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  1. Guys this is a longshot, but i am searching for these 1985 VFL videos, released by a company called ProFootball - now long gone. Profootball were the forerunner to name a game video, also long gone. These videos for season 1985, covered all 6 games each round, including the non televised games. All videos were 2 hours in length, and showed about 20 minutes of each game per round. They were only brought out for the one season only. If anyone happens to have any of these videos at all, then please get in touch, i would love to hear from you.
  2. Guys Hoping someone on here can possibly assist me, i am looking for a couple of old demons games from back in seasons 1984-1986, i have already contacted both ch 7 and ch 2, as well as the afl and the club, and i am not interested in anything on youtube, i want to find people who have the footage either on tape, or already converted to dvd. If you think you can possibly assist me, then get in touch. Any assistance is greatly appreciated thank you
  3. Guys I am searching for old Melbourne home and away games, either on vhs or dvd. for season 1994 only. I have checked youtube, and am not using name a game/sports delivered - they close next week anyway. i have plenty of old Melbourne games prior to season 1994 to offer as a swap in exchange. Any assistance is greatly appreciated thank you
  4. Guys I am searching for a copy either on vhs or dvd, of the 1991 Fosters Cup night series first round game between Melbourne v Richmond at VFL Park Melbourne won this game 15.13.103 to 12.10.82 and it was shown live on ch 7 This game cannot be bought thru name a game/sports delivered. If anyone can assist me, then please get in touch thank you
  5. Guys I am searching for a copy of 1993 Fosters cup game between Melbourne v Collingwood at Princes Park, either on VHS or dvd. Melbourne won this game by 4 points. This cannot be bought commercially at all. Any assistance is greatly appreciated thank you
  6. Hoping that someone on here can possibly assist me. I am searching for a dvd copy of 1993 round 21 game v Richmond at MCG, it was a Sunday game, and Melbourne won by 121 points. Ch 7 did a replay at 5pm, however, i am searching for the full game. Name a game/sports delivered do not have this game on their catalogue. Any assistance is greatly appreciated thank you
  7. they are no longer in Martin st, Gardenvale, they moved 2 years ago to Poath Rd, Hughesdale, i have spoken to them, they cant help me with them, but thank you anyway
  8. It was probably me who posted it on facebook!! but thanks anyway
  9. I have contacted Lorraine Wilson, she does not have any back copies at all, and the publishers are long gone.
  10. I am trying to track down a copy of the 1982 Melbourne book called "come on the Demons it was written by Lorraine Wilson. Trying to collect the set of that first series in 1982. Any assistance is greatly appreciated thank you
  11. I am searching for copies of old Winners episodes from the ABC for seasons 1982-1986. Not interested in the " Winners Rebooted" show, looking for original winners episodes only. If anyone has any that were taped from fox footy channel several years ago, please get in touch thank you
  12. Dr Gonzo Havent heard from you as yet. Please email cheers
  13. Hoping someone on here maybe able to assist me. I am looking for a copy of 2 1960 Melbourne finals matches either on vhs or dvd. I used to have these 2 games in my collection, but now i cannot locate them at all. the games are: 1960 2nd semi final v fitzroy - last qtr only 1960 grand final v Collingwood - last qtr only if anyone can possibly assist me at all, please get in touch thank you
  14. trying to complete the set of Melbourne televised games for season 1982
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