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  1. And I would like to implant my foot in a few cracks
  2. Spargo likely to miss with a rolled ankle - Old Dee will be devastated
  3. Never mind the defence, I find our offence offensive.
  4. The only part of the club that I have any faith in is the medical and fitness staff. I would trust Burgess and Bruckner to make the right call re his injury. If Burgo can work his magic it may work out.
  5. The heat is really on the Club now. Ox has joined the chorus with Crawford, Lyon, Brererton, Watson ripping into all aspects including Board, CEO, coaches and players. The get out of jail card has expired and something will have to give. Viva la revolution!
  6. I would like to know what Richardson is contributing- we seem bereft of ideas tactically - so not much would be my guess.
  7. Tomlinson- lazy and insipid AVB - slow and ineffective Hunt - frequently goes missing Salem - out of form Harmes - where were you? Viney - bloody hell mate Melksham - style over substance TMac - Granny is faster
  8. Gawn needs help in the ruck to allow him to go forward and provide a contest because nobody else is capable of doing it.
  9. I wonder what the Prince of Platitudes will have to say at his presser?
  10. Tomlinson should be a leader but he just jogs around and contributes nothing. Most of his efforts are half hearted and lack lustre.
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