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  1. Is that someone copping a head knock halfway through?
  2. Here you go. Harley dancing, Weid clunking, vanders running... all good things https://www.melbournefc.com.au/video/700087/training-vision-match-simulation?videoId=700087&modal=true&type=video&publishFrom=1590523223001
  3. You missed the best part of the video in your summary, praha. "Beats Gawn for contested ball, beats Langdon in contested ball, Beats clarry for contested ball".
  4. Mr McGowen has hardly laid out the welcome mat, has he? In her article on the AFL'S response to the Crows training breach, Caro claimed the weak response was due to the fact other clubs had done it too; specifically, two old Melbourne clubs. My first thoughts were Carltank and the Pies. Anyone have any inside info/goss?
  5. Will be interesting to see what happens next year. With the supposed decrease in playing lists, do you keep a 32-33 yr old Jones over a young bloke? I'm not so sure
  6. Interesting podcast, but it doesn't really address exactly why 186 happened (what happened game day). It talks about what was happening, and had happened leading up to it, and the results, but not about the game itself (short of a bit of 'the boys were off'). Being 'off' doesn't lead to a 186 point smashing. And as TPF39 says, if they knew Schwab was gone, why would they dish up that?
  7. Not doing themselves any favours, especially if they want to lobby to move the GF in future.
  8. I suppose we don't even know what the revenue sharing model will be from here. May not simply be 'home team gets gate receipts' anymore. We'll have to wait and see
  9. And it's our turn to host, isn't it? Damn
  10. Thought Dais was a bit stiff but hard to fit 4 Dees in. Paxy is a star. One of the all time greats of women's footy. I was listening to the ABC in January and one of the AFLW commentators and former coaches was asked who she would take between Paxy and another of the all time greats (can't remember who). She chose Paxy.
  11. The OMac haters are really standing out today. He did a very good job on Darling, and for the most part looked more confident and proactive. But according to some, he should never play another game and was as good as useless.
  12. Gus still has no defensive bone in his body. Of all our inside kids happiest for him to go at the end of the year
  13. OMac playing well, at least. Don't think he's lost a contest and has looked far more proactive.
  14. Our press leaks like a sieve We're unaccountable at stoppages We still can't kick for goal They can't miss
  15. Instagram stories seem to indicate they flew yesterday afternoon.
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