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  1. I lost count how many other times a player took possession and was immediately tackled - and made absolutely zero attempt to dispose. But all of a sudden prior opportunity kicked in again.
  2. Definitely Rodge. He was average last year and to be able turn it around under the circumstances is a massive effort.
  3. Yep. we're currently the easiest team to play against for a decent coach. Apply basic pressure and stand around waiting for us to hand it over to you.
  4. Not sure about you, but I'm seeing plenty of consistency
  5. So many 'learnings', so little learning. One can only hope the board is learning.
  6. If we can get rid of any AFL assistance does that make it easier to push back on the draw that we generally get? I'm talking Geelong, Essendon fixtures where we're always shafted.
  7. And the 1 they called play on was when Hawkins had May on his wrong leg and May actually pulled up expecting it to be paid. Hawkins spun around beating him easily.
  8. A big call while you have him on your avatar I think he has the talent, something isn't right up top at the moment, and it's not just the terrible hair.
  9. Salem looks like a player that's been overloaded with instructions. Playing on instinct he goes quick and 9 out of 10 finds a good target. Lately he's taking far longer to make a decision, ignoring easy options, and doing the old long down the line trick
  10. I'm amazed at how often we burn a player in space and go long to a contest instead. It seems every kick-in we'll have a player free straight up the ground at around the 45, and ignore him to go down the line to a contest. Incredible.
  11. Honestly I'm starting to think that's the best outcome out of all this. The end of Gil and his cronies is exactly what the AFL needs.
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