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  1. Sponsors pay a sum and this goes towards giving the players better facilities and its for the entire group however we sponsor Sam as a guernsey sponsor and in turn get a signed guernsey which we give away to one of the sponsors. Each person pays $50 and go in the draw for the guernsey, they are also eligible to attend sponsor functions and this is a great opportunity to mingle with our player and other sponsors knowing we are doing our bit to help the boys get better facilities and be on par with the "big clubs" . Everything is around the almighty dollar but we have done this for many years with Chip Frawley and now have him replaced with Sam.
  2. Hi All Queensland Demons are aiming to finalise our sponsorship for Sam Frost for this year. You dont have to be from Qld - some of our long time sponsors have been Victorians but anyone from anywhere who is a Demon can join in. Cost for a share is dependent on numbers and so have decided that $55 per share will cover it. Whats in it for you?? Well apart from being part of a sponsorship that helps the club get the equal facilities for our team to that of the bigger clubs, you have the chance to win a signed guernsey at Season's end, a chance to attend sponsor functions ( Melb sponsors def have an advantage here but anyone who can be in town when the function is on, is able to register to go).. If you would like to take part please email me at qlddemons@iprimus.com.au and I will send you a form to complete and bank details to deposit the dollars. I think Sam will be a major part of our club for many years and believe he will be better than his predecessor!! Get on it as the club are wanting to finalise and we are still short about 12 people. Thanks Deb
  3. hi Guys and Gals Three things to mention to you.. some will apply to you all and some to just the Queensland residents so please take from it what you will. 1) Voting - As we have lost Chip ( big surprise there eh?) we have the first opportunities to secure our choice of one of the new boys to come to the club… this includes our father/son Billy Stretch, our draftees (TBA) and our players received in trading period/s. As soon as the National draft and pre-season draft are over and our list is finalised, the sponsorship issue will come up again. I have been asked to send the club a list of five players in order of preference on who we want to sponsor next year. It is really only the new boys that we can choose from - all the current day players bar Fitzy have guernsey sponsors already. So I need from you, a list in order of the new guys coming, who you would like to sponsor from 1-5. 1 being your fave down to 5 and as soon as possible. If you want to choose one of the upcoming draftees just put pick 2 or pick 3 in your choices. Once I have the votes all in i will count them and make a list of the top 5 to be sent to the club.. Apparently as there are a few that have lost their players from last year, we might pick the same as our first choice so we would go into a ballot for that player ..if we dont get him, we go to our next selection etc etc.. 2) By now you will probably know that the AFL has forgotten Queensland exists as a venue for away games for the MFC and for the second year in a row we miss out getting a game up here. It sucks big time and I am extremely displeased but I will endeavour to get some Demon action for us. The boys are coming to the Sunshine Coast in January for a 10 day camp which will obviously include one weekend.. I am going to find out just when and where they will be training and then suggest we make a group trip north to check them out. A weekend on Sunny Coast, perhaps bunking down in a caravan park or motels nearby and enjoy a bit of sun, fun, beach and Demon. More details to come when i get info but would love to know if you are interested in a weekend trip? 3) Queensland Demons Xmas Lunch - Sunday 14th December Shearers Arms Hotel ( Peachey Rd Ormeau) 12 noon onwards. No charge, just come along, buy your lunch and drinks and enjoy meeting a few fellow Demons along the way. This is a regular event now and we want as many as possible. You will need to RSVP for table numbers by 5th December please. Ok Thats all.. Hope to hear from you all soon.. Go Dees
  4. So sad to hear you appear to have yet another injury and will be out of the game for an indefinite period of time. Just know that we will be here waiting for you to run out onto the G for your first game - be it one week, two or even a month or so. The fact that you are copping these injuries must be demoralising for even the most positive person and you strike me as one of these so just know that we care and want you back fit, healthy and raring to go. Take all the time you need and all I hope is that the #11 comes back to the Dees to enjoy the success we will have as a group.. we want you and need you back but we need you to be ready..
