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  1. Ankle by the sounds of it. Won’t reappear according to ABC
  2. OK. Sounds like TMac done also. One on bench. Hore broken collarbone.
  3. Missed a bit. Who out other than Hore?
  4. Yeah, but we’re going to trade him, aren’t we?
  5. Blowing my own ‘travel trumpet’ by reporting in from Lefkada Island in the Ionian Sea (think Rosebud on Steroids). Ordinary day yesterday: money clip with €70 cleverly lifted from pocket on crowded Athens train. 6:30 am here. Dees win needed so I can get another hour of sleep.
  6. I'm only repeating what's already been said numerous times: how can so many of our players have gone backward 're their 'ability'. TMac, Gus, Viney, Trac, Fritta, Weird, ANB, ... Not one player who was on our list last year is playing better footy this year (save for Max who should win the Bluey Truscott in a canter). Keep Goody by all means, but sack all bar Rawlings. And we'll be worse next year regardless of any changes - there's zip coming through. I'm gutted (50 year member).
  7. Right Right Right Right Right and Wrong - Freo by 7 goals.
  8. I'm hoping there won't be any booing of Hogan. The morons that boo Ablett et al are just that - morons.
  9. Biggest disappointment: Tmac by the length of the straight. Last Sat was pretty typical: zero tackles, zero goals, zero goal assists, zero hit outs, one mark.
  10. Thanks George. A chance to catch up with Whitey and ask how his golf is going.
  11. Apologies (to DemonDeb?) if this has already been posted. For those who may be going to Saturday's game: https://www.facebook.com/events/1080592128786326/ It says to book (ie pay $20), but I can't see how to.
  12. Agree. Have to give Keilty a game this week.
  13. I gather with 13+ disposals to the Weid for one goal he ain't standing in the goal square?
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