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  1. If you can get past the paywall: https://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/teams/melbourne/swans-draftee-lauds-best-mate-and-new-dee-kysaiah-pickett/news-story/095c1f04876435fea6544b87ba4fbcea Oops, already posted. Don't know how to delete post
  2. You nearly got it right - it's Christian, not Jesus.
  3. Reckon Werridee would be only too happy to help.
  4. Thanks Saty. Aaron does say in this video (Sept 27 2019) that he plans to be there the first day of pre-season. He also says it will be the first pre-season he's commenced prior to Xmas. I wait with bated breath.
  5. I appreciate it's not the thread, but I can't get any info on the progress of AvB. Is he likely to front next Monday, even in the rehab group does anyone know?
  6. Reckon he was top (from a small sample) for one week or so.
  7. Agree. Could say the same about Nate, OMac, and Spargo.
  8. I'd like to think that James will lift a cog to prove he was worth the extension. I was a tad disappointed he didn't this year (IMO).
  9. MFC website lists him as 89kg. The OP has him at 99kg. I hope the latter is correct.
  10. I was at the '186 game'. I'll be there tonight. I'm expecting deja vu all over again. PS tautology intentional.
  11. Yeah, nah. Taylor & co. will trade pick 2 for the Betts/Gibbs package.
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