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  1. Ever considered just saying it quietly to yourself? Or just don’t hit enter after every post of outrage and rather build them up to just send one nonsensical and flabbergasted rant per day, rather than the usual squillion? Just my opinion.
  2. Your ignorance does not excuse how offensive this is to the thousands of people in healthcare who have been working tirelessly, globally, actually dealing with the severities of it. Get your head out of your [censored], bloody pathetic.
  3. Collingwood want a monopoly on prison bars.. How ironic.
  4. Agreed. For some reason he has also been copping [censored] rather than accolades since day dot in the media
  5. Rather live with all these dirty European smokers than in the nanny state Australia has become 👍
  6. Thankfully ratings aren’t premiership points! 😀
  7. I work in tourism in NL, everything is shut down and messages from people working in medical care say that the fan has not yet been hit. Am one of many freelancers who have just lost prob months of income. We had to cancel our wedding for August. Hate to say it folks but it will all be cancelled soon. I like the idea of a quarantined 8 week season, and would not give two [censored] about an asterix next to it. But as of this week, the idea of doing anything but suspending it all would be ridiculed here. Get inside Dees, never before has sitting on your bum been so crucial to world health. The positive is that, in the face of great social threat, the power of social unity emerges. We are seeing it here, everyone is in it together and no matter the uncertainty, solidarity will remain throughout. Let’s see what happens. Strength and love to everyone. Don't panic; isolate yourselves.
  8. No crowds for Round 1. Perfect conditions to play Eagles in Perth
  9. Apparently I’ve mentioned it 5 times today. And it’s only 9am
  10. He is showing outstanding pre season form. Really hunted & attacked that new contract. Top news
  11. Welcome Harley! Love this!
  12. A huge thanks to all track reporters from a very cold Amsterdam, as well as to Andy, Nasher et al. Excitement brewing. Go Dees.
  13. Was at his first match at Whitten oval against the Roys, loved shouting Oooooze for years thereafter. Would love this appointment. Make it happen Dees.
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