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  1. We need 2b more composed letting Kennedy get that last goal breaks your heart in the last 90 secs. Oscar shouldve gone back on him. Jones & Garlett have fluffed so many kicks it's like Jones is purposely picking out West Coast players. If only them & Tom could kick straightforward
  2. He got off last week when he shouldn't have, - now he's done it again - let's see how they get him off this time. Def a protected species like Dangerfield.
  3. Sorry but I disagree with your assessment. JKH is pedestrian & o's like a deer in headlights. Has been a list clogger & unless he finds his niche position asap then he's goneski
  4. We will be a better side when Lewis & Wagner r out. I would've dropped Wagner 4 Neal-Bullen.
  5. Hawthorn moved him on so y is he still being gifted games. He said himself that this year he's prepared 2 play @ Casey so if the selection committee had any balls that's where he should be next week. I saw him also choose not commit when the ball was virtually at his feet - very disappointed with him at least Jones has a go.
  6. Can't wait 4 him 2 come back. Think he'll b that x factor we need in 4ward line. Him & Hannah can take screamers. He will b a gun as long as he stays fit
  7. Saw him choose to not tackle or harass on the boundary just let the opponent run past looked very casual no desperation even though the Dorks were surging into their forward 50 looked disinterested I had binoculars on it
  8. That was blatant. The ump blew the whistle then a second later the Dork kicks it away but no 50m
  9. I thought that he shouldve gone for a score
  10. It happened right in front me. The umpire blew the whistle everyone man & his/her dog could c it was a free for incorrect disposal by hand by Scully yet as the umpire runs in the Hawk hero kicks a momgrel punt down the ground but no 50. The ump deneied us a certain goal. But earlier Oscar is a ml off the mark & Gunston gets a 50 from the wing a charity goal. Could've cost us the game.
  11. I wish we had ' ve picked Mark LeCras. Can't 4 give Dunn 4 his over the top celebration either & now 2 say he wished he had of gone there instead - no need 2 say it very disrespectful. Him & Foulau need 2 shut up.
  12. By the time May comes back it will be round 17 then he plays a couple at Casey. We will be lucky 2 play 3-4 games a gr8 return.
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