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  1. We must pick Martin if he's not delisted & declared a free agent & nominates Carlton. The Suns aren't going 2 do Carlton any favours so if he goes in National Draft they will need to use pick 9 or the run risk that someone else picks him up. Or he nominates PSD in which case Suns redraft him or WE do b4 Carlton at pick 3. Stuff Martin he must go to whoever drafts him so I'm hoping we grow a pair & pick him.
  2. Iced vo vos r a gr8 biscuit probably my favourite. But Frost wasn't & if he wants more iced vo vos than we r prepared to give than he can go 2 the Hawks & eat all the vo vos he wants. We will as Gloria Gaynor sang survive.
  3. On trade radio they're saying pick 47. Rather he stay than get that late a pick.
  4. Varcoe isn't the answer we need a better longer term one
  5. Don't forget we started the season with 39 on senior list so at this stage with have one extra pick that is 4 picks.
  6. If we don't get Anderson I hope we pick Kemp with one of our picks happy 2 wait for him to recover & develop.
  7. I think we hang on to depth players for too long hoping they 'll gradually become first 22. The reality is if they don't show much in the first 3 y hang on to them. Better to turn over these types for younger talent. The only exception would be rucks & key position players who take a bit longer. However players like Josh, JKH & even ANB have had time & really not impacted how we hoped. We have really limited who we can draft & trade in by the most resignings (Wagners etc). I wanted us to draft high end talent ie pick 2 etc & take a risk on a high risk high reward player like for example a Martin or a Bennell type. I wish we had the courage to draft another Jurrah.
  8. It's hard to understand the rationale.
  9. Josh is so vanilla & lacks pace. Hard 2 understand y they've given him another year. He doesn't make good decisions, but maybe they just like him because he's a good guy. Melbourne have always shied away from recruited talented bad boy types whereas other clubs embrace them.
  10. Let's hope Taylor earns his keep & snags a couple of players who turn in2 guns
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