Number 7 Graeme Osborne who couldn’t hit the side of a barn.
  10. Donny Williams off the half back flank used to hit his target every time. Hassa was also a great user. Brian Dixon, not so much. Darren Kowal was a great kick on the run.
  11. The better title fir this thread would be : 2019, the year that wasn’t
  12. Just our luck for him to break a finger.
  13. Richmonds' backline will need a transfusion.
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