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  1. Enough is enough, I'm over it, it isn't fun anymore. I'm going to talk with my wife.
  2. Embrace that anger WB, welcome to the dark side. To answer your question though, ah for [censored] sake!
  3. Our skills are the worst in the league Do we use footballs at training?
  4. Good luck with that. Demons i50 are invisible for umpires, unless they infringe.
  5. I think you're mostly right WB, but not sure about the dew making us fumble. I think we're good enough at that ourselves. No skills. Hore has shown he can almost break even against Riewoldt. Send TMac forward, we need a target.
  6. why was he calling viney to play on? Went straight back
  7. We'll win this by 10 goals if they start paying the throws
  8. ANB should've buried him then. If you want to stand on the line waiting for me to take you over, you're in trouble. Weak
  9. Sounds good, looked good, but need to take the bloody mark!
  10. I was thinking Lockhart goes back as the Jetta replacement. We'll know soon enough. I don't have much faith in us doing anything other than bomb it in at the moment.
  11. So does that mean we're left with Weids and Bull up front? It won't matter how many i50s we have tonight in that case.
  12. Always check the microwave before leaving home😉
  13. Does for me SWYL. If the Tigers smash us, I'm not sure there'll be enough alcohol on the planet.
  14. I know I'm in the minority here, but I don't think we're that far away. We're getting the ball into attack more than enough times to kick a winning score but for whatever reason the forwards haven't 'clicked' just yet. From this point I think we're trying to put the pressure on, but if you go back and look, every time we try to hunt the opposition we end up with 2 or even 3 players trying to shut down 1, leaving too many free options for them to get out. Almost every single time this happens the opposition has scored the Chinese checkers goals. If we can clean up the defensive pressure to stop them getting out the over the back goals will dry up. Turn those moments into turnovers and we're good. That's our backup route to goal, but obviously if the forwards start to get it together we should be winning more than we are now. Don't get me wrong, I'm no 'company boy', I'm as disappointed/[censored] off as the next man, I just don't think we're that far off. In regards to the Tigers game though, I can't see how we can clean up these things in 4 days. Stranger things have happened I guess.
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