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  1. I'm surprised we didn't solve this issue in an online forum. Time to close thread?
  2. Sure. Have a tablespoon of temperance, a pinch of perspective and a healthy dose of none histrionics.
  3. Chill folks. It's [censored] but all about the journey. Goodie is learning too. [censored] yes, unexpected, no. We will come good
  4. Haha, nah it was more a drunk on a beach in Goa vibe. Just landed at Schiphol though, should be home for opening bounce. Go Dees!
  5. Yea, and then watch Robbo on Tuesday drunkenly slur (after having Stewie Dew on the show) 'Don't blame the Suns'. Nobody has, [censored] head.
  6. Good onya for being earnest, Ernest. Let's not pull the shotgun out just yet. Go Dees
  7. All fair points, but there's no way they didn't review it. For sure Goodwin has and is trying to learn from his and their mistakes. He is still learning how to balance media speak with his coaching duties, and I'm fairly sure that comment was to do with reinforcing the good habits that got us to the prelim, not dismissing the result of it. As for this website being a vehicle for comment and discussion, I am making a comment towards the general discussion. That's allowed, right? I just reckon too many succumb to the negative groupthink too easily. What we saw last year was growth and improvement. I feel very confident we will see the same this year and am not going to hit the panic button because of the trauma we have all endured over the years. This group has absolutely nothing to do with teams of the past and, in my view anyway, earned themselves enough credit last season for us to give them more leeway than just three rounds. Apologies if I came across as overly dismissive of the (somewhat) objective commentary. Stick fat Dees and support based on what we've seen over the journey, not just the recent bumps in the road. The media will do that for us, we don't need to join them.
  8. Modern footy is about cohesive systems and role playing, not just racking up possies. Angus and clarrie are getting the numbers but not doing their full roles properly. There have been puffier pieces than this. Edit sp
  9. Yea and what would he know? It's not like he's one for personal growth and learning 🙄 Honestly, didn't take much for MFCSS to rear its ugly head. Has nobody been paying attention for thelast four years? This is a journey, and it's not 2013. Cant believe some think they actually didn't review the prelim, or that the players were drinking their own bathwater, or that our coach is unable to learn and grow, and game plan is set in stone. Let's wait until the seadon ends (just like last year!) before making our assessments on this season. The supporter group needs to grow up
  10. I know mate, it's been a long time. But no, it's not in our DNA. Footy has changed massively in the last year, let alone 5, let alone 20, let alone 55. This time last year the same questions were being asked. It's the same thing, let's wait and see where the year takes us before throwing in the towel. It'll be worth it in the end, as you well know OD, having had the patience that you have so far ✊😖
  11. I really don't get this 'last five games' bizzo. Since when are we counting pre season? Also, if you're not seeing this as a journey, to be enjoyed and taken with all the ups and downs, you haven't been paying attention. Simon Goodwin knows what it takes; none of us do here. Unless someone here wants to put forward their 200+ games and two premiership medals?
  12. Stick fat. Took a week for mids to get going, forward line looked better this week. Backline will take a while. I know everyone's freaking out but until Lever and May are back they won't drop Oscar, maybe Frost for getting pushed off too easy. But he's an angry unit and has improvement in him. I know this opinion is against the grain, but we saw last year that it's a marathon with Goody and the boys. Lockhart shows something, Tracc was way better. Viney showed mongrel moments. Jones will get going. Stick fat and trust. Edit: spelling and support for Jones and Viney
  13. Yea nah we're gonna be fine. And if you're going to count pre-season games, didn't we beat collingwood in a meaningless praccy? So I would put it at 4 matches. We had as bad a run last year, then we tweaked, learned and improved. We're going to be fine.
  14. I'm not worried. We will come good. Only 3 weeks in, Goody ain't dumb, everyone needs to chill out.
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