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  1. It just warms the cockles of my heart to see the filth suffer another close loss. Oh the premership's a cake walk... (sung with a whistle through broken teeth.
  2. Not sure about the laughing but agree with the second paragraph. He'd be cheap and, if the penny has dropped (for him), he could be a valuable MFC forward asset. Definitely worth a discussion.
  3. Kissed on the censored. Please explain which part of the body this is.
  4. We'd probably get a better result using a dart board with Cale in the centre. First throw would be a bulls-eye 😨 I'm still suffering MFCSS
  5. It'd be nice to get another Casey player back. I'm not sure why we wasn't drafted at the time. Showed speed, class and love for a goal (or 3).
  6. This sounds like a bit of buttering up and I wonder if Duck's looking to get a gig for the P/T Forward Craft coach role. And we do need to get the best in the business. That's why we need to seek out David Schwarz
  7. He needs a long jumper. And while you're at it bring out trackie pants. He's getting cold.
  8. Atleast we'll get a pick sooner than Norf & Siddy next week. We should go for another dumb, slow, in and under with poor kicking style type to complement the rest.
  9. Disappointing. Just dumb footy by Sargs
  10. I'm shocked. This tantamount to all-out war between Reders and Oldie, Such ferocious brouhaha has got to stop, before it gets out of control!
  11. Just as well you cut back from the full body shot of alan. He was certainly pumped up. Shame Chris had small hands.
  12. What the ALP is involved? I had no idea...shocked
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