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  1. DId you hear them say, “his one chink in his armour is his goal kicking”. The guy is an absolute butcher but is never called up on it.
  2. 5 years on and that’s looking like a definite win of a draft for us. All 5 players contributed and took us to our first prelim last year in a bloody long time.
  3. So true chook. His leg speed and ability to win contested balls out the back has been massive for us.
  4. STOP GETTING INJURIES! [censored]
  5. Take a bow ANB - amazing quick clearance
  6. Weid starting strong. A good contestes mark and a few involvements. kent was going hard for a ball. Really unfortunate for him.
  7. Right rshoulder injury - most likely AC - done for the day
  8. Frosty is playing with a lot of confidence since coming back in. Love it. AND his kicking has improved remarkably.
  9. Started slowly in the first month or so. Has been solid since - hopefully makes the squad but I wouldn’t think he’ll make the 22.
  10. He hasn't done a terrible job. It's a tough ask. But I agree with the above comments - Oliver has had a much better year than Dusty and Danger and should be on the field instead of interchange. Glad to see he snuck both Gawn and Grundy in there, it would be a crime for one of them to miss out after such dominant seasons. I'm okay with bucks as coach - i still don't like the bloke but he has done an amazing job against the odds to keep that team winning this year.
  11. http://m.afl.com.au/news/2018-06-18/match-preview-port-adelaide-v-melbourne 4. The teams have played three times at Adelaide Oval with two wins to the Power. Not in Melbourne's favour is they've never won an interstate Friday night match, with eight losses from eight games since 1991. Another one to hopefully break on Friday!!
  12. Hunt is quite predictable. Needs to add some more strings to his bow and not just take off towards his right every time he gets it. He should be dominating at this level.
  13. Tyson is destroying them around the coal face. Making really quick and good decisions too.
  14. He didn’t stick a few tackles today but I wouldn’t say he is an ordinary tackler. The beauty about him is his ability on both sides - he roves off max and it doesn’t matter which side he’s on he can kick it long and confident.
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