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  1. But I wonder what the Melbourne players think?
  2. This goes back to his failed application for the SC job at the dees. He's hated us ever since.
  3. Thanks WJ for sharing this. They're a terrific sporting family and with this great support I hold great hope for Austin. Great to hear he's loving his development time at Melb and the support from Max & the mids. And I'll be keeping an eye open for Aussie's bro Jensen (15 yo & 6ft 7in)
  4. Potentially a great Money ball get. An experienced player like Mitch was sorely missed last year. If he has a minor role next season it means we have Weids & Tmac firing. And therefore we should be finals bound.
  5. "Falling off a cliff" Ilene Dover
  6. I'm Pretty Tired, I Think I'll Go Home Now
  7. Imagine the line ups for beers for your 6 mates. But as a new age guy (a very old NAG) I feel for the ladies. They'll miss the first ten mins of the second half!
  8. Great post & well set out. I also have no expertise nor solid info outside of d/land so we can only trust Taylor and Co to make the right call.
  9. Kemp > Serong > Pickett > Weightman
  10. How do i push the retract button? Hang on I'll check with Richo & get back to you
  11. Very well enunciated. Please not forget that footy clubs are a business and decisions need to reflect the effect on financial outcomes. Increasing memberships are vital for the overall club success. Excitement for 2020 will bring in new members. Now you know what I do for a crust
  12. Would'nt that be great. Blue sky for me. If that came to pass imagine the effect on memberships. This in my mind after a disastrous 2019 season we need to project excitement for 2020.
  13. Well worked out & like this scenario. I'd take Henry at 3, if not then we get Young for the first dance and bugger up Freo, with a better chance at Kemp at 8
  14. It just warms the cockles of my heart to see the filth suffer another close loss. Oh the premership's a cake walk... (sung with a whistle through broken teeth.
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