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  1. Typical Melbourne... We are now the most impacted club out of this situation all through the actions of an opposing player not following protocol
  2. Last 10 years minus 2018 may have something to do with it 🤷‍♂️
  3. Hmm not at all confident to be honest... Unfortunately think the Blues will roll us & set the scene for another poor year for us ☹️
  4. Daniher's farewell game in 2007... Up by 17 points with 5 minutes remaining only for Essendon to kick 3 unanswered and Lucas to be lurking at the back of the pack to goal with 5 seconds left. A fairly Melbourne way to send off one of our better coaches of the modern era
  5. JV7


    Was shocked when I saw he was released yesterday than heard talk he may be headed home to Atlanta... Wrapt this morning to wake up to that news however there are big question marks over his body
  6. JV7


    If the world wasn't so strange at the minute is got a whole lot stranger... Brady to Tampa wth 😲
  7. Assume it is a start... Might stop people losing their minds if 1.5 weeks in it's announced it'll be another 1.5 or 2 weeks rather than scaring people with a month straight up
  8. Have it on reasonable authority that the country will be in complete lockdown in the next 24 hours until the end of the month
  9. Let the return home to Perth jungle drums beat 😐
  10. TBH not sure why people are outraged at people been a bit peeved off over the comments... It’s a Collingwood season launch, the question has nothing to do with Melbourne as a footy club, he left the club 5 years ago. Cheap pot shot at a club that gave him a chance in the AFL and if it wasn’t for us who knows where he would be, certainly not running around in front of “mass crowds” at Collingwood. Must run in the family because cousin Matthew Wade is a crap bloke that the Aussie team don’t like.
  11. Can not stand the bloke... Totally unnecessary comments
  12. 1. Geelong 2. North 3. St.Kilda 4. Essendon 5. Hawthorn
  13. Was impressed by Lockhart down back, whoever from the coaching staff tthought that one up has found a good one there. Beford vs Kossie vs Spargo... TBH Beford is leading the race for round 1, he obviously showed up to preseason in great condition running 2nd(?) in the time trial and has shown enough in my opinion. Feel as though people want Kossie to play to fit the narrative, I think it'll be good to make him absolutely earn his spot after some solid form at Casey, games and debuts aren't just handed out
  14. JV7

    Demon eyes

    Very bizarre thread... The season needs to start ASAP
  15. May Lever Oscar/Hore
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