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  1. Pretty good. They schooled Casey today, not that it means much...
  2. Imagine being 7 goals down and laying less tackles....
  3. 17 disposals to half time, at 94% DE. Very handy. Edit: 27 at 88% early in the last
  4. From the Casey Twitter it sounds like Jeffy is everywhere! Had a hand in 3-4 goals already
  5. He's playing on Preuss. Pretty easy to run off
  6. We work so hard for then and give them up so easy
  8. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE UMPIRES?! Fritsch gets front on contact, and then tripped, and it's play on! Someone jumps all over a dee and gets no where near the ball, and it's a mark to Heeney
  9. [censored] umpiring again. Miss the obvious ones and pay the weak [censored]
  10. Heeney to kick 5, buddy 4. Dees to kick 8.
  11. Jetta late out. Hore in And another one. Lockhart out, spargo in
  12. Don't watch the Short injury if you can help it... that can't be unseen
  13. He's looking for the body contact rather than just judging the flight of the ball. Needs to forget about taking great contested marks when he can take easy almost uncontested ones
  14. We have always had poor skills and been a fairly dumb side. Couple that with lazy and we are the worst team in the comp
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