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  1. Thanks George. A chance to catch up with Whitey and ask how his golf is going.
  2. Apologies (to DemonDeb?) if this has already been posted. For those who may be going to Saturday's game: https://www.facebook.com/events/1080592128786326/ It says to book (ie pay $20), but I can't see how to.
  3. Agree. Have to give Keilty a game this week.
  4. I gather with 13+ disposals to the Weid for one goal he ain't standing in the goal square?
  5. Enough debate about Oscar. Not relevant here.
  6. I'm keen to see how Sparrow goes as an on-baller. Pardon my ignorance, has he played that position previously? My mate taught him in SA. Said he's a ripping young kid.
  7. Saints scores have been 13.7, 10.16, 9.12, and 10.14. Low scores and inaccurate. We just need to limit the oppositions' scoring efficiency once they're inside their 50m arc. Surely we can hold them to less than 10 goals?
  8. Nickname is Shand. Maybe use that.
  9. Pruess at FF is not the dumbest idea. He has kicked 5.6 in 8 appearances. I fancy Hunt or Jeffy at his feet.
  10. As mentioned, Lewis is not an option. I'd take Keilty before Preuss. Neither seem to get many possessions, but I thought Keilty's ruck performance against the Lions was better than Preuss's the previous week. Keilty also appears a tad more mobile. If KK is fit I'd include him. It's a long but narrow ground, and I think burst speed is required rather than endurance.
  11. 2 wins in 29 years ain't a good record. I live 20km from the joint, but rarely go (especially after witnessing 186). 50/50 at this stage.
  12. A few of us from M9 will be at the Barwon Club. About the closest pub to the ground.
  13. The Godfather (III I think).
  14. "It's not personal. It's strictly business". Michael Corleone.
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