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  1. Reckon he was top (from a small sample) for one week or so.
  2. Agree. Could say the same about Nate, OMac, and Spargo.
  3. I'd like to think that James will lift a cog to prove he was worth the extension. I was a tad disappointed he didn't this year (IMO).
  4. MFC website lists him as 89kg. The OP has him at 99kg. I hope the latter is correct.
  5. I was at the '186 game'. I'll be there tonight. I'm expecting deja vu all over again. PS tautology intentional.
  6. Yeah, nah. Taylor & co. will trade pick 2 for the Betts/Gibbs package.
  7. M_9

    Media scrutiny

    Yep. I've been a member since the mid 60's (premium for more than 30 years}. In years past there's no way I'd miss a Vic game. I'm off to a party tonight. Won't bother looking at scores. We're worse than irrelevant - we're a joke.
  8. May and Petty (foot) being assessed.
  9. sunny day (agin) here in Corfu. I thought I'd be on my way to the beach at quarter time, but still tuned in. Sounds like Viney done for the day.
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