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  1. Denham is a spud! Col won't end up in Perth and I GUARANTEE that.
  2. I'm told Adams isn't actually homesick. FWIW.
  3. Ashley Smith of the WCE has been offered to Victorian clubs by his management. Home sick, has his girlfriend located in Melbourne and feels due a freshen up.
  4. Geez we'd be silly not to offer him 650 given our lack of quality mids and salary cap room.
  5. Credit to the club for rolling out this campaign earlier than usual on the back of the PR announcement (no pun intended)
  6. Trading early picks does not build lists. Drafting well does and shuffling later picks for disgruntled players may assist. Anyone naive enough to believe the contrary need only view Fremantle's history.
  7. PJ will look to renew with Webjet with no inflation - I'm told. Maintaining key relationships clearly high on his agenda.
  8. Sydney fans said the same about Richards, Pyke, Shaw, Mumford & Everitt. Talented players flourish in well cultured clubs.
  9. N Jones Garland M Jones Frawley Dunn/Trengove.
  10. This is where Mr. G Bartlett is correct. We've come to accept mediocrity. Terlich tried hard today and good on him but effort levels are non negotiable. On numerous occasions today Dean's decision making was shown to have serious flaws. Handballing to a team mate in trouble, failing to take the first option and poor skill execution littered his game today.
  11. I've heard from a good source that Mitch is absoloute boss in the ring. Ruthless against any opposition. Only Flash and Col can put up a fight. Not of any seriousness but its the same thing as see match day.
  12. I think Jack has shown it has to be trade. Just doesn't care. Effort is non-negotiable. Must go to set a cultural standard.
  13. Disagree. I'd rather have the ball in Jones' hands than any other and happy to see him developing into an inside & outside mid ala Joel Selwood. He's become quite evasive in the last two season and his skill execution is the best on the list bar Aaron Davey. Having Viney in the team has released Jones a little and it's beneficial.
  14. The fact that 3 of the top 5 are new to the club this season really re-iterates the fact that Culture inside this footy club is a major issue. Credit to Nath Jones, Col Garland & James Frawley who have performed consistently all year.
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