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  1. I could've sworn the commentators were calling him Pupopolo last night, but figured I must've been wrong. Commentators are way too professional to get names wrong. Right?
  2. Sportsbet has the bye at $1.10 to beat us
  3. So if he's been at this caper for a while, the question has to be asked. Why was nothing done until it happened to Essendon?
  4. He dropped quite a few contested marks he would've normally taken too, and they will come with match practice. He'll be a beauty for the next few years.
  5. It is fair dinkum always Hawthorn with this rubbish. Always. Their argument will be there's nothing in the rule books stopping it. They've been bending the rules of the game for as long as they've been in the game. Next time someone's in a marking contest with this peanut, if the balls going over the back, pull his [censored] pants down so he can't run, and away you go. Anything in the rule book about that? Make him look as stupid as his haircut does. Oops, am I allowed to say that?
  6. If we're able to execute at training, but not during the heat of battle, surely it means only one thing. We're not training with the players under the necessary pressure or fatigue levels. Can the regular track watchers advise how (if) we introduce/simulate the pressure or fatigue that you'd have during a game into our training? 2 laps of the the oval, followed by a 50m sprint then 30 seconds to kick the goal? Miss, do it again. Or miss, and some other repercussion, number of misses equals number of laps post training. Don't know, just ideas. Kicking bags of balls through the big sticks clearly isn't helping, and has been done a million times through their careers. It works for under 15s, sure, but we need to be a tad better than that. Fix techniques and practice with multiple shots. Fix performance by simulating pressure and fatigue levels.
  7. How can we not even switch successfully?
  8. I'd rate it a tad higher than decent, but on that performance, if he follows up next week and doesn't get a game after the bye there'll only be one question left to ask.
  9. Would this help at all? Braydon Preuss 1 goal 3 behinds 13 kicks 6 handballs 19 disposals 6 marks 6 tackles 40 hit outs 140 dream team points
  10. So Grundy can hold Gawn, but Gawn can't hold him, in the same contest. Nice.
  11. Viney being held long before he takes possession, he needs to learn to tap it on rather than take the ball sometimes. He'd have 3 or 4 free kicks already.
  12. How many kicks did he get yesterday?
  13. They're different types. I think Spargo needs a good long run in the guts at Casey. Build the engine, dominate games. Then he can come into the guts in the firsts when a spot opens. He's being played out of position at AFL level at the moment, and I don't think it's helping his development. Or Lockhart's for that matter. Lockhart can play that forward role, and needs to be at AFL level to bring him on.
  14. I'm not sure why we do any training at all, it's all been done a thousand times already. Call it off for the rest of the year. Wait, hold on. Maybe we could try to do some shepherding. Because that's never, freakin ever, happening for us!!! Looking forward to the next training report. Players sat on their dates for 3 hours, because it's all been done before and the bleeding cows never came home. Fair dinkum, I don't understand what some people are thinking before they post, regularly.
  15. We're not allowed to get free kicks inside forward 50. It very rarely happens. I'd like to see the free kick inside forward 50 league ladder for the last 10 years. I reckon I know where we'd sit.
  16. Hunt's been thrown in the deep end this year up forward. Was tried there before and it failed, but he's having a red hot crack at it. I've always thought it was his natural position, and if he gets his goal kicking going he could well be a superstar. Give him space i50 and he'll lead up, give him the ball in space around 60 out and he doesn't need to look up and find a target, he knows where it is. I think there's massive upside. Back on track though. I'd have Finlayson, but we'd need to pay for him. Coniglio comes free (trade value), as have all of the Hawks premiership winners. The free agency bus is the one we need to be getting on. People keep saying 'but he's not what we need'. Take the bloody freebie and find a way to make it work.
  17. As if the total confusion over his and he's wasn't annoying enough, we now have a new face in the race. Welcome to the party 'he his'.
  18. Skills have been poor for 15 years GYM. How is that even possible?
  19. Exactly my line of thinking coach. If he takes 2 contested goal square marks early you just watch our forward 50 open up as they'll need to double team him. The intercept marks inside forward 50 have to stop. I'm having flashbacks to the Adam Oxley game every week.
  20. Well there you go, I could've sworn he was forward line coach after checking the MFC website in about round 3. I stand corrected.
  21. Chaplin has to go, I mean seriously, WTF. He's taken the highest scoring team to an absolute pathetic shambles forward of centre
  22. Makes perfect sense to me. You obviously didn't put in enough effort at the bar! Hope you're somewhere else having another crack at it.
  23. Fair dinkum our skills are atrocious. Surely it's time to forget about the whole lower the eyes going into 50 thing, because we simply cannot kick. Have a quick look and if Hunt isn't on a clear lead bomb it long and throw Preuss in the goal square. Hunt's up and about, Baker showed he's up to it at ground level and Lockhart similar. We need to get the ball to ground and at the moment our i50s are just being picked off because of our poor kicking/decision making.
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