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  1. Weve seen the besy and worst of Frosty. Silly (soft) free kick, wonderful chase down followes by missing a kick to a bloke 15 meters clear. He is having a good year, though.
  2. Plus rioli playing 60% game time. Not looking like a great idea now
  3. If he was playing on anyone but McGovern he'd be killing it. Bodes well for the next few weeks. Been a great effort to go over and lead at qtr and half time. Much more than i expected. Hopefully the third osnt the qtr we go scoreless.
  4. Gus poor, umps poor, Oskar trying to do a bit too much. Lovely work through the middle of the ground for Hunty's goal, and TMac was looking good early.
  5. I think they've said the want lever to play at least 2 games. This week will likely only be a half or 3 qtrs, and then a full game next week. He has said he is eyeing the NT game against Adelaide, but I wouldn't be surprised if he is held until QB
  6. Sometimes I think people see Trac miss and easy goal and assume the rest of his game was rubbish. His work up the field has been very good this year. I said last week that when he has time and space he often seems to over think it, but when it's close and tough he does some great stuff. Edit: just checked his stats. 22 disposals at 70%, 11 contested, 5 inside 50s and 5 score involvements. Speaking of which, how good were Hunt's last 2 plays? A slippery ball, he picked it up cleanly at full tilt and had the nous to hold it and choose the right option. Then followed up the next clearance with a massive hit to spill the ball to Harmes.
  7. We win the last quarter, we win the game. Simple
  8. GC getting a few good players back and up there, it'll be tough. Think we will get done by 3-4 goals
  9. Especially given the point would have made it a clear goal, and at worst we would have drawn the game. Instead, he gave them the same opportunity to go Coast to Coast with us out of position, while still 5 points down.
  10. His good moments seem to be when he doesn't have time to over think in. When he's acting on instinct, or needs to think quickly, he looks a million bucks.
  11. Nope, there was one more who may have gathered with a bit of time. Hunt was closing fast though
  12. Frost's effort in the last 30 seconds was amazing. Won the ball and got it out to a Dees player. Trac's follow up was almost as good
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