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  1. Excellent. I hope clubs put some serious work into DeGoey now. They'll be desperate to keep him as well, and between the two of them it will cause some significant salary cap pain.
  2. So what indoor training facilities do we have? Is it just weights, or is there an open area for footy drills?
  3. When's the Maroochydore trip? Can it be bumped forward? Big logistics job but might be the best option.
  4. How in hell are we having this discussion again?
  5. Not doing it right Redleg. 'Former AFL player agrees with Demonland legend' Gotta pump your own tyres up, who else will?
  6. ScoMo went for a little break while the country burned. Who cares, Kev bolted while Dees preseason was in full swing. Unforgiveable. Only joking Kev, you're an absolute legend. I could never put into words what your preseason reports have meant to me during a tough time in my life. I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Have a great Christmas.
  7. Having worked for them, I hate saying Telstra too. Thanks for the report
  8. I don't think we have any room left on the list, other than the spot waiting for Bennell.
  9. Ed Pinkley Motors might be able to help you with that Uncle.
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