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  1. God this is hard work following the Dees! So bloody stressful!
  2. So bloody frustrating following this team!!
  3. Resulting in the win of course.
  4. Welcome back Old Dee missed your input, hope your health improves and that the Dees have some wins to make you happy 😃
  5. OMG how good was Jackovich, absolutely sensational!
  6. My Daughter is a primary teacher, she is going to teach tomorrow, as there are many loopholes to cover. She only had four students today, but was given an extra class to look after. No body knows what’s happening!
  7. The banner is magnificent, well done, and many thanks for all your time and energy!
  8. OMG what a wonderful couple of days we have had. Bring on the season and build the membership.
  9. Watching the replay now, it’s awesome to feel so positive.
  10. Getting ready to go, can’t wait. Just shows I need a life!!!
  11. Good luck Jaded, wishing you a speedy recovery for your big day.
  12. Hopefully it’s not too serious, we need Max fit and firing against the Eagles, in round one. He sets the bar high for the young players to follow. I’ve got everything crossed for a positive outcome.
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