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  1. I understand and appreciate the "Trengove factor" however there a few blokes on our list that hold no currency and should be shown the door pronto. However it its a case of the players at least getting a couple of weeks stress Free R&R then good on the club for allowing them that luxury,
  2. Id have a crack at Billy Hartung from the Hawks - quick & skilful and might be looking for greener pastures - If he cant get a look in after Smith on one leg gets picked before him a final ?
  3. Judging bye Roos talk on 360 I would think that announcement wont be divulged until next week on who got the chop. I agree with Nashers appraisal ( Cross, Jamar, McKenzie, Fitzpatrick, Riley, Bail, Terlich) but would be putting a line through Hunt as well as Matt Jones
  4. He is going to West Cost - locked and loaded
  5. Geeze I hope that the day after the F&B night the club comes out with a statement and the axe is put through at least 10 or 11 from the list.
  6. We just have to keep turning the list over , we need to discard the players that have been broken mentally through years of beatings and also the players that are not up to it. I would like Goodwin to be tapping Roos on the shoulder and saying " lets discard players X Y & Z now and give me a fresh start at it in 2017. With a very shallow draft it may mean that we are super aggressive at the trade table and think a little outside the square but for mine: Gone: Bail M.Jones Fitz Garland Howe Hunt Jamar Mckenzie Terlich Toumpas - Re Rookie Who I would be going for is anyone who is on the borderline of the top 8 teams: Bastinac Muzunga Alex Woodward Harley Bennell Horlin Smith Thomas Bugg David Mckay et etc
  7. Couldn't really give a [censored] anymore. If they are not willing to drop players on the back end of some terrible weeks (Dawes) then my care factor is out the window - oh well draft time is only 7 months away
  8. Rich & Selwood are not in my thinking. We need outside polish and line breaking run. Rich is not quick and Selwood is past it. I look at North and they have a host of the same speed / style midfielders and struggle without the dash and carry of Wells ( no evident than this year). Don't like Aish either has done very little - if cant get a gig in the starting 22 for Brisbane that's saying something.
  9. 7 more games like his current form and Big Max will be seen as an A grader and a premier ruckman in the league
  10. A glove on a wooden stick placed just outside the forward 50 Arc will give us the same as Dawes
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