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  1. The Herald-Sun reported yesterday that Pruess was one of six North Melbourne players that attended a high altitude training camp in Utah. Four current Kangaroos along with two former teammates paid their own way to head to the United States for two weeks where they got a head start on training in the mountains of Utah. Paul Ahern, Cameron Zurhaar, Declan Watson and Sam Durdin joined recently-delisted Alex Morgan and new Melbourne ruckman Braydon Preuss for high-altitude training in a bid to hit the ground running in 2019. Good to see he is committed and knows what it is going to take to become a permanent inclusion to the team.
  2. Weren't both Prestia and O'Meara out of contract at the end of the season? If one or both of them were to nominate us as their preferred club, we should be able to get the deal done. Maybe trade out 2017 first rounder ... That's providing they don't take the Terlich/M.Jones package :D
  3. Yeah, 19. Thanks for picking that up. I misread one of the quotes about him.
  4. The Herald Sun has reported that we are into Alex Morgan with our pick 46. Was a gun at TAC level in 2013 then lost his love for the game. Seeing his mates at AFL clubs has reignited his passion. Selling points: 21 year old, big bodied rebounding defender Fastest 20m sprint time (2.88 seconds)Second in the relative vertical jump (71cm)Champion Data rated Morgan’s Vic Metro games elite for contested possessions, intercept possessions and SuperCoach pointsLooks like a good pickup if he slips to 46?
  5. Looks like we are into Nick O'Kearney with our pick 50 - http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/afl-draft-2015-nick-okearney-models-game-on-trent-cotchin-determined-to-forge-afl-career/news-story/3e912fe3160d26c0e173e828059b5061 Some of his key selling points: Ball magnetRegistered a perfect goal kicking score at the combine (30/30)Equal 4th in the kicking test at combine (21/30)He is tipped to go in the 40 - 60 range.
  6. I think Salem will take his game to another level this year. I think he will be like Luke Hodge ... but with more demerit points
  7. Well played MFC!!! This trade period was like an episode of Game of Thrones! I like how we got the Melksham deal done, letting Essendon think all through the trade period that Darcy Parish was heading to windy hill. Today's switch of picks would have Essendon seething!!!
  8. Yeah, there is a bit more to the diet. It's pretty much based on the caveman diet. Hunter/Gatherer foods e.g Meat, Nuts, Fruit, Vegetables etc. Avoiding dairy, grains etc. Carbs are still in the foods you eat but they are not complex carbohydrates which take the body longer to break down. I don't think it was optional. Sounds like it was enforced while they were on the pre-season camp in Darwin. I remember Max Gawn wrote something on Twitter at the time that he was struggling with the diet until he found a shop that sold paleo energy bars
  9. Pretty sure they only adopted the diet during the pre-season but it wasn't the strict "Pete Evans" style paleo diet. It was mainly to get the players eating more protein and less carbs. I gave the diet a go at the start of the year and managed to drop 20KGs, just by eliminating breads, rice and pasta. Most of the players came back pretty lean at the start of the year and David Misson is a big supporter of the diet, so I think they may adopt it again in the off season.
  10. GC don't need the points. They don't have any academy players worthy of gathering points for this years draft. They wanted Howe more for the marketing aspect, as he is the type of player that could bring young supporters to GC with his high marks.
  11. Chuck in Gary Ablett Jr as the steak knives and it seems like a good deal! All kidding aside, any player on GC senior list would make a handy set of steak knives. Pick 3 would get us the best mid from the draft as the top two key position players look to be locked in to Carlton & Brisbane.
  12. It was a shock to see Fitzy on the Footy Show players review last night. Maybe as it's a shallow draft pool, he has been offered a rookie spot if he has no interest from other clubs. He certainly would be handy as he can play forward, back and in the ruck. Like with Nev Jetta, it might be the kick up Fitzy's arse that he needs to take his game to the next level.
  13. Lovett gets my nod as the best true recycled player. 235 games and handing us a future club champion in Jake Lovett as a father/son pickup! Jeff White came to Melbourne on big money after finding form at Freo, so I don't consider him as recycled. Ingerson was a great pickup from the Crows. One player that comes to mind as a handy recycled player was Craig Nettelbeck. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Craig_Nettelbeck Played a good season with us before an injury cut his career short.
  14. jezhug

    Stevie J

    I love Stevie J, just don't think he is right for our club. Maybe a club that has a closing premiership window would best suit him. If club did get him though, he would be the perfect teacher for Petracca - adding a bit of selfish mongrel to his game!
  15. Pretty sure he is. I vaguely remember Justin Plapp mention that and that he is a player to watch out for at the Round 1 Casey luncheon.
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