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  1. He & Hunt on opposite wings. I hope when May/Lever r back Goodwin does it. I've thought they should be wingers 4 ages. Also Fritter must be a forward not a defender.
  2. Saw vision of Jones on bench he had the look of a player who knows his time is up
  3. A horror movie right there on my tv - Skyhooks
  4. Harmes a turnover king with his handball 2 noone & Rich end up with a goal
  5. We have had so many goalless quarters. We used 2b such an attacking side.
  6. I can't bring myself 2 go I will vomit when I cough up the dosh 2 watch us play like crud. I would rather bash my head against a brick wall. To think I was thinking about a membership upgrade 2 my m/ship so get a guaranteed ticket if we had ' ve made the Gf.
  7. ANB just runs a lot but not enough 2 help us get better
  8. It's a bad look for an assistant coach 2 openly barrack 4 an opposition team regardless of whether we were in the final series. Especially if he was wearing their colors. Chaplin should've known that in AFL u can't openly barrack 4 another team when u r employed by someone else. Privately yes publicly no.
  9. It would be good as a statement. Can't keep giving out of form games to prove they r put of form
  10. I was a fan of Spargo but he needs 2 spend serious time at Casey. This is so painful 2 watch.
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