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  1. Couldn't even jag a home game vs Essendon when no crowds are allowed. It must be written somewhere in the rules of the game is it?
  2. I stand by mine as well. At the first question you decided to slag off the very people sitting at the table, due to your stereotyping of MFC supporters. There are complainers everywhere, it's life, and if there is one club that deserves complaints..... What on earth do Chelsea supporters have to whinge about? Not winning everything, every year? My heart bleeds. In the interests of being constructive, try answering the question again without attacking the subject. For the record, I'd say MFC supporters are far too willing to accept mediocrity and would rather walk away and wait for success, then try to push the club to be accountable, and ultimately, successful. Opinions, they're like bums, but they're still allowed for all.
  3. So what you're saying is you derailed a discussion. That's not like you.
  4. When Uncle Bitters is calling someone out for a lack of class, it's clear they've stepped way out of line
  5. It'll be on, right after the revolution
  6. Does that mean we have to move over to the post match discussion thread?
  7. Has Goodwin honestly earned the right to be on the DL banner?
  8. I must say I'm extremely disappointed with the DL response to this. High profile, sure, perhaps we should try EnergyWatch? But then again, they never killed anyone, so play on.
  9. Not research. I live in that country, and this is a very well known story. It's just one of many similar cover-ups. He will never face justice. The media picks it up occasionally, there's public outrage, the police fumble through putting a red notice in to Interpol. 2 weeks later the red notice disappears after the discussion dies down. It [censored] me to tears every time I watch sport and see the profile of this company, everywhere, while nobody is aware of this story. I hope this VPN works.....
  10. Really not happy with this at all. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_Wichian_Klanprasert
  11. Agreed. I think Cripps should get out of there. No idea where he should go though....
  12. Do they give clubs different rulebooks to go over through the preseason?
  13. Optus Stadium has a track to play during the entire game to cover for the lack of crowd noise
  14. Gotta love the way he's gone about it. Rather than feel sorry for himself he's taken up the fight. Well played young man. Oh, and if you do ever start feeling down, I have the remedy
  15. All players over the age of 75, or those with underlying serious medical conditions should be kept away from games.
  16. Exactly. Is it a new, unrelated injury or an extension of the original that's hampered him long term?
  17. No but he has a stockpile of thoughts and prayers ready to roll if things get real tough.
  18. He's the best tagger in the comp, in fact he's probably the best there's been for a long time. Completely shuts out his man while hurting the other way. I was shocked that he wasn't used in this role for much of last year. Looks like he won't be again this year, although if he can do a similar job on the oppo's most dangerous small/medium forward it may be of benefit. I'd much prefer 'the nurry' didn't get down that way in the first place though.
  19. It wasn't even written to suggest the issue was an over-payment, it only suggested something like a lodgement error. The lack of information and the misinformation really make it look like this is a complete cover up. Genuine fines, draft sanctions. These are the penalties for over-payment, not $5K a year.
  20. I also think the key to ANB's selection is the ground he covers, however with Bedford now on the scene, and able to cover the distance - with the better skills - it really does put pressure on ANB to get his act together. Could ANB have kicked that goal against Norf? More likely to send it out on the full I reckon. I like ANB but he's had enough chances to get his disposal right, and if Bedford shows he can play that role tonight, he firms for round 1.
  21. I was thinking along similar lines AW. I'd like to see Lockhart play a half, alternating with Nev, and Bedford a half, alternating with ANB. From what I can tell ANB is picked for his ability to get from contest to contest. Bedford's only just behind him in the time trials, and looks to have better skills. Is he an upgrade? I'd love to have a look.
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