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  1. This is a great point I reckon. Is the Weid ready to take the full brunt of that attention? Don't want another thrown to the wolves career-destroying type situation. Plus, I love the Weid as much as the next guy, but Hogan's a proven great player and I'd hesitate to say one breakout game or two is enough evidence to make us start pinning all our hopes on the Weid instead
  2. So I have two spare tickets for Saturday's prelim (each in different areas - one that's level 5 aisle 526 for $130, the other being level 1 aisle 144 for $190). Happy to sell at cost price. First Dee first served so PM me or what not if you're keen. ☺️
  3. Hey everyone, I've just discovered that a basic MFC / MCC membership won't be enough to let me buy a ticket through Ticketmaster 9am Monday (if this page is anything to go by anyway: https://www.mcc.org.au/my-mcc-membership/dual-membership-options/melbourne-football-club) I've already booked a flight over so if anyone has a membership code that they're not using and could PM me it'd be amazingly appreciated. I promise I won't be using it for any GF ballot or anything as people have been mentioning above. Cheers.
  4. Worth considering at least I reckon. Gotta put up something good to get something good in return. Would wanna know Mitch'd be making a full recovery first though
  5. Yep, I reckon a lot of people just can't get to the acceptance stage. Only natural because acceptance involves coming to terms with loss, the loss here being loss of our dream elite 'top 10 in the afl' player. So they're still continually wishing that he was a star of the competition... 'so much wasted talent' etc etc... 'every year we always think he's gonna have a breakout year and he never does' etc etc and sometimes even hating him for it. Time to accept reality and stop engaging in the delusional fantasy that Sylvia is or could ever be a top 10 afl player and star of the competition. The reality's that Sylvia's a very good player, occasionally even verging on great. I reckon at this stage (17th on the ladder) we should do everything to keep our good players. Sylvia's even more important to keep since he's one of the very few good players with a few years experience that we have. On the off chance he does one day get even better then that'll be a bonus.
  6. Yeah but he wasn't becoming Hawthorn prez when they were at their absolute lowest ebb with mergers and extinction not completely out of the question. And even if you completely strike out that part of my argument we're still talking about him presiding over Melbourne, not Hawthorn. Anyway I reckon a lot of people are missing the point. He's arrogant, ******* arrogant, yeah. Loves the sound of his own voice, yeah. But that could be great! We could do with someone who'll stand up for us and the cause. Like Eddie for Collingwood. A figurehead, a take no prisoners administrator, etc. Everyone who's saying "but we could definitely do with someone who can do these things" and that "serious change is potentially needed", I agree. And Jeff's personality and experience is appealing in that sense. BUT (and it's a ******* MASSIVE but)... the problem is he won't give a flying **** if he ***** up! He doesn't give two shits about us, deep down, and anyone who's been paying even the bare minimum of attention these last few years would know that's the truth. If we ever went under, when the dust had settled he wouldn't even give a [censored]. Combine that with his arrogance/personality (the difference between someone like Jackson and him) and it's kind of dangerous stuff
  7. WHAT THE ****. We’re in a hole right now and yeah it hurts, **** it hurts, but geez let’s get keep our heads screwed on. Germany was in a bit of strife after the First World War too. http://www.theage.com.au/afl/afl-news/demons-and-kangas-should-merge-kennett-20120419-1x9pk.html (2012) So, what do we know? When it comes to Melbourne, we know from what he’s said over the last few years that deep down in his heart he doesn’t give two ***** about us and would be happy to see us ****** with or involved in a merger with another club.When it comes to Hawthorn, his love and passion, that he would rather have seen them merge.He could be the best administrator/figurehead/orator/motivator in the entire world, but if he’d be open to his own club merging, let alone one that he doesn’t give two ***** about, then why the **** would anyone want to let him anywhere near our club? I’d deny his application for a job as an admin clerk on that basis and we’re talking about him running the place.
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