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  1. If he did, no doubt we'd be found guilty of not tampering with the SSP and fined $100 million.
  2. Funnily enough, yes. But it's a panel of about 44
  3. Sure, but he kicked 21 in a team that played finals (albeit briefly). How many would he have kicked with the way our mids delivered the ball? I'm not against picking him up to increase depth. But at nearly 30, how long are we realistically going to have him on the list? One year, max.
  4. Freo might trade up to get Jackson before GWS (if they trade up) but not Robertson. One of Jackson or Robertson will be available to them at 7 and it's more likely Robertson than Jackson.
  5. Your example was a case of Watts not following his program... I have no issue with players not coming back early, provided they come back in excellent shape. It shows just as much maturity and leadership by sticking to your program and doing extras, regardless if whether that is at the club or away. Some blokes like to come back early, and that's to be commended. But guys that dont, but are still doing the work, shouldn't be looked down on for taking their time off
  6. Yep, like I said I hadn't calculated the points. It was more the example. I can see a situation unfolding where a club will trade more than the points value of pick 6 to GWS just to get pick 6, either because the really rate a player or werent going to use those picks. Again, just an example but you can see why GWS would rather trade up then use this "loophole".
  7. I'd suggest we can. What you can't do is trade and then regain the same pick on the night. So, GWS can't trade pick 6 for, say, 14 and 17, use 14 on green then trade pick 6 back in for 17 and a future first. I don't really like the idea of clubs being able to trade after a bid has been made but it does mean someone like GWS, if they don't trade for a higher pick before hand, won't get an extra top 10 pick. As an example (I'm not sure what the points work out at), if Sydney bid at 5, GWS can trade 6 for 14 and 17 and use 14 on Green. They then get Green and a kid at 17. If they trade up to 4 or 5 and get in front of the bid they get a pick 4 or 5 and then Green with their other picks. I know which I prefer.
  8. It would be great for us, but I just don't see Freo doing it. They will be keen on Jackson and Robertson. At least one of them will still be there at 7, maybe both. No one will bid on Henry before 7. At worst, they pick at 7 and pay 10 for Henry. At best, they get players at 7 and 10, and pay for Henry with later picks. If they trade 3, at best the get a player at 3 (who might be there at 7), and pay for Henry with later picks. It just doesn't make any sense for them to do they trade unless they really, really rate someone.
  9. https://m.afl.com.au/news/2019-11-07/blues-fined-10k-three-others-sanctioned-for-breach-of-drug-code Dees one of four clubs fined for not keeping ASADA updated on player whereabouts. Apparently it is the players' fault, not the club. But the club gets the fine. Players are given an app to updated their location for drug testers.
  10. You do realise the video was posted on the 1st, not today, right?
  11. Wait a second... you've just pasted Harley's head onto Gaff's body!
  12. There was an article on the Melbourne website only a week or so ago, that said Smith was building up his running slowly. Given the difficulties he's had this year, if be surprised if he wasn't in the rehab group
  13. I'm not sure picking 1 18 year old over another is the 1.5%, but each to their own. Pert was reportedly far too involved in the Collingwood FD during his tenure there. I'd be loathe to see him doing the same here.
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