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  1. JKH named in best players. Don't know how they can they can nominate him when he shirks body contact & doesn't go when it's his turn. Trade 2 Blues.
  2. Yze didn't play well towards the end if he had of played 300 it would have been because the club gifted him games.
  3. Jones no longer an automatic 22.He is getting decidedly slow.
  4. Fritsch is a goal shark should play forward always like most on this board have said all year.
  5. JKH - bang bang that's y he's an inbetweener can't impose himself.
  6. Corey or Josh??????I'm thinking Corey I'd wouldn't call Josh quick.
  7. We have a lot of players on our list that are inbetweeners - JKH, J Wagner, ANB, etc..... Some of them r 2 good 4 VFL but not good enough 4 AFL due 2 poor skills, poor footy IQ or desire.
  8. He will get stronger & be what Kennedy is 4 West Coast a reliable key position player.
  9. I think u r right on the money Sherlock.
  10. The way I c it. 2019 was always going 2b a bust. More than a dozen preseason surgeries coupled with a late start due 2 finals. No prelim review & the new 666 rule. How we draft & recruit along with a change in game plan will determine our 2020. I think we will be a real threat next year if not then a rethink and a rebuild.
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