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  1. Not sure if that's too possible DP, doesn't seem like there's too much of the state that's not impacted. I was 3hrs west of Melbourne on Monday and there was thick smoke there, and it'd be even worse today. The trip up north is usually designed to coincide with the Aust Open so it's hard for them to bring that forward as well.
  2. Thanks for the reports all! Might be because running on grass is better than the tan? Both softer and also level? Did all 3 then complete all the craft session? Think Viney could have a big year, with his first decent pre-season in years.
  3. There's a good chance the club wasn't allowed to take him. There's some strict rules they have to go by having someone train who isn't 'officially' on the list. I think he'd be certain as to what his position in the squad is and the club will be doing what they can so he doesn't feel like and outsider, all the training photo's show him smiling and laughing with the others.
  4. Not to derail a great historic thread - but at the end of their first 3 years it was seen that we'd gotten a great pick in Morton and that Danger might not ever come on as a midfielder, by that stage Danger had only 3 or 4 games with more than 20 disposals, while Morton had around 30, and had multiple games where he had over 30 disposals. Of course he had a few injury issues from that point and never got going, while Danger became Danger. You can argue development/injuries/maturity/desire etc. but based on their first 2/3 years and supposed improvement from their you can't blame the recruiters for picking Morton.
  5. The new center bounce game plan revolves around spiking the ball forward, volleyball style, until we get a player in the clear to have a shot on goal. instead of the average disposals per score of around 30 (not sure of the source), we're going to bring it down to less than 5, and really blow score sheets apart!
  6. Yeah agree, just putting out what was in the little paper, and know that the Dogs and us have been spoken about the most in connection to him. I think most clubs will meet with draftees, but having them tour facilities is normally left to a select few.
  7. Weightman who has been mentioned as a connection to us, toured the Doggies HQ today, according to the little paper. Looks like even if we did split to 15 & 20 (GC) or 14 & 17 (Cats), then we'd miss out - if we wanted him anyway. If we did want him and be able to split the pick then maybe we'd talk to the Power, but would they give up 12 & 18 for 10 & 28, I doubt it.
  8. Like the thought, but the AFL wouldn't tick off on it, nor would GWS go anywhere near it. Say if we split 10 into 15 & 20. If we then bid pick 3 on Green, GWS could then use pick 4 and be left with the approx. pick 50 after their discount or alternatively we trade them picks 15 & 20 for 4 and there left with equivalent of pick 50. Either way GWS end up with Green and a pick in the 50s, there's no compelling reason for them to do that, even including pick 28 would be questioned.
  9. I don't watch much of the under age stuff, so have only seen highlights so not the most qualified to offer this up, but Toumpas was rated a phenomenal kick in his draft year, however as we all know with the extra speed and pressure the AFL brings as compared to under 18s, he was found out. I think a few years ago there were stats going around that the best players from the 18s come through with a high % of their stats being contested - not sure how this applies to Young? Most of the best half back flankers have evolved from their draft year, playing mostly as midfielders who then find that position when at AFL level - Hodge was mentioned earlier but he was a mid, then from last years premiership team Vlaustin was hard in and under mid and that's where Houli started too, in our team Salem was a mid turned HBF while Hibberd got a chance as a mature pick up. Not at all saying Young's not a worthwhile pick but he needs to be more than a great kick to make it at AFL level, the speed pressure etc. is so much higher than what he's been playing against. Have people seen that in him, or just the great kick?
  10. Sometimes it can depend on the type of injury though and the players role. Gus has a back injury which while he still managed to play 22 might have meant he was much more restricted than Oliver with his shoulders. An injury set back can effect you're whole body sometimes and others it only impacts 1 area, so running/strength work might still be possible. Hopefully with no set backs this year Gus returns to his 2018 best, but backs are hard to manage.
  11. Unfortunately Bombay, there are a heap who've gone early on the criticism of Taylor/Goodwin for looking at a 'ruckman' who's going to be worse than Lucas Cook and can only kick floaters. I'd love to see some vision as well, I was just pointing out the Taylor has expressly said he's gone to see him play forward on a few occasions and doesn't see him as just a ruck,
  12. I see this as a real draft day decision, I think we'll take Jackson at pick 3 and then will see how the rest of the draft order shapes up to see if we split 8 or not. There's a chance Young or Serong are available at 8 and I think we'd take them, but if both are gone, then I think we'd looking at trying to get access to Weightman, Pickett or Taylor.
  13. Taylor has said a few times that he's seen him play forward and was excited by that, this is something that's been completely ignored by most on here who see him as mostly a ruckman. I know some clubs think it's possible that he'll potentially develop into a super tall mid as well.
  14. GWS win because of the generous academy, but it won't really impact us too much. We'll either get Green or Jackson (if he is the choice at pick 3), while GWS would have to weigh up matching Green with taking Jackons and Young (1 player vs 2). It will reduce down who might be there at pick 8, but again that might not have made any difference to us at all, or might encourage the splitting of pick 8.
  15. The younger Green wouldn't qualify for us, unless he has parents who weren't born here. We don't have the same rules as the northern clubs with our academy.
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