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  1. A little premature, we don't even know the ccoaching staff for next year... Maybe wait until we have a coaching staff & start the season 1-4 before speculating
  2. I have joked for years following this mob is like having a relationship breakdown... They continually break your heart in new & heartbreaking ways then promise you it will be okay so you take them back for them only to disappoint you all over again. It's like for 6 weeks of 2018 it all was all looking up & could finally see an exciting future only for them to rip your heart out once & for all and there seems no way you can get back on this merry-go-round. I need a break once again from this club.
  3. As much as I hate to say it... Undersized, not a great overhead mark, slow for his size, average kick, no penetration or distance in kick, doesn't kick goals... Not much going for him apart from his tenacious attack on the footy but that only gets you so far.
  4. JV7


    Aaaaand we are almost back! This time last year the season snuck up on us as the Dees were right in the mix. Hanging out for the season to start this year! Don't know what to expect from my mob, always have the potency on offense but the defense is always suspect but we get key players back who missed most of the last season. I'd like to think we can push New Orleans for the divison but you never know what your going to get in this league.
  5. Jay Clark reporting McCartney is leaving at seasons end.
  6. I actually can not recall a bigger drop off from a side in recent memory. Sides that either won premierships or made prelims to drop off the next season but were still there abouts were; Dogs (2016-17) Hawks (2008-09) Crows (2012-13) & (2017-18) Port (2014-15) If it wasn’t for how pathetic the GC are we would be rock bottom, in reality we were extremely lucky to beat them. 3 of our 5 wins have been under a goal, it’s just not acceptable. This side could not be any worse then were it currently sits, it’s an absolute joke. Goodwin & co have escaped the heat so far this year, if we are 1-4 or the like in the first half of next year the clubs football department will be flipped on it’s head
  7. Honestly good luck to those who head to the G today. Your a better supporter than me, I have been to just about every game in Melbourne & multiple interstate trips over my 20 odd years as a supporter. I consider myself as hard core as most but this season has me so disenchanted & disengaged, I don't really care for the result. I will have to force myself to watch on TV, I just want this season over already.
  8. I'm just curious no intent behind it, I follow the club closely and I don't really see what people want. As much as we wish for it, clubs are never going to be honest when it comes to injuries, whose out etc. The whole ins & outs of AFL clubs & the AFL in general is a complete different world. No one on the outside has any idea what goes on inside the 18 clubs. Never asked why, I asked what is it the club isn't communicating to us ?
  9. Just out of curiosity, what is it that everyone wants the club to communicate to them ?
  10. Same people calling him to be delisted are probably the same people crying we traded out Kent & Tyson and we now have "no depth" takes a squad of 40 odd to build a club. Only 22 can play each week & ANB at his best in in that 18-25 range, he proved more than that last year. He is not alone on output this year.
  11. I remember back around 2008. A friend of mine knew Shane Crawford, he told him that Stuart Dew was named on the bench but starting forward. All the Hawks players piled onto Dew for first goal and of course he kicked the first goal, I remember at the time thinking “gees their carrying on for the first goal of a game” later that weekend found about it all, paid for their footy trip.
  12. Hore - outstanding pick up, he is a mini Lever. Easily slots into the back 6 in our best 18. One positive of injuries to our backman is the opportunity it has given him. Baker - Think he has what it takes, adds some pace to our midfield & his skills are up to it. Hopefully by seasons end he has taken his game up a notch. Sparrow - Haven't seen enough of him to judge. Seemed okay round 1. Keilty - Just a good VFL player, not up to it. Lockhart - whilst he has played a couple of good games I'm not entirely sold on him to be honest. Jury is still out for mine, I just don't see him as a player who gets a game if we to be a top side, may be a stop gap for a bit.
  13. Interestingly we are still #2 ranked side in contested possessions & clearances in the competition. They say you win 70% of games when you win the contested ball count which is clearly not the case for us because our contested ball is skewed. We are the #1 ranked side at winning contested ball at a stoppage but ranked 14th for contested ball around the ground, so as a lot of us are aware we are fine at winning the ball at stoppages it's what we then do with it & how we struggle to win the ball around the ground... We are also the #1 ranked side playing on from a mark, which in a modern game where controlling by foot is best. We also take the least marks equal with goal coast, so we rarely take marks but when we do we are off & going. Again our inability to control the football but foot kills us. We are the worst side for scores per inside 50 since the inside 50 stat was bought in in 1998. 16.8% of the time we score... We saw last year for large periods of games dominating inside 50 for no score so we there is proof we can turn it around.
  14. Interesting that people are calling for Goodwin & Jennings heads. I am well and truly backing in the both of them, I am unsure of Jennings contract situation but would be disappointed to see him go as a lot of the innovation from the last couple of years appears to have come from him & media folk seem to bring him up a lot in conversation. I would back him into turn this around with Goodwin, I would be more looking at Chaplin, Rooke and McCartney to a lesser extent. I think the coaching staff as a whole just completely misread the 6-6-6 set up, this isn't the sole reason for our woes but all the little things add up. It seems our game is based around just getting the ball inside 50 doesn't matter about quality just get it in there and through weight of numbers we will score. 6-6-6 was supposed to create more space inside 50 but in theory we used to try 2 off the back of the defensive end of the square, opposition would sometimes back themselves & try it or man us up creating open space for us inside forward 50. Now with the 6-6-6 it is 6 v 6 inside 50, 12 players which creates more congestion. We get the ball in anyway we can, Tmac has no space to work (which is his go, on the lead rather than 1v1 or contested situations) we can't retain ball inside 50 & our lack of defensive will & leg speed sides slingshot from end to end. Why wouldn't you sit back let us kick it in (which is usually poorly disposed of inside 50) know we can't compete in the air or at ground level & then be off to the races against us. Also sides put more work into you when you get better, Goodwin & co needs to work out a plan A for next year with a plan B,C & D for when things aren't going right. I feel we are in a holding pattern at the moment, caught between trying to learn a new style on the run but really needing time to work out what our long term plan & style will be & whether what we do in the back half of the year is the way forward or not.
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