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  1. Nice of hunt to leave Viney open for that. Had the chance to shepherd but was too busy calling for a handball Viney wasnt in a position to give 🤦‍♂️
  2. Pretty sure it's Chandler, and lockhart in the first photo, not bedford
  3. I looked today. There are 2 and a bit pages of them on the demon shop website.
  4. https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/552969 Official now. May a cyst, Smith an infected cut. Both back next week. Jones managed.
  5. https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/552969 Official now. May a cyst, Smith an infected cut. Both back next week. Jones managed.
  6. Saw an Instagram post with Gawn, Viney and Lever training together outside official training. My first thought - "Is that the leadership group?"
  7. Beautiful! Should be enough room for the new training oval and social club!
  8. He's super tough and his pressure is off the charts, which we desperately need. But from memory, his kicking is very iffy.
  9. 1.5m loss. The move out of gaming cost 900,000k. Still managed to pay down debt. At least that's a positive.
  10. Sydney Swans draftee Dylan Stephens would hear new Melbourne small forward Kysaiah Pickett breathing behind him on the field and knew he was in strife. The two youngsters, who are best friends, have played against each other and together many times over the past few years. Stephens, who was pick No.5 in this year’s AFL National Draft, quickly learned he needed to act quickly when Pickett was lurking in the vicinity wearing an opposition jersey. “I think he’s absolutely ready for it (the AFL),” Stephens said. Newnes reveals why he turned his ies, AFLPA rally behind Beams in late“For him, what he can do with the ball is amazing, but if he doesn’t get his hands on it as much as he would have liked he can impact the game in other ways defensively. “He can clean people up, tackle, pressure, and even for me playing against him, you just know he could be anywhere. “He’ll catch you in no time and his presence, you hear him breathing behind you and start to panic and that impacts your skills Don’t be fooled by Pickett’s 170cm stature. The teenager, who was the bolter of the draft after being snapped up by the Demons at pick No.12, likes to hurt opponents and has done so on many occasions. Although, Stephens said he thankfully had never been cleaned up by his mate on the field. “I think he looked after me,” Stephens laughed. “A couple of times he’s had me and lifted me a little bit and then just took me down a little bit. “If I were anyone else I think he would have gone straight through me.” “As a person, at first he is quiet and that’s how he’ll come across,” he said. “But when you get to know him he comes out of his shell a little bit. “And when he does, the kid doesn’t shut up. “He doesn’t stop talking.”
  11. When we recruited the two Irish ladies for our AFLW side, someone at the club said that it was our first step to getting back into the Irish pathway. Hopefully we'll see a Cat B rookie soon
  12. I'm sure there are players who seem to lean back when they kick, that are good kicks. I can't, from memory, picture Salem's technique but I think he is generally on the move (as you should be when kicking), so his weight us forward over the ball. From my experience, being on the move and having your weight forward (leaning over the ball) made for much more accurate kicking than leaning back. Noting I've only done low level coaching courses and played senior country footy, that's the way it was coached. You'll also often here commentators saying, when a player has a poor shot at goal, "He's leant back on the kick".
  13. For me, the more interesting thing re: kicking is highlighted in the photos above. The good kicks (Salem, May) have their weight forward over the ball. The less reliable kicks (Langdon and Brayshaw) are leaning back on their kicks. Gawn is an example of a guy who has changed his kicking style and is now a good kick. Leaning forward. Trac is a great field kick, but terrible set shot. In the photo above, he's in play and his weight is... going forward. It's a fairly simple mechanical adjustment. Hopefully it's something that gets picked up on and fixed (like it did with Max).
  14. that's a great article. Pity we couldn't swap with Port; 12 and 18 (potentially Pickett and Robertson) would have been very nice. That said, I'm bullish about Rivers. He's a good size with a good kick, and Brisbane have been drafting pretty well; if they rated him at 23 we did well to get him at 32
  15. Boots have very little in the way of cushioning or flex. Runners, on the other hand, generally have heaps. When the surface is dry, runners would deliver much less impact
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