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  1. I can see what you’re saying but 2 goals after quarter time and the way we just handed over the ball to their backline is hard to gloss over. I guess I’m a glass half empty type of guy.
  2. I guess my point is that this is not just an off day, it points to structural and systemic problems and nothing I have heard gives me confidence that the Club understands this. I am not against Goodwin but I think he needs much more experienced people people around him than are there currently. Rooke and Chaplin, in particular, are very inexperienced and McCartney is a decisive character. I wish I had your measured and rational nature but there it is.
  3. I understand that Goodwin is on a hiding to nothing in a press conference after such a loss but to suggest that there were any positives to be taken out of this performance is insulting to the membership. We have kicked 13 goals in 2 games and the disconnect with the forward line was the worst yet. I don’t know what he could say but it is hopeless trying to sugarcoat it. We are headed for a wooden spoon FFS.
  4. I thought the back half was quite reasonable last night - they eventually caved in under the weight of numbers. The problem is starting with an unaccountable midfield and the worst set of forwards - ever.
  5. Lewis - Cornes was right. Stretch - a good game Hore - shows some promise Hibberd - seriously poor disposal Hunt - didn’t show up weid - a lazy player
  6. We’ll take a lot of learnings out of this game and work on improving as a football club. It is going to turn around soon.
  7. It was only for the first quarter after that we were outrun, out-tackled, out-worked and we have managed to kick 13 goals in 2 matches. Not much of an improvement that I can see.
  8. The club sent an email promising a better effort. Well stuff them for more empty words. It’s about time we heard from Bartlett promising some action. No matter what Goodwin says there systemic problems behind the scenes.
  9. Wonder if he’s in the same superannuation fund as Lewis
  10. Good effort but still hopeless up forward. Weed is giving us nothing. Pleased with Hore and Stretch.
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