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  1. Does anyone know anything about Jamie Elliott's injuries? Can he be 'fixed'? Looking purely at his goals and goal assists (which is where we need drastic improvement), he's a good replacement for Jeffy, if he's on the park of course. Is he worth a look?
  2. Yes you're correct. Which I find strange considering we have a midfielder that seems to grow a leg when given the tagging job. Harmes. His best games have been when given a run with role. He should be developing that by testing himself against the best mid each week for the remainder of the wasted year. How about Harmes tag, Brayshaw inside mid, Baker outside, Lewis left right out?
  3. Whatever it is the footy department believe Lewis is bringing to the team is now completely irrelevant. Him playing in the team means a young kid is missing out on experience. He has to go. Brayshaw moves into whatever role Lewis was playing on the weekend, and Baker comes in to play the outside role. Yeah ANB, Hannan, but it's pretty much rearranging the deckchairs whoever we bring in there. Maybe Hannan out for either of Weids or Smith, whichever is fit. Go tall, what's the worst that could happen.
  4. Thanks guys. Do you really think there was a push? Personally I don't think so. Yes there's blocking, as there is in every ruck contest, because essentially that is the contest. Both players are trying to maintain the best position to tap the ball, by blocking their opponent out of that best position. The point is, there's nothing in the laws of the game about having a straight arm is there? It's a ruling (I don't use the term interpretation) that's been invented by the umpires so they can apply it whenever they feel like it. It isn't a rule. They only apply it to one player in particular.
  5. Not to mention the old blow the whistle then call play on trick. I've never seen that one before. It's a ripper.
  6. So what's the rule? Preventing the opposition ruckman from getting to the contest? Ok, so at a centre bounce, how many players are allowed to play the ball? 2 At around the ground throw-ins/ball-ups, thanks to new rules of the game, how many players are allowed to play the ball? 2 So it's pretty clear these instances are a 1 on 1 contest. So once the ball is bounced, thrown up, thrown in, or whatever, it is now a contest between 2 players. How can an umpire rule that 1 of those players is preventing the other from contesting the ball? It is in fact already a contest between the 2, it is on, it is happening, they are both there, contesting. This incorrect ruling, note, it is not in fact a rule, needs to be booted this year while, well, we suck. It cannot be allowed to interfere with our game in 2020. This needs to be addressed with the AFL immediately. If they want to change the rule to add some rubbish about a straight arm fend in a ruck contest, then so be it, all ruckmen need to be adjudicated on the same grounds, not just Max. #freeMaxy Get on board
  7. Actual slow motion footage of a bulldogs handball
  8. You surely can't slam Fitta for a panic handball after the first quarter holding the ball calls?
  9. Apparently Selwood refused to do the commentary gig unless they offered up roast duck at half time.
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