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  1. Good point. Would it highlight to the AFL the stupidity of us not having our own training ground?
  2. Might be a silly question, but seeing as Goschs is a public park, what's stopping him from going for a run there accidentally at the same time as our training sessions?
  3. And one would suspect that particular player is in for serious problems in the future. It'll be interesting to watch that case to see if he looks for compensation, should he ever have similar issues.
  4. I recall a photo with those two and Dunkley, did he go as well?
  5. MFC site has Rooke as Development coach. I can't recall any announcement on Rooke going to the Forward line, or any other coach taking it over. Very concerned.
  6. Same question, different wording. Any idea why he's in rehab? I don't recall any mention of an injury.
  7. As far as 2019 goes, can't really argue with him. The interesting point, given how poorly our forward line worked in 2019, where does our Forward line coach rate in the league?
  8. He certainly looks in ripping nick. Good to see, giving himself every chance. I reckon Spargo's added a lot of muscle as well.
  9. Must've been in the bad books with the missus then.
  10. Misso was a genius. How many people could've sold the 'nobodies had an interrupted preseason' line?
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