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  1. Amazingly we've only got 4 players who are over 190cm, Gawn, Lever, Frost and Hore. Sydney themselves only have 6. I wonder if this will be in the records book for the game with the shortest average height? Might have to ensure the little league kids are easily identified in case one ends up on the wing in the 3rd quarter.
  2. Langdon for a 2nd will do, I doubt Freo will risk their 1st in a swap with us for next year, but would be a great move if we could pull that off as well. Schoenmakers will be 29 next season, he's also free agent so no draft pick needed. I wouldn't go anywhere near him though, he might play a few games if we have the same injury run but otherwise would be taking a young guys spot. Think we'll also be targeting a small forward, if not someone like Serong at the top end of the draft then maybe from a state league to make an instant impact, Lowson maybe? I think we'll keep Spargo who's still in contract and hope it's just been the 2nd year blues. I agree with your other delistings.
  3. They've got Brissy's first, so a bit higher up this year than 7. But yeah, i could see the AFL being happier to give GC a mid or end of 1st round priority pick if they knew they were going to end up with the first 2 picks anyway. Even if Brissy drop back to 4th, which will give them around pick 16/17 (after academy picks) then it still rates King around pick 9/10, so I could see everyone being happy with us giving up pick 2 for King plus 16. And GC then getting pick 20 or so as the priority.
  4. Values King at around pick 5, which would be fair. Realistically they already have Brissy's first pick (which is currently 17), and I'm assuming that if King really does want out that'll really strengthen the priority pick chance. So I'd say we'd end up with pick 3. I'd say Gold Coast will also prefer a more senior player than a pick from us, but along those lines I'd be offering up pick 3 and 21 (or next years second) plus Frost or OMac (offer OMac, but they'll probably want Frost) for King, Jack Martin and Brissy's first round pick this year.
  5. Spot on rjay, given he's never played at the highest level he needs to show he has the capability to lead his own team. Chris Fagan is the only current AFL coach who never played at the level, but had extensive experience coaching his own sides before given a shot at an assistant level. Jennings has the reputation across the league as the best analyst of the game, and a great teacher but needs to show he can operate in his own right so he gets to get the opportunities afforded to ex-players.
  6. Don't want to call Reiwoltd a liar but he is, they've only been on the field at the same time once, since Frost has been a Dee anyway. In that game Frost was a forward, it was in 2016 when Hogan kicked 7. Just another ex-player trying to guarantee a media job by creating headlines. Frost has no doubt improved massively this year, but I read that Collingwood directly targeted his man (Elliot) more than twice as much as any other forward. Just wondering if opposition teams understand his liabilities and are happy with the odd intercept/dashing run knowing that he's just as likely to give up or cause a few goals? I've sensed that when May and Lever are in the team opposition teams are trying to isolate Frost a lot more. Wonder what his worth would be if they don't re-sign him, if he's worth more to us than other teams might pay. Will they see his liabilities more than what he can do?
  7. You took a select amount of what I said and tried to argue it, I tried to explain what l was saying, not changing what I was saying at all. Happy to chat if it's constructive but you went straight into a negative then told me I was wrong, even though it missed the original point.
  8. Don't engage if you can't understand what's been written. Not everyone on here is as negative as you, so we're not all trying to smash all the players and coaches at every opportunity
  9. I meant mentally, but clearly you didn't pick up on that.
  10. It was more about freeing up Omac and getting him back in a position where he is a good contributor for us again, plus I thought he was much better than Petty yesterday. Sydney don't really play tall (unless buddy comes back) so they both might stay forward, with Hore coming in for May.
  11. I'd prefer Petty went back and omac had another couple of games with a fair amount of freedom. It looks like he's smashed himself from pillar to post this year as well, so playing without as much pressure might do wonders for him heading into the preseason.
  12. Apparently they only had 6 from their grand final side out. We had 9 from our prelim side. The quality of the overall game reflected that.
  13. Frost was seriously horrible, couldn't get within 5 metres of his opponent today, he got lucky Elliott couldn't kick straight. Fritra, may and tracc our best by a long way
  14. Logic be dammed, it's all the fault of Misson, goody, pert, Bartlett, McCartney, omac, watts and Jones.
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