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  1. The OMac haters are really standing out today. He did a very good job on Darling, and for the most part looked more confident and proactive. But according to some, he should never play another game and was as good as useless.
  2. Gus still has no defensive bone in his body. Of all our inside kids happiest for him to go at the end of the year
  3. OMac playing well, at least. Don't think he's lost a contest and has looked far more proactive.
  4. Our press leaks like a sieve We're unaccountable at stoppages We still can't kick for goal They can't miss
  5. Instagram stories seem to indicate they flew yesterday afternoon.
  6. Can think of no better way than a major redevelopment of the MCG precinct and Richmond Station
  7. Both Brayshaw and Viney are named starting in the forward line. That gives us a few chop outs. With shorter quarters and langdon/Tomlinson playing close to 100% game time, we should be ok.
  8. Not sure which is worse. Having no crowd noise or having to listen to James Brayshaw commentating...
  9. Gary taking every precaution, given he's at least 87 so in one of the high risk groups.
  10. Yep, helps if I read the post properly 😂 Now on Facebook
  11. Thought this would be a bit of fun. Was going to do it by myself. But my 4 year old (who only 2 weeks ago told me she wanted to say "Go tigers" 🤢) saw me in my gear and decided to join in. Now she's running around the house in my Dees gear, saying "Go Maxy, Go Dees, we're Dees dad!" 😍😭 Demonland - saving father/daughter relationships since 2020.
  12. Ha. Good on Freo for trying. Desperate to finally get some silverware.
  13. The comment was after looking at Conference A and seeing that, if we were on it, we would still be second. We may miss finals again despite winning more games than 2nd place in Conference A. But you're right, We only have ourselves to blame. Again.
  14. That may be season over. Carlton one game ahead of us now, and we have Freo and Suns to come. They have Freo and WC. Looks like we'll be dudded by the conference system again
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