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  1. It's funny. When I opened this thread, I fully e expected it to be knives out for Weid. But like all Demonland threads, it opened where I last left it... September 2018. Everyone was singing his plaudits after his final against Geelong. The guy is 22 and a key forward playing in an utterly dysfunctional forward line. Anyone expecting him to be setting the world on fire is kidding themselves. Whether he should be developing in the ones or at Casey? That's a valid question.
  2. Why can't we just get a run of goals on? Whenever we kick one, they get it back.
  3. Goody said he wasn't far away in an interview, which might explain the interest.
  4. OMac didn't play VFL, is he injured or being held over?
  5. Carlton spooked by North pulling the trigger on Scott. Don't want to be out of the race by holding on.
  6. 3.12 to 9.3 in the second half. Get [censored] Melbourne
  7. JKH was the travelling emergency. Not sure if Weid went up as well
  8. Pretty sure they don't get taken off the list until the end of the year, regardless of when they retire.
  9. Only mention on Twitter is treatment to his ankle. Nothing else. Edit: the Casey game day thread said he was done at half time. Pretty terrible thread title when most people don't read the Casey thread.
  10. Weve seen the besy and worst of Frosty. Silly (soft) free kick, wonderful chase down followes by missing a kick to a bloke 15 meters clear. He is having a good year, though.
  11. Plus rioli playing 60% game time. Not looking like a great idea now
  12. If he was playing on anyone but McGovern he'd be killing it. Bodes well for the next few weeks. Been a great effort to go over and lead at qtr and half time. Much more than i expected. Hopefully the third osnt the qtr we go scoreless.
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