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  1. You can't travel to Tassie now with self isolating for 14 days, so that would rule out any games there. I think they should just be playing games at the major grounds now, with just 1 in QLD and NSW
  2. I agree, in a 17 game season everyone will end up with 8 or 9 away games, why not group them together so we only have to travel west once, then next away games we might go to Adel/Syd/Qld but only do the return trip once. I love that the games are being played but they need to get the fixture right to minimise travel exposure.
  3. They might just not allow the young kids into the draft, make it an under 20 comp for them next year and any draft selections have to come from older guys from the state leagues. Realistically you can't move guys off a list if they haven't played either, so this would be more of a top up system for those who retire or are long term injuries.
  4. Unfortunately, I highly doubt that any of our players will suit of for Casey this year, the AFL club have the resources to isolate players and staff much better than at VFL level. So I can't see that even if the AFL season goes ahead that they'd allow any listed players to play alongside those that aren't in the full time environment.
  5. Even if the games go ahead, I can't see any of our player being allowed to play for Casey this year, the AFL clubs have the budgets to quarantine players/staff etc. but the local VFL teams don't have the same measures. Going to make it hard for those trying to break back into the team or returning from injury.
  6. Not wanting people to jump in and have a crack at AFLW, becuase clearly it is still developing - but they've got 16 a side and there's still massive congestion around the ball whenever it's heading into the Fwd50 for any team. Yes the men will have better skills and more powerful kicks but taking players off the field still won't change what coaches are going to focus on. Be better to implement the last touch rule (only for kicks or handballs and in between the 50m - not within them) like in AFLW, that seems to speed the play up, and requires a great emphasis on skills, which then should increase scoring.
  7. I know this is just another shot at OMac, but really May is the one who benefits the most from having OMac in the team, and why IMO they were happier to move Frost on. May has said he plays best knowing there is someone behind him allowing him to play more aggressively (he loved having Thompson in that role at the GC), OMac for all his faults will stick and do what his job is, he won't get caught ball chasing. Really Lever's best role is the floating intercepting defender (or 3rd tall as people like to call it), but that can only happen with a guy like May if you've also got the backstop holding their position.
  8. Let's not get too carried away, I'd be hugely surprised if he spent less than 4 or 5 weeks at VFL level before even being considered for the 1s. He spent a lot of time in the WAFL before getting a game for a poor Freo side
  9. Yeah and I loved it when he did, I still don't see Bedford as having the extreme, run 12/13kms in a game consistently yet, not many really young guys can. But I'm very impressed that he recognised that to make it he needs that in his game, I can see kossie being the real flashy type who impacts the game with a few brilliant touches, while Bedford's impact will come through pressure and harassment, while finishing better than ANB. I think Bedford will still be another season or 2 away from making a major impact at AFL level, but he's doing everything right
  10. I liked what I saw from him as well, not sure he has star potential, more skillful ANB, without the extreme fitness at the moment - clearly he's worked very hard on it though. If he continues Bedford and Kossie will be the perfect pairing for 10 years for us, Kossie withe the flash and scare, while Bedford will create goals through continual pressure and good decisions.
  11. Honestly both sides were probably as strong or as weak as each other. They had virtually none of their top liners, with the exception of Tarrant who was really out their for a run around, while we were similar but with Melk and Brayshaw doing the same. They just had more AFL listed players. What stood out was the game style of both teams, unlike last year where we seemed to go away from any real noticeable game plan, you could see all our players were on the same page, playing the same -quick movement, running support game plan. They got caught so often in our Fwd50, because it seemed like they had no idea where they should be heading. Really good signs for us, the test of course comes against better oppositions who like to run and know what where their teammates are going.
  12. I've been impressed (in little bits I've been able to watch) in general with the overlap play, guys kicking/handballing then following up the immediate play. It hasn't always worked and some of the skills aren't great, but that shows better intent of ball movement even without our best players.
  13. He gone done holding the ball, playing like he would in an AFL game. He got it wrong footed then turned to give the handball back to the guy who should have been running past, but there was no one there. Being fairly harsh with the comparison to Tyson there wwsw
  14. He's going to be in there as a 2nd ruck, the game plan will be for Max to win the tap to Jackson who then will tap it to Tomlinson running in from the wing, who then taps it to Weid at CHF who will finally tap it to one of the waiting forwards to run in unopposed to goal. We want to play a volleyball style game, using 1 possession (a kick) per goal, ensuring our disposal efficiency is the highest it can be - 1 disposal 1 goal.
  15. Yeah Crouch has to go for at least a week for it. He got him with his shoulder but raised his elbow, which is never a good look. Clarrie instant brought up his lunch, then was rubbing his jaw on the way back after the next play.
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