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  1. The more I look into & forward the more my mindset changes. As hard as it is, lets get enthused by the challenge facing us, by seeing what Goodwin & this list is made of. Like I said 16 weeks to find ourselves from the boot studder (if they still exist) to the President. Find out who is mentally strong out of this group to take us to the next level, it is just so disappointing because some felt we were right up there with the top contenders but clearly we aren't this year. As hard as it is, we go to the footy for the rest of the year & see how we can evolve & change to get things right for 2020. It hurts because it's "always next year" but this AFL game is a long journey, sometimes one step back to go 10 steps forward could be what we need, we haven't taken a step back since our gradual rise of the ladder from 2014 onwards
  2. Hindsight is a lovely thing but there was something deep inside me during the pre season that was worried. I almost put on a false hope that we would be premiership contenders. What had me worried was the following: - We never really stamped ourselves last year against the better sides, we weren't assured finals until round 22. We played good footy against middle of the road to lower sides than average to poor against the best. - Losing Hogan and having TMac as the focal point, I was big on this. Even though there was no Hogan for large parts of the year & finals it is a huge mental pressure on TMac knowing he's 1 out. - Weideman was never going to be ready to step up, he's played 1 good game so far in his career albeit a final. He may well make it in a few years time but none seriously thought he could kick 40+ goals this year. - We got extremely lucky & faced 2 sides in the finals who were well and truly cooked, Hawthorn & Geelong were average sides last season. Then we got found out against a good side in the Prelim - Sides were always going to find a way to combat our style, I feel as though Goodwin & the coaches stuck their head in the sand & thought "We'll just do us & forget the rest" let's not worry what sides may do to us & how we can combat & almost be a step ahead of the competition. This may partly be due to Goodwins inexperience - I haven't read much into the 6-6-6 but it can't have helped us, we liked to get a 7th defender behind the ball to help our lack of key defenders which has exposed us badly. The extras off the back of the square also was something we'd use to great effect over the past few years. All we can do is hope this is a learning year for the players & Goodwin. He has a blank canvas for 16 weeks for trial & error. See what does & doesn't work, in game & on game day. Get Lever & May back to sure up our defence and get a relatively high draft pick & pick up a good kid. Finish 13th & get a good draw next year & learn from all mistakes made last pre season to hit 2020 running
  3. What were the positive moves ? Any simpleton could coach to stop the bleeding which didn't hold up in the end anyway. Forward line was no existent & ball movement was just bomb away. I think he has a [censored] load to answer for tonight & the other 5 weeks
  4. At least we had the hype of the pre season... Felt nice having an off season thinking we could contend
  5. Game plan has literally just been play not to get smashed... No flow or ball movement at alall
  6. May have gone over the top... Early days with Roos where it was all out defense with a dysfunctional forward line
  7. Effort & intent has been better. Obviously Goody has made some adjustments defensively to stem the flow. Forward line broke down that quarter whilst is looked good in the first, we were lowering the eyes & hitting targets, it was all just bombing that quarter. Feels like the Neeld years, just hanging in there & at some point the opposition will kick away.
  8. Sucked me in... Tmac back is hardly huge news, not a surprise stevo you moron
  9. Mark Stevens reporting late out for us
  10. Very rarely in my 28 years following this mob have I missed a game I can get to. I sat through almost ever Neeld mauling to the end, usually after a bad loss I vow not to return next week but as the week draws to a close I always give in... Short turn around has me still [censored] off so not going tomorrow night, unheard of for me. Travelled to Sydney only 2 weeks ago, they’ve lost me & will take a lot to get me back in the short term Which is such a shame, I suspect I am not the only one, this game at the start of the year should have been pushing 100k, club hasn’t held up there end. Be lucky to get 70k
  11. JV7


    They were put on the fixture due to the anzac day breaks. They had to play Friday so they and collingwood could have similar breaks... Only alternative would have been Richmond/Collingwood Thursday night & us vs Essendon on Good Friday which has been Norths game. Will be interesting if Essendon are scheduled next year
  12. 1. People bagging Spargo over Stretch. Do you realise they are not the same type on player ? Spargo the small forward & Stretch a midfielder. They are not comparable, Spargo may not have had a lot of footy last week but we have had issues of retaining the ball inside 50 which was better last week, forward line functioned better. May not be all to do with Spargo but why change a successful forward mix from last week. 2. "Saints beat us with leg speed last year cry cry cry". No, they beat us on merit, we had an off day & they were better on the day. 3. People saying Lewis isn't best 22 or why is he been picked... He is still be 22, his direction & ball use across half back is hugely under rated, please tell me who takes his place ? May & Lever will take Frost/Wagner/Hore. Plus he hasn't even played a game in 2019 yet so how about people give him a month to see what he's producing
  13. F$#k Leigh Matthews is tough to listen to. First he says "that's efficiency with a capital "I". Then says the game flows better with more free kicks... STFU & retire you dumbass
  14. Surely we put him on ice for Anzac eve. Tough for anyone backing up on a 4 day break let alone a 33 year old coming off a hammy.
  15. In short no. Completely different, Lions playing last years runners up at their first sellout in a decade. Beating Collingwood would be a massive scalp on field & off, particularly given where they are coming from. Us, well prelim finalists vs a side many tipped to be bottom 4. My view of the saints hasn't change, they've had 3 lucky wins & found out against an average Freo on the road. These games are the worst, win & it's yeah well done only St.Kilda. Lose & all hell breaks lose. So this game is huge for us just to get the 4 points, build some momentum & try to even the W/L ledger up. Should we win Saturday, anzac eve will be the test.
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