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  1. So I was a little off: they didn't so much give the world to Collingwood, as give us nothing. Same result though. I really am over this game. Incidentally, at the other end of the conspiracy theorist spectrum is naïvity.
  2. ...which is the actual reason why supporters yell "ball" and "fifty" and whatever else.
  3. I agree. They both have excellent skills and usually make very good decisions. These attributes could be vital against Collingwood. In concert with our awesome line-breakers in Hibberd and Hunt, our rebounds will be very damaging. Damn i'm happy to have Gus back!
  4. 6. Cameron Pedersen — Epic. Today he showed what a "utility" can do: everything! 5. Michael Hibberd 4. Nathan Jones 3. James Harmes 2. Tom McDonald 1. Jake Melksham
  5. Last year, when it looked like we were are real chance of making finals, facing Carlton in round 22, we lost the free kick count 5/20. Yeah... 400%. No team can overcome that. "No finals for you!" I unhappily predict that Collingwood in round 23 will get as many free kicks as they need to beat us. Why? Because Melbourne don't generate strong television ratings. "AFL" is a corporation selling an entertainment product. A few years ago (Hinkley's first year, i think) Port Adelaide were red hot and every chance to grab the flag. When they beat Collingwood in their first final, Gil said "that cost us a million dollars". The next week Port were put out by Hawthorn on the back of some truly outrageous umpiring (anyone remember those last few minutes? i do). I was a Juventus fan when Serie A exploded. It shocked me deeply. I denounced my team and fairly quickly lost interest in Football. It is well worth noting that the Serie A referees who were done for match fixing would never have gone as far as AFL umpires go week in week out. Our game has become deeply corrupted by its too-close relationships with television and gambling corporations. It's not hard to see... if you care to look.
  6. it happened right in front of me. Salem was penalised for "holding the man". i heard the umpire clearly.
  7. it's all about the hair. so long as Spencil keeps his wild-man hair-do he will be a gun. no doubt about it!
  8. yeah, nah. Big Spencil will hold his own. I believe!! and our mids need to fire every game.
  9. That's better. VFL standard at the moment. *being cheeky.
  10. No way is Petracca arrogant. He is certainly confident, which is a good thing, but not arrogant.
  11. Brian Taylor is instructed to commentate in the "style" he uses. He is perfectly capable of calling the game properly, but Charnel 7 doesn't want that. Until peeps start complaining to the network the "delicious caressing OMG Supertar" style will remain. Sad, rediculous, and unbearable, but true.
  12. After his second game for us i added him to my "favourite players" on my DL profile. I really loved the effort, intent and awareness he showed — especially around the 50. He certainly faded as the season rolled on. However, this was his first year playing back-to-back games with any kind of regularity, so we shouldn't be too surprised that he ran out of legs. I think he can be a very important player for us in 2017. He has great speed and awareness and, as Adzman states above, he is competitive and creative. Fingers crossed in hoping he has a good injury-free pre-season!
  13. I have zero respect for Matthews. Zero.
  14. unfair to attack our players like so many are. the umpires are giving them no chance.
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