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  1. Got 2 unopened slabs sitting out in the shed
  2. Anyone know if there going to put merch on sale as well? Those beer glasses look great
  3. We've hit the score board but can't get it through the big ones! Just hope to have a week where we kick far more goals than points! We've only managed that in 4 games so far, good kicking wins games and lowers the blood pressure of fans i reckon.
  4. He hasn't been our worst, but given he's played 180 odd games and is one of our eldest I just expect a lot more from him, and think at the moment we wouldn't be getting much less from guys who are in their 1st or 2nd year. The experience they can get will be much better than continuing to play someone like Jeff who I reckon will be gone next year.
  5. But he isn't clean anymore, he's dropped lots of marks, fumbled the ball where we expect him to swoop in and has kicked the bulk of his goals through getting an easy over the top handball/kick rather than creating heaps of pressure. I think we now have to have 1 eye on next year, we know what Jeff can do, at his best yes he's best 22, but he hasn't been at his best for a very very long time now, and was basically getting games because we had no-one else. Now's the time to be trying Lockhart or getting more games into Spargo (although they do play different positions) because more than likely he will be gone next year.
  6. He looks slower than Lewis at the moment, and like he'd struggle to run more than 20 meters without stopping. Clearly he's not right, it might be something that the medico's have said won't get any worse, but it hasn't seemed like he's getting any better. So instead of sending him to Casey, give him a break for a month, if he thinks he's OK then come back via Casey to see if his running capacity is back. I believe we need to try and play as much of our 2020 team as possible, so bringing TMac back late would be better than sending him away for the whole season, unless he really needs that. For next week my outs would be: TMac, Garlett & Wagner Ins: ANB, KK & TSmith. With May and Lever back and Frost hopefully not knocking himself out again, Wagner should be redundant so we should bring in a better runner/returner for the backline so that's why I'd bring KK in. ANB is incredibly important in locking the ball in our F50, he doesn't get much credit on here for the job he actually does, just panned for his ball use and missed goals, but he will chase and give the oppositions back something to think about, while they just disregard Garlett at the moment (spargo runs hard and chases as well, which is why i prefer him). TSmith is a natural forward as compared to Preuss, so he gets the nod there.
  7. Evidence says we made the prelim last year, With omac as part of the zone. So to say omac never adjusted is just wrong. We recruited may and lever so that zone went to the next level. I suspect we only drafted hore because of the injury to lever. It's a great pick up and I'm hoping hore and lever will be able to play together, but he's been given the licensee this year to zone off while they've been giving Frost and omac assignments each week. That's great for Frost because he needs that but doesn't play to omac's strengths
  8. The thing omac hasn't adjusted to this year is the way we've been forced to defend. We had been playing a zone and recruited may and lever specifically to work within a zone structure but they haven't been available so we've gone back to a more 1 out defensive model. Works great for Frost because he needs a job which is why he's improved. Omac didn't have the strength or speed to play 1 on 1 all game but fits in well when all the defenders are relying on each other. Get may and lever back and if he's in the team as well I'm sure omac will play a lot better
  9. Plenty have blamed him directly for this and other losses. I doubt had we kicked better and won by the 6 or 7 goals we should have that such a negative, attention seeking thread would have been started. He still deserves to be dropped but not hung drawn and quartered on the back of last night's game
  10. He should be though, he's offered nothing all season. Or move him to the wing, but it looks like he's lost his running capacity this year. In: lever, may, hore, ANB, Salem (all best 22 so not just reactionary to a loss) Out: tmac, omac, Wagner, garlett and stretch. Fritsch moved up the ground to try and find some form.
  11. We kicked 3.12 in the second half so undid all the good work we'd done up until then
  12. No doubt when may and lever are available that omac will be dropped, not arguing that. I'm just sick of people having cheap shots at players when really we've got other issues. Plenty on here have jumped on your omac hatred to blame him for the loss and every other loss we've had since he started playing. I've just been saying, we literally had no other choice last night as all other defenders were injured, omac wasn't anywhere near our worst player and had we kicked better I doubt you would have started this
  13. This thread is dedicated to Oscar costing us the game, I'm just saying that's not the case and we had no other real alternative to him. At no point have I said he played a good game, what cost us the game was bad kicking and bad forward play, but that's been overlooked in here
  14. He's the only player who had an individual topic dedicated to his performance tonight, with calls he never plays again. We don't have better options as they weren't available and if we kicked straight then we win by over 5 goals
  15. I don't think we were the worse side at all. We just didn't convert, we kicked 1 goal 8 behinds in the last, even if we went 4.5 then most on here would be happy. I know a lot blame omac for everything, and I'm not saying he was great but we literally had no one else, and reading on here you'd think he had 10 kicked in him
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