  5. Hi guys and gals Each year we sponsor Chip and call for anyone ( and no, you don't need to be a Qld'er to take part) to join in and help sponsor our player. Each year a few drop out for various reasons and new shareholders come in. We have a few vacancies yet to be filled and we need to finalise this as soon as possible. Shares are $50 each and each person involved for the year are eligible to win his signed and worn guernsey for a game in 2014. ( Yet to be announced). If you would like to take part please PM me and I will send you our bank details and email address. Please pass this on to any other demon fans you think might like to take part. Deb
  6. Hey guys Many of you, being in Queensland, will have received an email from the club as 2014 members regarding this last week. Lunch is coming up next week.. I need responses by Friday next week.. For those in Qld or going to be in Qld next Sunday we are having our xmas lunch and would love as many as possible to join us. Email me at qlddemons@iprimus.com.au with how many so we can know how many tables to take up.. See you all then. Deb Shearers Arms.. midday and FREE - Just buy your lunch and drinks.
  7. Hi Guys and Gals I know this is a little early but here is the first notice re our annual Xmas Lunch.. pop it in your diaries. Hi Guys Just to let you know I have a new comp and alas unable to access my email contact list. Organising our annual Xmas lunch and would love everyone to come. Please email me at qlddemons@iprimus.com.au and i will add you to the new list to keep you updated. For your info tho, the date is sunday 8th December at Shearers Arms Hotel Ormeau. Approx midday.. enjoy unrestricted demon chat with other like minded souls who love our club.. all welcome no charge.. buy your own drinks and meals.. this is our sixth year and our group gets bigger and bigger.. Hope to see you there. Deb
  8. agree boring and winning is be Losing by 10 goals plus every weekend is pretty damn boring too and if we are going to bore people, I would rather do it with wins on the board.. I don't think Swans are boring , perhaps a tad defensive but we are a leaking sieve now so tightening up with the players we have is only going to be a good thing..
  9. This year Robbo is MC and not sure who the speakers/guests will be yet but will advise as I find out. Should be a fun day. Deb
  10. Hi All For those of you yet to join THE list to be on - aka Qld Demons contact list - we are having a function prior to the game v Suns. It is at the Emerald Lakes Golf Club across the road from the ground . We have our own area on the el fresco terrace and the cost is $15. this has to be pre-paid so on booking i will provide our bank details for you to send the dollars. For that $15 you receive, on the day, a voucher for $15 for redemption for food . Robbo will be MC for the event ... the rest of the club reps are yet to be announced. Training details still to come and will advise when i find out. Email me at qlddemons@iprimus.com.au with how many people.. We have allowed for 50 but they are happy for more.. See you all then Go Dees! Deb
  11. Think it will be a the Southport Sharks but will check with the club tomorrow..
  12. Strangely, we here in Qld have been blessed with an extra game in Qld next weekend. We need as many Demon fans as possible to get along to cheer the team on in Southport next Saturday. Game is in Southport - guessing the Sharks ground - although to be confirmed. So anyone who is free get along .. come join the Qld Demons to get a look at our team before the season begins. A great chance to check out the new recruits in a more relaxed atmosphere and it wont be stinking hot like it was in Melbourne this weekend.. Cant wait.. keep an eye on this page as i find out more info. will call melbourne tomorrow to see what i can find out about the plans for the day and how we can help. Anyone from the cheersquad planning a trip north????? Check out the Qld Demons facebook page as well. it will be updated.. like us and keep updated all season..
  13. Watching the NAB Cup game v Roos now.. it was all over by the time i got home from work.. Hogan does look good .. I dont want to get too excited tho.. a year to wait for him in the big league but will be interested to see how he goes in Casey all season.. it didnt do Jack any harm aside from a broken jaw courtesy of a hit from the scum bag Wojincski... it will be more our impatience to see him join his teammates.. In the mean time we can get excited about our young boys who CAN play.. i thought both Jack and Jimmy did well.. although not match winners they both showed a lot .. not overly concerned we didnt win - there were good signs.. just a shame we cant see the games on Fox.. Getting impatient for the real games now..
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