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  1. A huge thanks to all track reporters from a very cold Amsterdam, as well as to Andy, Nasher et al. Excitement brewing. Go Dees.
  2. Was at his first match at Whitten oval against the Roys, loved shouting Oooooze for years thereafter. Would love this appointment. Make it happen Dees.
  3. Many won't get what you're saying as it flies in the face of our general acculturation regarding such things. I think you're bang on.
  4. Jesus some of the comments on here. Trade Tracc, trade Brayshaw, May collecting his super and nothing more etc... If this year has taught me anything it's that we need this 🤦🏻‍ as an emoticon option on Demonland for 2020.
  5. Bloody glad that Beelzebub, SWYL, TGR, PF and the rest of the itchy nut crew are miles away from managing our list or having any say in anything. You blokes need to calm the farm, god I'd hate to be in a tight spot with you next to me. All* decent posters and genuine supporters but this is a journey. Yea if we stuff up next year then you'll be shown to be correct, but a coach doesn't get their team to a PF by fluke, and clubs don't establish sustainability by jerking their knee at the slightest obstacle. Of course Goody gets a mulligan season. Until next year we won't know. So just chill. Edit: *mostly decent posters
  6. Dude if you're still looking for a place to drink, find the student bar up on the 5th level of some building. Ppl will know what you're talking about
  7. Nice! Watch out for the open manholes on your stumble home Funny cos I'm in Basel dealing with an irritating Slovakian. Still better than watching footy this year though.
  8. One of my favourite posters mate, and a great Dland tour guide! Thanks!
  9. Lads, I usually am working this time so can never listen live, but holidays now, sitting on a beach in Ibiza, managed to get the blessings from Mrs AmDam to tune in. I am one of the positive group, have looked at this season as part of a journey. A few thoughts: If not tanking, is it possible that the club has taken a two year approach? So at the start of the season they looked at 2019/20 as one season? We won't know of course til next year, but it seems like there was an assessment that this year would be a write-off, just couldn't be publicised due to hiatory of 'not tanking'? So some big risks were taken (surgeries, no KF besides wied and TMac, or outside run etc) prob thinking we'd end up around 8th and then gear up (not in essendon way) for the 'second half of the season' (2020)? We've then been hit by a perfect [censored] storm,which has then killed our skills. Or am I just delusional? Our inside 50 count is amazing. Perhaps the goal of this year was to keep that up, knowing that we would have trouble converting, but that if we then fix our transition and defensive running this off season, those inside 50s will come home to roost next year? Finally, silly season sees a lot of players and Aussies in Europe. Dusty had a infamously good time here with some mates of mine, prior to his best season ever. Maybe the club should send Angus over to us Shout out to Skuit and cheers for all your fine work
  10. I'm surprised we didn't solve this issue in an online forum. Time to close thread?
  11. Sure. Have a tablespoon of temperance, a pinch of perspective and a healthy dose of none histrionics.
  12. Chill folks. It's [censored] but all about the journey. Goodie is learning too. [censored] yes, unexpected, no. We will come good
  13. Haha, nah it was more a drunk on a beach in Goa vibe. Just landed at Schiphol though, should be home for opening bounce. Go Dees!
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