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  1. Then we have no chance because May won't be playing forward or any other posse till 2020
  2. Def Wags, Keilty,Maynard,Garlett& JKH. Like to keep for 1 year 2 c if they can make it (Stretch) and insurance (T Smith). Add Lewis so that makes 6.
  3. ANB has 2 years to go so he won't get delisted.
  4. Jeff Farmer will go head to head with Diacos maybe we should bribe him, so he can convince his son to choose us and not Freo. https://www.melbournefc.com.au/video/2019-08-06/retro-rival-round-farmer-vs-daicos
  5. Giving him a 3 year deal was really poor list management. I hope the club and him come to an agreement if he can't get it together over summer.
  6. Either us Adelaide & maybe Sydney are going 2 finish second last. The AFL need 2b consistent an end of first round priority pick is bearable. Not pick 2. They could even give them more access 2 state league or contracted players providing both the player and club want it.
  7. He usually bombs away. If he did lower his eyes he'd be a weapon.
  8. Doesn't deserve a big paycheck. We are not a superannuation fund. He really should retire.
  9. Other sides send their players off for surgery when finals are out of the question so unless we are totally inept we should and must do the same. If we don't then we are truly an amateur outfit
  10. Frost can be a weapon on a wing rather than a liability down back. I'm tired of his brain fades down back. He needs to watch Groundhog day & stop repeating dumb turnovers at critical times. Fritsch is one of the few natural forwards we have, so we must stop and I repeat stop playing down back.
  11. I want him 2 play as a wing & Fritsch as a forward that way they play 2 their strengths. Fritsch with his marking & kicking. Frost with his speed could be a weapon because he's less likely to turnover the ball with risky kicks & handballs costing us goals. He might kick a few.
  12. Can u watch game with MFC m/ship if it's an away game???
  13. What's the story with Spargo??? Injured/rested??
  14. JKH named in best players. Don't know how they can they can nominate him when he shirks body contact & doesn't go when it's his turn. Trade 2 Blues.
  15. Yze didn't play well towards the end if he had of played 300 it would have been because the club gifted him games.
  16. Jones no longer an automatic 22.He is getting decidedly slow.
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